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'Everyone Should Mobilize': Climate Leaders Urge Massive Turnout for Global Climate Strikes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/24/everyone-should-mobilize-climate-leaders-urge-massive-turnout-global-climate-strikes


Okay how can I help, where do I go what do I do to help. Looking forward to specific instructions on people to meet and places to go to.

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The prevailing economic system of market rule will have to go or the doomsday science predictions will come true. Humanity desperately needs a quick conversation about private property VS the commons. Nothing much will change albeit there are piecemeal solution now being affected. 2030 is the new 2100.


Join XR fellah.

Righteous anger can be so beautiful!

For years, commondreams.org has been a wonderful source of information regarding the perils of climate change and actions proposed or being taken to stop it. Thanks for this article and the other published today, Scientists Urge UN to Add Environmental Destruction to Geneva Conventions.




Meanwhile Yale University and others pump out the newest form of corporate friendly propaganda that is becoming widespread on various Youtube channels. The clickbait titles speak of “methane emergency” etc, but the content of the videos essentially say…no big deal!


Hi PC,

You’re right, I think: too many scientists have gone beyond reticence into practically playing down the climate emergency, led by the corrupt IPCC. It’s becoming particularly clear in 2019, with the impending crash of Arctic sea ice. I’m just an ignorant nobody (as you well know), and yet with my extremely limited research resources I can outperform the NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) regarding the outlook today for Arctic Sea Ice. NSIDC says a new record low this year is “unlikely” – I say it’s all but fricking guaranteed at this point. How do I sense this? From watching the ice. I don’t know what NSIDC is watching.

There’s something elementally cognitive going on with some forecasters, where they confuse their mathematical projections with physical reality. Not with all of them – some modelers are cautious about the limitations of models – but you need a model in order to forecast, and most forecasters impute too much reality to their models.

Particularly at a time of phase-shifting, such as a (nearly) Blue Ocean Event, the gompertz lines tracing trends into the future are not to be trusted. Reassurances that things will only get terrible very slowly are obviously not to be trusted, as we keep hearing “much sooner than expected.”

I hear the methane threat from permafrost is more immediate than from marine hydrates, but I hardly know whom to trust anymore.


One of the Yale videos (and I can’t recall the names involved) cites a researcher’s findings that insignificant amounts if any of methane are detectable above the surface of the Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean, so the argument went in the video, that all of this alarm in regard to methane release were overblown. What wasn’t of course cited was that the researcher being cited only studied methane release over deep ocean waters, not over the relatively shallow but massive area of the Siberian sea shelf waters where methane isn’t being full dissolved in the water column. Stuff like that frankly makes me enraged, as the makers of this video know exactly what they are doing. Pushing a line of propaganda intentionally designed to thwart serious consideration or even knowledge of the other research. And as to models, that “other research” on methane release isn’t modeled by mainstream climate scientists as I understand…perhaps I’m thinking of the models “agreed upon” as per IPCC.


I was speaking of models forecasting the extent of Arctic sea ice melt. But it’s true of models and forecasts generally. We’ll learn that trustworthy old weather forecasting models are becoming more unreliable, because the whole background climate is rendering old techniques invalid. Some of the mistakes of forecasters are sincere mistakes. Another problem is academic tunnel-vision, where it’s so challenging to master a subect, you’re almost guaranteed to be ignorant of much else (such as the English language – it’s not uncommon for a good scientist to be a terrible writer).


Very important point however unfortunately way over most people’s level of grasping. It’s cretical to know that privatization of natural or man made resources is a dead end in a finite planet. All conflicts are about dominion over property what nature gives us free. I think for people to understand this fact they’ll have to be thought Carl Marx’s ideas. In America communist ideology has been twisted and spun beyond recognition to almost complete prohibbition and automatic violent knee jerk rejection.


One of the most shocking changes occurring at a very rapid pace is the changing of the jet stream patterns causing persistent troughs, ridges, and pieces of it that break off and cause bizarre extreme events.


I think by measuring the depths of glacier ice or polar ice and snow we can see the rings of snow accumulation going back thousands of years. Comparing the samples taken back in the 1970s and 80s we can also see amount of accumulation since global warming began to affect our climate. Snow and ice measurement comparisons should reveal clearly what has been happening in the form of physically proven evidence.
The glaciers have been melting all over the world, how long have the glacier ice been around? I think thousands of years without disruption. Then what happened after industrial revilution should be clearly recorded in vanishing ice layers.

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Follow the money, follow the money as Dr. Evil would say. The deniers are overwhelmingly the beneficiaries of the filthy vulture capitalist system. Where is Karl Marx when we need him. His ideas should be mandatory reading in all school levels.

One-day pseudo-strikes that make demands without consequences are worse than useless.

Real strikes - along with boycotts and blockages or other economically disruptive direct actions are needed.


Hi timber:

try 350.org. They have lost of people and its of ideas : )

Agreed, been saying it since day one. The vulture capitalists have learned to ignore our noise making efforts. The only effective methods left are disruption of business as usual, massive scale disruptions throughout the country.

I could not agree more! We should take the example just set by Puerto Rico.


My thanks too commondreams. Excellent reporting.