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Everyone Hates This Tax Bill


Everyone Hates This Tax Bill

Josh Hoxie

The more the public learns about the tax cut plan making its way through Congress, the more they hate it.

"Perhaps most telling is a poll from Politico that initially pegged support at 48 percent in early October — which dropped 12 points to 36 percent in just two months."


Not QUITE everyone, Josh — I’m fairly sure that the 0.1 or 0.2 percent of Amurikans who will benefit bigly from the RePooplican Tax Scam don’t hate it at all.  And their minions in Congress – in both the House and the Sen­ate – don’t hate it either.  Even though quite a few of them, especially in the House, aren’t (yet) wealthy enough to benefit directly, all of them will enjoy the additional campaign contributions bribes that they’re sure to receive from those who DO benefit directly (so long as they continue to vote Against their Constituents and For the Fat Cats).


Those 0.1% don’t really consider themselves Americans.

They consider themselves some sort of global elite, not anchored by petty notions of citizenship. They are like, to paraphrase Arendt from memory, the very rich Western European banking Jews of Germany and Western Europe, who, while knowing about the plight of the middle-class and poor Jews before the war, thought that their status as money-lenders to the Nazis would protect them from the Holocaust.


Just like DeutscheBank and its allies in the Kremlin think that by lending Billions to Tweetle-Dumb they’ll be immune when the U.S. and North Korea duke it out with nukes . . .