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Everything Has Water Flowing Through It


Everything Has Water Flowing Through It

John Doyle, Myra Lefthand, Sara Young, Frederica Lefthand and David Small

(EHN editor's note: This essay is part of “Sacred Water,” EHN’s ongoing investigation into Native American struggles—and successes—to protect culturally significant water sources on and off the reservation.)

We grew up learning a tradition of respect for water, hearing our Elders praying with water. Water is a part of every second of our lives, everything has water flowing through it, everything has life.


I was born with an understanding I link with Native Americans. And as a a believer in reincarnation, I am aware that I had prior incarnations as a Native American.

For years I’ve reminded people not to leave water running when they walked away from a sink full of dishes, or told my then teenage daughter and friends not to waste water with very long showers. I am aghast at the idiots in my neighborhood who water their lawns during afternoon heat, a guarantee most of it will evaporate before being absorbed by the soil.

One reason why I moved to a rather remote area of North Florida was due to the springs. Watching the Earth Changes creep all over the planet, it was clear that areas that formerly could rely on stable rainfall cycles no longer can. Some regions are parched and others intensely flooded.

The elements are out of balance because people fail to understand what is sacred; and then there is so much violence, aggression, vile language, “music” that simulates the beating of war drums and so many other insults to balance, beauty, harmony, and nature’s inherent poetry.

Here in Florida with ancient rivers running UNDER the state that break through rock deposits to form aqua-blue springs, our despicable governor is working with industrial polluters AND fracking companies with the intention of allowing both more chances to DESTROY this state’s precious ecology and ecosystems.

I am aghast at the ongoing deforestation here… at a time when EVERY tree should be treated as sacred given the immense loss of forest lands to fires out West.

My spiritual journey began 5 decades ago and one of the earliest insights that crossed my path was a Native American prophecy passed down by the Sun Bears. It explained that one day the white man’s children would return to the Native Peoples in order to learn how to save themselves and save the planet.

I believe that time is near… or has already arrived and the Cowboy-Indian alliance set up to block the oil trains and pipelines is but one example.

God-dess Bless those who respect water–in addition to earth, air, and fire as the Sacred elements that they are.

As one Tribal leader said recently, “We are the mountains. We are the rivers. We are the trees.” Indeed…

And the Earth Mother’s cries, gasps, and moaning echo in the hearts and souls of all those who SENSE their connection to these living systems and our shared home, a marvel of a living planetary Being.


“Water is going to become our most precious commodity, more valuable than gold.”

Wrong. Water has been for a very long a commodity more precious than gold. Ask the Greek who first told the story of King Midas.Ask the Egyptians of the days long before they built the pyramids.