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'Everyone Covered, No One Goes Broke': Grassroots Battle for Medicare for All Begins


'Everyone Covered, No One Goes Broke': Grassroots Battle for Medicare for All Begins

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This struggle will ultimately not be won here on Capitol Hill, but through grassroots activism all across this country."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


And this Bill is referred to as “Warren’s Medicare for All Home Run: ‘Everyone Covered, No One Goes Broke’” for WHAT REASON??? This is everything to do with Mr. Sanders’ push for the PEOPLE’s needs. Elizabeth sat on the fence when she should have supported Bernie in the Primaries. I can barely look at her after that mega failure in good judgement! So let us get it right. This is SANDERS’ Everyone is Covered, No One Goes Broke Bill!


A-bleepin’-MEN! And as for “Sanders’ bill,” show me the bill, with an honest executive summary if it’s more than 20 pages (which it bleepin’ well better be for an undertaking of this magnitude), or better yet a thorough analysis by someone outside Congress who has been fighting this battle for years. I recommend Dr. Flowers, who posted an article at healthoverprofit.org a couple of weeks ago on the several serious shortcomings of what Sanders had said publicly up to that time. Show me that and I will tell you whether I will sign.

I respect Senator Sanders, but he is way too friendly with the Democratic party misleadership for me to take him at his word here. People are piling on the bandwagon on the assumption that the bill introduced today if passed and signed would actually provide no-copay coverage for all medically necessary (define, please) procedures and products for all US citizens, at least within 4-5 years. They are assuming it would do so with NO increase in taxes for the bottom 20%, and for the second through fourth 20% no more taxes than their average health care costs including insurance premiums paid by themselves or their employers over the past five years. The top 20% can bleepin’ well fend for themselves, and as the actual “TAKERS” (sic), they can afford to give a little teeny bit back to the rest of us. We are told that people merely in the top ten percent do not consider themselves rich, nor do a good many in the top ONE percent. Ptui!

We got burned on a similar assumption in 2009, although some of us knew at the time it was a costly stopgap at best and would increase the power of the health care INSURANCE industry and decrease the competition therein. Let’s not get burned again. Let’s not get too enthusiastic until we see what we’re actually buying.


Absolutely! Warren is a Johnny Come Lately. I have no big respect for her, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the title of this story.


At this point, if National Nurses United is on board, i’m excited. NNU has been forthright and uncompromising for years on this issue, and i doubt they are compromising any fundamental principles now.

Still waiting to read the bill itself…


Flowers put out a revised statement late last week after she and several others from the leading Healthcare For All activist organizations met with Sanders. She stated that Sander’s bill had evolved into a much better bill because of grassroots activists and though she had not read the bill, she was satisfied that it would be a reasonable companion bill to HR676.


Thanks to AntiSpin for the link, here’s the link to the bill itself:



That’s at least the second-best news I’ve had all day. I hope you’re right, as I too trust the nurses, as well as former pediatrician Flowers.


It has to do with name recognition for potential Pres/VP candidates in 2020. Dems know that with a GOP-controlled House and Senate, Medicare for All will not even make it through committee let alone to the floor for a vote. Ryan and McConnell are major blockades to any Medicare for All legislation and you can bet the farm that the demented dimwit would veto it with pomp, circumstance and bloviating bluster (and, again the Senate would never override his Veto on this and like social program legislation) But, It looks good to sign on with resumes for the future.

And I do applaud Senator Sanders for his perennial and forthright efforts on behalf of ALL AMERICANS!

Go, Bernie GO!


Thanks. I’ve downloaded it, 96 pages, in the ballpark for a reasonable bill. I’ll probably wait for an analysis, as my limited legalese is a bit rusty.


I believe the author was just referring to Warren’s catchphrase “Everyone Gets Covered, No One Goes Broke” as being a homerun (not that she should get credit for the bill in any way). That is, she summarized things in a nice bumpersticker level expression that you can chant in a demonstration, use to fuel an elevator conversation, or say to the media when you get your 15 seconds of time (the other side having purchased the remaining 59 minutes and 45 seconds of the hour).


Excellent advice. I think after Trump winning the election people want to cheer about something. There has been one downer after another almost every day. If we think healthcare costs are high now wait until Trump gets finished with the EPA. We’ll be eating, drinking, and breathing all kinds of toxins. Healthcare needs to be linked to environmental protection. Stopping Trump has to be priority number one.


See Alan’s post above, no. 6, I think. If it meets Dr. Flowers’s standards, it’s probably worth supporting. I still want to see an analysis, as I really don’t have the time or the expertise to wade through 96 pages of legalese (that could become an actual law) and try to divine its meaning.


Expanded improved universal medicare is just the beginning to dismantle the for-profit charade the US calls “health care” - a system of corruption involving insurance industry parasites, corporate takeover of many local hospitals, the predatory pharmaceutical industry, doctors and politicians in collusion and serving themselves via campaign-contribution bribes - the latter explains why DINO Dem sellouts refuse to support single-payer universal medicare!

After this battle is won, and beginning now, we must also return health care to the Hippocratic Oath and establish new teaching hospitals, medical colleges, and scholarships (via education paid-for by wall St tax and others, to create newly minted health care professionals thru the spectrum of care and legislate the predatory health care criminals, like the corporate nursing home scum abusers/killers!


There is a bit of Warren bashing below but on her worst day she can take on any and all critics. As for credit for this long awaited and Totally expected correction of the Neo-lib Obamacare I do not give a fig for that and would support it if Louie Gomert had presented it. I have been expecting this as the theme for the 2020 campaign but it will work for 2018 just fine. Good Health to All


“Warren’s” Medicare for All"? Since when? Sanders has been pushing Medicare for All for decades. Where was Warren’s support for Medicare last year during the primary when it actually could have mattered. If Warren had supported Bernie and supported Medicare for All last year, Sanders could likely have beaten Clinton. But that hypocrite opportunist Elizabeth Warren refused to support Sanders, refused to support Medicare for All, and instead backed Clinton. NOW, she says “the people are ready for Medicare for All.” The people have been ready for decades as the polls have shown. Now it’s Warren who is “ready for Medicare for All.” Now that Bernie, as the country’s most popular politician by far, has pushed MFA to the forefront, now Warren wants to get on the bandwagon like others who never supported it before. So give credit where it is due and that is not to that hypocrite pol Warren.


Actually I think it has more to do with promoting Warren.


I don’t know. I think Jake Johnson writes way more articles promoting Bernie than Warren.


WARREN’S medicare for all home-run?? WTF? That title is so frelling wrong it just really sticks in my craw after Liz failed to support Bernie when it might have counted in the primary!

Bernie freakin Sanders! - the true visible and vocal champion of so much when others ran scared or complicit…and others sold themselves and their (lack of) honor cheap!


I wonder why the progressive movement goes nowhere?Lets bash Warren for supporting this bill.

But my main issue is with Sen Merkley of Oregon who was interviewed by Chuck Todd today. I know you want to be polite but please call these people out for who they are. Chuck Todd was doing nothing more than representing the insurance industry. And latter in the program the consensus of the commentators was that medicare for all was going nowhere.

The big concern of corporate democrats is that this issue will become a major issue in democratic primaries in 2018. And this is where the fight for healthcare for all needs to be waged.

People need to remember how social security started-it started as a program for widows. So its not this stupid crap about how the bill is written----people today are realizing they should have a right to healthcare(the richy rich are nervous) and people are now asking why can’t I buy into a public plan.

Just think how for decades people have accepted the idea that some people just don’t get healthcare. Sen Sanders in his campaign for president has lifted some veils.

Now if only when asked how to pay for single payer these politicians will offer up cutting the bloated military budget-----just a thought.