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'Everyone. Needs. To. Watch. It.': Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein Explains to Children Why Show Won't Back Green New Deal


'Everyone. Needs. To. Watch. It.': Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein Explains to Children Why Show Won't Back Green New Deal

Jon Queally, staff writer

As young people from around the world are marching in the streets and calling an adults and elected leaders to act urgently to address runaway global warming and the climate crisis, this video of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) explaining to youth activists in her office on Friday why she won't back the joint congressional resolution on the Green New Deal has to be seen in order to be believed.



Well, she was Harvey Milk’s Deputy Mayor or something… DiFi may be on her way out of the Senate and into history… Those kids may not have voted for her, but parents sure as hell better. Vote her out. I can understand Speaker Pelosi not putting AOC on a House committee (AOC is a rookie, despite her high ideals and quick mind. My extremely conservative Aunt hates Pelosi and AOC…) because Committee work is for experienced members. The Republic at large doesn’t need Senators, or Representatives, to be condescending or dismissive not just to future voters, nor also to kids.Parents vote.



How anyone who has an ounce of self respect, and the desire to see any form of life survive on Earth, besides maybe cockroaches, can vote for one of the two pro-money, life-ending capitalist parties at this late stage is beyond me. The democrats should change their mascot to a cockroach.



Thank you sooooo much deep blue California for returning this warmongering, smug, arrogant, elitist, out-of-touch fossil to the Senate over and over again. Wake up! Only recently has her hubris (and corruption) finally been revealed on the internet. First with lying like she didn’t know how a single-payer healthcare system works - “if it means a government takeover of healthcare, I’m against it” - and now THIS. Oh, wait, guess Whoopi Goldberg will call me a sexist now. And on Common Dreams at the same time that this article was posted:

‘Terrifying’: Rapid Loss of Biodiversity Placing Global Food Supplies at Risk of ‘Irreversible Collapse’

But what does this dinosaur care? She’s still filling her coffers with corporate money.



Such condescension from Feinstein! Truly revolting.



I am very disappointed in Senator Feinstein! Have voted for her for many years as I thought her heart was in the right place. Not a big fan. Sent her a message re this particular event telling her how disappointed I am and chastising her for her very ugly rudeness to those young people. She just got an ear full from a resident of her district!!



Is this not a perfect microcosm for this political system, run and controlled by corrupt dinosaurs like her? Talk about an absicatuon of leadership and moral responsibility.



Term Limits.

Just wait until after the Mueller report and nancy says impeachment is not on the table.

These people are in certain positions for a reason and it isn’t what you’d expect or want.



Unfortunately, Feinstein is correct. She has been elected five times to the Senate, is worth an estimated 94 million dollars, and answers only to her donors. She knows what she is doing alright, she is getting richer and catering to the oligarchy of which she is a part. Her grandchildren have nothing to worry about from climate change or any other catastrophe, because they will be well insulated financially. This is probably her last term in the Senate, and there is nothing anyone can do to get her to act in the interests of her constituents, because she will never be up for reelection again, and thus cannot be held accountable. From here on in, it will be just push legislation favoring the rich and spit in the eye of those who find her intolerable.

So, all you lesser evil Democrats, I guess you’re okay with this, even though electing this scumbag still gave us Trump?



HI freeopinions, sigh—but she has grandkids-----does she really think money will save them? OMG, Diane the senator has become FRANKENfeinstein —the monster! : (



Actually, this was EXACTLY the response these kids need. They will NEVER forget Feinstein’s condescension and smugness. It will fuel their resolve to continue their fight to live in a habitable world and bring down adults like Feinstein who have sold them out, so viciously and callously. Feinstein had better hope that she is no longer around when these kids get to voting age.



This self serving arrogant piece of crap! This world is at risk and she does not care, she does not care for those children or any other children, just power.



Well, all the arrogance and rudeness is not confined to the men folk in congress. Thankfully these dinosaurs are dying out. Bad show dianne!



Shit like this from these weak, useless fossilized corporate Democrats is going to give us a second Trump term.



California just re-elected her for another term. It’s such a progressive democratic state!



why would these petty, peon children - scalliwags no doubt - dare talk to an honorable dignified US Senator and ask her to do anything. Doesn’t the rubble know their place? remember - pay your taxes - send your children off to die in wars, vote like it counts and believe all the lies. But never - never ask one of our elected representatives to do anything revolutionary or try to save the planet or humanity. How dare they! Wall Street would be aghast.



It appears the public will never see nor hear of the Mueller report. Mr. Barr was well selected to take care of that little problem for Mr. Trump. It was all such a tempest in a teapot. Our great leader is off on Air Force One to spend another weekend at Mar Lago - all at our expense. Isn’t american democracy great?



There is so much of a need for change especially because of the possible lives of the young people in the article and this shameless DINO-saur has only the same old, same old bullshit to offer up with the lame-ass excuse that “I know what I’m doing”. Yes, Diane you are keeping the crusty center-right Demos in power along with those other sellouts like Pelosi, Hoyer, Biden, and Schumer. So, this pathetic 85 year old will be dead when the true effects of the policies that she works against (like Medicare for All) kick in. I can safely predict that 20 years from now many people in California will curse her name. I will do that now - FUCK YOU, Dianne Feinstein.



Well, fortunately, the old hag Feinstein no longer represents the Democratic Party rank-and-file.

We have have had the same problem in our unions. When the corrupt Tony Boyle did not represent the interests of the rank-and-file UMWA coal miners, they elected Jock Yablonski to reform the union. When the thug Tony Boyle had Yablonsky, his wife and his daughter murdered in their home in Washington, PA - even in the face of that vile violence - the miners pushed for the total reform of the UMWA, and Tony Boyle and his gangster thugs spent the rest of their lives in prison.

What they did NOT do is abandon the UMWA and become fucking scabs (that happened much later).

So no, total reform, not abandonment of the Democratic party is the proper course.



I believe that her husband, Richard Blum, is worth a lot more, perhaps a billion. They live in a mansion in an elite San Francisco neighborhood. This rich bitch is a disgrace. A political analyst for KPFA radio, Larry Bensky, said many years ago that the two saddest words in California politics were DIanne Feinstein. She is even worse now.