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'Everyone in America Should Be Outraged': McConnell Quietly Rams Through More Lifetime Trump Judges While Blocking Covid Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/everyone-america-should-be-outraged-mcconnell-quietly-rams-through-more-lifetime


“Everyone in America should be outraged that this is how Mitch McConnell is spending the Senate’s time amid a pandemic,” tweeted Gupta.

I agree with Mr. Gupta, but I would go further and submit that McConnell is not the problem his fascist, Party is the real problem. Like Noam said: " THEY ( THE REPUBLICAN PARTY) ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS ( CRIMINAL) ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD!"


With hundreds of conservative judges making judgments, the only possibility for change is revolution. Incrementalism cannot make it happen.


McConnell is doing what he should be doing–his job. The outrage should be directed at the democratic party, they’ve failed.


Yes, it was the self styled “constitutional law expert” POTUS who pushed through the corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform that enabled the GOP to control Congress, preventing said POTUS from getting a third SCOTUS justice confirmed, and enabling Trump to ascend the throne in 2017 that launched the young fascist judge shopping spree.


What I find so very strange is that The Republicans manage to do things like this but when the Democrats had the same types of majorities they claimed their hands tied and they get not get their agenda passed because of Republican obstructionism.


It was indeed a rare day during the Democrats’ 2009-2010 control of Congress that we didn’t hear Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tell us “I don’t have the votes”.


Alarmingly, yes. But this is 2020, not 1776, and most Americans are closer to the “good Germans” of 1933 than to the angry colonists of 1776.


So … a vast majority of democrats vote for Trumpstan Judges.

Holcomb and Scarsi Yea 83
Nay 12
NV 5

Blumenfeld Yea 92
Nay 4
NV 4

Maybe it was the democrats that said to Mitch: SHHHHH lets do this ‘Quietly’!


Personally, I wish the Dems did their jobs as well as Mitch.


True – Imagine what the GOP would be doing now if the situation were
reversed – and a Dem president was stacking the courts with liberals … !!

Freedom isn’t based in right wing judges – enslavement is.


It’s not strange and a reality I repeat all the time: A large number of d-party members of Congress can only be counted on to vote for Republican, or Republican Lite legislation, or meaningless Democratic legislation when they know it won’t pass.

They represent swing districts and states, so they are essentially center right politicians. The only way the d-party can hold majorities in Congress is with a big contingent of these Blue Dogs. This is why corporations don’t care which party is in charge – only one controls the ideological agenda, the framing of the message, and the Overton Window, and it ain’t the Democrats.


People “should be outraged” but most bamboozled USAns are unaware of these facts. “The news” is full of shit, with very little useful content.


Wonder how many of these judges have law degrees from some christian school like Liberty U. If so, it’s all part of the plan to make the US into a form of far-right christian theocracy. Bring back slavery. Eliminate income taxes. Abolish public education. Bring back child labor. Only christian white property owning males can vote. That’s the end game.
Meanwhile, to our north, the Christian Right are trying to harvest new generations of Indigenous peoples by building a large camp and church, as well as a residential school. This time, the government isn’t supporting them, and the tribal councils are saying, “Hell,no!” At least this time, the provincial and federal governments are leery of any repetition of the Sixties Scoop and the scandal of religious residential schools.


Indeed and I have made that observation many times. It happens here in Canada as well when a party in opposition. They squawk and moan about what the majority party does yet as soon as they take power do the exact same thing.

NAFTA was an example of that. In opposition when Mulroney was pushing this the Liberals claimed that when they took power they would tear the deal up as it would cost Canadian Jobs and was too Corporate friendly. They won the next election in part due to that but as soon as they took power they changed their tune and signed it into law.


If Canada is blessed in anyway (knock on wood) it in not having that same “Christian Right” in any great numbers. Those people are dangerous.


The silver lining here is that if this dump of a country survives at all, this many clearly botched judges will so totally discredit the judiciary that we’ll finally get a chance to revisit Marbury v Madison properly and send that monstrosity packing. And then completely redo the farce that is the judicial branch.

we’re long past cosmetics, folks. the faster the house of cards burns down, the sooner we can get to the task of rebuilding it in some other way.


If Marbury v Madison is bad precedent, what is the Constitutional role of the Supreme Court?


Starvation, homelessness, and unemployment can create radicals overnight.


There’s always what I call the “trifecta of cowardly excuse-making” to explain political inaction:

“I should support this, but some part of my coalition (i.e., big donors) won’t like it.”
“If I vote for this, I’m putting my re-election at risk (i.e., big donors will support my opponent).”
“This situation never changes (i.e., big donors like it this way), so why even try.”