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'Everyone in America Should Be Outraged': McConnell Quietly Rams Through More Lifetime Trump Judges While Blocking Covid Relief

Well, not the Democratic Party!

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Thanks for proving me correct.
KY’s funded ration is the worst in the country at 33.9% – as you tell us in black and white.

I’m not saying Illinois is in good shape. I’m saying Kentucky is in worse shape. Dumbass.

Because Illinois has a higher percentage of what they owe currently funded.

And they are a state open to taxing themselves to pay for things – with three times the taxpayers of Kentucky, who are in the position they’re in because they refuse to tax themselves.

Thanks for your empathy. I avoid them as much as possible; otherwise, you are correct I would probably lose my sanity!

Well said!

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Funny. They always find a way.

But I urge you to move to KY.


There is no such thing as your caricature of a “lib”. That’s a tool used by propagandists who benefit by dividing us from each other, turning us against each other.

Some of your ideas are wrong, no matter how absolutely certain you tell yourself you are. Your own capacity for error, is important to recognize. You’re not actually so superior. You’re just another human.

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Exactly! You argue by insult, smear, and caricature. You cannot allow yourself to imagine that you are just like anyone, and so are the people you hate. You are good because those other people are so much more horrible than you. They deserve it!

NONE of your ideas are wrong. “Wrong” is only in libs. You are right, by definition. You CANNOT be wrong, and you are perfectly right to go through life bullying, belittling, and insulting. That’s the best way anyone can be. Thanks for showing us how it’s done!

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@SkepticTank and @webwalk… didn’t you read the sign? It plainly states: “Don’t feed the trolls”.




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Reminds me of the Dylan Song:

“Idiot wind
Blowing every time you move your mouth
Blowing down the back roads headin’ south
Idiot wind
Blowing every time you move your teeth
You’re an idiot, babe
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe”


I prefer to call it it “teasing the dumbasses.”

And Yankee1 is class A dumbass.
But he’s read a lot of Karl Marx.
He’s the Marx Brother with the beard. Hilarious.

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The way you use all caps in some words is cool. And mysterious.

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I’m a little surprised you don’t capitalize just the b, like this: liB.

Or just the i, like this: lIb. That would be cool.

Here’s how I do that in your case: duMbAss.


Once the dems were known as the big tent party precisely because they encompassed a broad range of political viewpoints. It was, in the past, a great strength. Then the need to pander to the corporate and the wealthy weakened their broad base and narrowed their focus.

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It was never a great strength, it was always a problem akin to herding cats. Pandering is a political tradition as old as civilization itself. But you’re correct when you point out the fealty (if not abject servitude) of both halves of the duopoly to the shareholder class – we’re at a particularly sinister and low ebb where that’s concerned.

Will Rogers famously said in the 1930: “I belong to no organized party – I’m a Democrat.”

I pity all the nonhuman lifeforms trying to hang in there with all the greenhouse emissions from humans use of fossil fuel and what that is doing to climate here on earth. I hope a nice assortment of plants and animals and microbes all survive and even somehow manage to stabilize the environment for all life forms, even humans.

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Yes indeed but listing flaws should also include how to progress…otherwise all it does is depress and possibly allow folks to abstain from their duty as a citizen. Not your intent I hasten to add.

Rid the process of money! There is no damn reason an election for the Senate should cost an average of ten million dollars or a presidential race almost a billion. The media must be made to give space to all legitimate candidates, remember the airwaves were given away , now it is payback.

Election Day should be a national holiday, so all can participate easily. Canada holds a national election in six weeks and the vote count comes almost the same day as the conclusion of voting. Yes, they have a much smaller population but our two year campaigning simply allows the wealthy and the corporate to control things with their bottomless treasure chests.


I have one simple piece of advice for Democrats, should they actually want to progress – which, frankly, I have major doubts about.

Develop policies and messaging that frames your party on its own terms, not those dictated by the Rs.

In the meantime, the Ds are raking in corporate money, have stopped Bernie in his tracks and co-opted him, have a perfect scapegoat in progressives to blame when they lose, and don’t actually have the pressure of having to pass legislation if they fail to take the Senate (and I’m betting they will fail to take the Senate. They’ve achieved a win-win-win-almost win already in 2020. And when the Rs replace RBG with a right wing demon, even more money will roll in.

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