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Everyone Has to Practice Nonviolence. Now


Everyone Has to Practice Nonviolence. Now.

Rev. John Dear

The death of unarmed Freddie Gray in police custody and the subsequent riots in Baltimore demonstrate the profound systemic injustice in our country, as well as the complete misunderstanding and widespread hypocrisy about nonviolence.


Meanwhile in a decent home, a bright silver barrel is polished repeatedly to continue reinforcement of the belief that it protects those who live in there, and their freedom.

You, Mr. Dear, are treading on gun rights by suggesting a mental attitude of peace and understanding. And you pretend to be a man of the cloth? Can’t you see the invading bearded weirdos who want sharia law?

You should be ashamed. Treason!


Time. This to some might on the face of it seem a distant tangent to non-violent ways of being. I would submit that like eternity, the benefits of actually making awareness of what time MEANS in our cultural context, are endless, subtle and rich.

From calendars to clocks, taken entirely for granted as the invisible metronomes in our lives, these connect us in ways that are virtually never (there’s a telling reference to its intangibility again) part of conscious conversations.
What is the difference between a dedication to work that is loved or despised? The former is experienced as filled with meaning, the latter, except for $, as ‘a waste of one’s time’.
What makes a day seem all too short or by contrast painfully endless?
What is the back story behind a system that bundles the meaning of life into packets to be judged as either dignified or vacuously ‘proud’?
Time is money.
What is money - particularly the state of ‘fiat’ currency to ponzi schemes subjecting to its consequences the vast equilibrium of life on this blue planet?

Getting up with sun and the chickens these days, ‘turning on’ the news, one of the major themes is institutionalized secrecy. Why? I would submit that it is a foundational premise of acquisitive violence, exercising incapacity to envisioning our shared reality, for an advantage rationalized in self-referential context of, what else … time. To ‘buy time’ to frame out the positions of extraction in a world where time is calibrated not in and of natural functions, but as component of strategies morphing out of dissociative institutional legacies.

The secrecy of today acquires what this institutionalized legacy regards as advantage. I like so many of my neighbors ask myself what this jumbled inversion of cause and effect reflects. Precisely what John Dear and healthy human beings grasp - healthy antidotes, remedies. And these look very different from the framing of the former.


At first I thought this was a satire, but fear it is not. Error in sentence structure is a clue that you are so angry that you didn’t proof read your comment. Your hatred shows a lot about who you are.


You are right - it was written in a great hurry this morning. Made an edit. Please see if it reads better.


It is after all what the drone-master has already said.


In other words, the former GOP has become the defacto American Taliban Party and the former Democratic Party is now the New GOP Party, with both party’s died-in-the-wool partisans basing their partisanship solely upon faith and not upon evidence.


Rev. Dear mentions Obama chastising Baltimore residents, an action that is superficial compared to the deep rooted problem of growing income and resource inequality that exacerbates racism as it has throughout history.

Obama has recently made speeches on racism and income/resource inequality on his way to meeting his corporate paymasters to assure them that his TPP and TTIP are in the bag.

Obama’s TPP and TTIP will exacerbate income/resource inequality and racism. THATS REAL HYPOCRISY.


‘We’ are basically non-violent already. If the good ‘reverend’ wants to send a message to the PTB about non-violence, do so (and good luck). The headline is as nonsensical and insulting as one that might say, “Everyone Has to Stop Flying Lethal Drones. Now” or “Everyone Has to Stop Putting Dangerous Chemicals in Food, Clothing, Building Materials, Soil, Air, etc. Now.” or any of a hundred other inhumane things that ‘we’ do not do.


Albert Rosenfield: You listen to me. While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the fact is that I am a naysayer and hatchet-man in the fight against violence. I pride myself in taking a punch and I’ll gladly take another because I choose to live my life in the company of Gandhi and King. My concerns are global. I reject absolutely: revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method… is love. I love you Sheriff Truman.

Dale Cooper: Albert’s path is a strange and difficult one.

Twin Peaks (1990)


Thank you for your dedicated work on behalf of peace, John Dear.

In response to the following quote, every time I hear Hillary or Obama or Kerry use a tone of superiority to lecture other lands or persons on violence, I think along these same lines. It’s about time Power was held to account for its egregious crimes against Peace and its pursuit of war all the time. The hypocrisy is so glaring it probably blinds many… like sycophant, Josh, not very earnest at all.

“President Obama, our Nobel peace prize president who approves his weekly assassination list, runs several wars and oversees the upgrading of our nuclear arsenal, needs to be pummelled with questions about nonviolence. He was allowed to chastise Baltimore rioters, saying that violence gets nowhere and should never be used, yet he runs the most violent military in the world and in the history of the world.”


Something else we need to do is stop framing things in terms of what we least want people to think of when we talk. If we want people to think of peace we have to say peace, not use the word referring to its opposite. We have to practice peace. We have to use peaceful tactics–peaceful means to accomplish peaceful ends.



I never understood this crap that equates the smashing and burning of inanimate building materials with violence against living things. Direct property action is not violence. Only an individual living in a state of bourgeois privilege would equate the two.


Unique, it’s time you did your homework. Just Google up the reference, and you’ll find it. A friend of mine had a large poster picture on his wall of German Catholic bishops blessing troops of the Third Reich; he displayed it for its shock as he loathed the Nazis. The Nazis documented their efforts well, and there are certainly photographs if not also texts. Best wishes.


As always, John, a beautiful and thoughtful and inspiring composition drawn from your life and personal experience. The life and teaching of Dr. King continue to enlighten and guide us. It’s as simple as “War is not the answer,” that Dr. King stated on April 4, 1967.
Gutierrez’ masterpiece, A Theology of Liberation (1971), also enlightens, as many use that as a guidebook.
Best wishes and peace.


I am afraid his horrible death, is getting swept under the rug, as the stupid focus is a deflated football taking precedence. Also stories in Hollywood, sports heroes and such, as other brutal murders are occurring. All these families that lost a loved one, needs to sue and win a huge lawsuit against cops and their unions. Arrest should mean handcuffs not death. Inhumanity, brutality and violence is a norm world wide, since time began. Humans just use more deadly or efficient means to kill, from stones and sticks to drones….or getting shot in the back or one broken. The white racist cops in blue and white racists have replaced the whites in sheets or a new KKKlan. There continues to be unbelievable injustice, particularly if one has a brown or black complexion, in this country.


Nice thoughts, Reverend Dear, but rather naive. I must say, though, that your heart is in the right place. I don’t have much hope for humanity, except maybe the survivors of war, rioting and/or environmental catastrophe. My thoughts are more in line with Joe Bageant and Morris Berman. There’s lots of Bageant online (just google for him), and inexpensive books by both are on Amazon and other online booksellers.


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