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Everything (and Everyone) Must Go!


Everything (and Everyone) Must Go!

Because you were hopefully doing finer things this weekend than tracking the Dumpster Fire's crimes against decency and truth, a brief round-up. He played golf, five days in a row. He hawked MAGA (Mueller Ain't Going Away) crap "for 30%" (sic), trashed the press, boasted to troops he/they were winning, quoted conspiracy wingnuts to prove it, urged the election of a pedophile, told a stupid petty lie and was savaged as "a hollow sad soul." Nothing to see here.


“These are the times that try mens’ souls…” Thomas Paine wrote in The Winter Soldier. Well, things may not be quite that bleak today, so we can make-do with “These are the times that try (wo)mens’ CREATIVITY.” There are people who really believe they have our lives under their thumbs, because they are “rich” or "powerful’, or even a rich and powerful “President”. We must just keep hammering them with the truth that WE,THE PEOPLE are sovereign, and we will HAVE A BALL pouring “sand in the gears” of all their schemes and plans. We have the opportunity to prove to the fascist power-mongers that herding cats is a piece of cake, compared to herding Americans somewhere we don’t want to go. Put on your thinking cap! Evil is trying to take over your country. Surely you can put a foot out here and there to trip them up.


Trump this and trump that and meanwhile watch the democratic establishment dig in their heels as they oppose every bit of any progressive thinking. Those two old warmongers from California, Pelosi and DiFi, must go and take the phony Kamilla Harris with them. Add Schumer, Gillibrand, Booker, and you’v got enough for a nice poker game.


Actually something trump did over the week-end was interesting…timing is everything…right when Putin was shutting down his press trump was attacking CNN International, I don’t have actual times but it is my understanding it was within minutes of each other…from CNN…

AFP White House correspondent Andrew Beatty asked: “Why is Trump doing this on the same day Putin cracks down on foreign media in Russia — including CNN International?”

Related: Trump has a fog machine. Journalists have to see through it

Washington Post reporter Karoun Demirjian said Trump’s critique “should help Russia’s
plans to muzzle certain media outlets along quite nicely.”
http://money.cnn.com/2017/11/26/media/president-trump-cnn-international-tweets/ index.html

I wish I’d taken a screen shot instead of a cut and paste. This looks really bad, the timing and all. Makes a lot of questions fly outta my head. Things like, did they plan this? Are they working together? And others. Wish I knew the actual times involved.

Pelosi has to go, as noted above. She wouldn’t impeach Bush2 and now has a hard time with impeaching trump. What kinda American is she?

Can’t post screen-shot but here is the link…