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Everyone Must Condemn Trump’s Sly Encouragement of Lawless Violence


Everyone Must Condemn Trump’s Sly Encouragement of Lawless Violence

Jesse Jackson

Racism is not natural. Babies — black, brown, white — explore the world and each other with wonder, not hate. Racism has to be taught. It is learned behavior. To assume that a person is inherently superior or inferior to another based upon race is unnatural and ungodly. Racism is used for political manipulation and economic exploitation. In a land founded on the belief that all men are created equal, slavery could not be justified without a racism that depicted slaves as sub-human.



See Jesse when you are president you can getaway with anything. In fact, they really love when you do or say whatever about or to whomever. Right?!! Right!! The sad truth is that this is not sarcasm–it is the truth as evidenced by the President’s conduct and words of the past two years and the reaction of the US to them.



The Dump campaign is very organized and advocates for disdain and violence- hates public schools, and is very corrupt. The dems response is flailing the arms and crying- like Nancy saying that a wall is “immoral”- gee don’t the dems sound scary?

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I agree with you, Jesse, we need to fight Trump’s, and the Republicans’ violence and racism.

But there is one item you miss. Barack Obama ELECTED the Tea Party and Donald. When Obama gave TRILLIONS to bail out the banks, but let them illegally dispossess millions of home owners, he guaranteed Republican victories. And if the Democrats nominate another Wall Street sellout, the same reaction will happen again.

Are you going to back Bernie Sanders, or support another stooge, regardless of sex or race?



The righties are always the ones behind the violence. Ever notice that? They are also the ones behind the environmental degradation and the denying of scientific consensus.

We need to speak up and speak out. We need to hear it in the TV news. It isn’t the advocates of social justice, it’s the far right that has violent intentions.

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You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear
You’ve got to be taught from year to year
It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught

–Oscar Hammerstein II (South Pacific)

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Except if anyone says anything about Palestinians. To utter the word “Palestinian” is clearly antisemitic.



An excellent article on Racism in Australia. The shooter in New Zealand was an Australian national. The Political parties in Australia are full of people advocating for a “white australia”.

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Biden is a stooge.