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'Everything Is at Stake': Global Extinction Rebellion Kicks Off Week of Civil Disobedience to Demand Climate Action


'Everything Is at Stake': Global Extinction Rebellion Kicks Off Week of Civil Disobedience to Demand Climate Action

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Extinction Rebellion movement kicked off a week of marches, demonstrations, and peaceful civil disobedience across the U.S. and around the world on Monday to demand "systemic changes to stop global warming while there's still time left."

"Those who are most vulnerable and least responsible for this crisis are the ones who are suffering the most. People are dying. Species are disappearing. Everything is at stake."
—Bea Ruiz, Extinction Rebellion U.S.



Let’s let Carol King summarize this for us…

“It’s too late baby
Now it’s too late.”

Those of us who have examined this for the last thirty years or so can tell those hopeful masses who are just now coming to recognize the global warming threat the stark and depressing truth. This has been going on for a while now, and now thanks to feedback loops, we are about to shift from gradual climate change to exponential.
In short, the shit is really about to hit the fan. And our nation, and much of the world, are currently ruled by a mix of fundamentalist religious maniacs who believe the rapture is right around the corner, and capitalists who are trying to make one last profitable quarter.
We are sooo doomed.



The self proclaimed “greatest generation” has killed us all.
The window to avert total extinction closed in the mid 90’s and we are now left with 51 runaway positive feedback loops. Any one of which is a potential extinction level event, and none of which we have any way to stop. We barely understand enough to identify them.
Even without those in play, “just” the Fukushima disaster alone, which we also have no way of stopping, has the potential to wipe us out.
There exist no technology that can save us from it, and there is no reason to think it will be the only aging plant that goes into meltdown.
Of course that is just one of many impending disasters. There are so many scenarios in play right now which all end in our extinction that it would take a full page just to list them all.
I suppose this is the price we pay for allowing ourselves to be ruled by monsters, and therefore collectively acting like monsters, for most of our recorded history.


  1. Start attending meetings for local governance and become familiar with the agenda, protocols, and how to introduce concerns and who the organizational allies are. Demonstrate in the streets but begin also to serve as an informed and respectful participant in governance.

  2. Explore existing co-ops and support young people organizing on food, farming, local hydroponic, land use and building use for community well being.

  3. Imagine what skills you can contribute and hone listening skills. Our learning curve is about to become very steep.

One our greatest strengths is utilization of our collective capacity to envision, imagine, find love and humor in the challenge, work together, provide helping hands and all that spins off from engaging for common purpose. We are where we are because the system has set priorities that have, for decades, attracted the worst of the sociopathic profiles into its sphere.



The consequences are unimaginable … and the band plays on.


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Y’know, maybe we don’t deserve to survive as a species. We do horrible things to each other, the environment and the rest of life on Earth. However, what will take us down will also end most of the larger species on the planet as well, so we have to act to save them. We are doing too little, too late, and ignoring the single biggest problem - human overpopulation.



So what’s your desired outcome of your comment? What are people supposed to do? Sit on their status quo asses? Live it up, because we’re all doomed anyway, so let’s make it even more horrible for future generations? Or do what we can to mitigate and adapt to circumstances?



They had plenty of help, but, yes, George H.W. Bush’s statement in Rio, 1992, concisely supports your point: “The American way of life is not up for negotiations. Period.”

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My desired outcome is that the mass extinction event includes the majority of human beings.

There are a lot of nice people. But nice people can be oblivious about the consequences of their actions, too. And while my carbon footprint is on the notably low end for my status as a middle class American, it’s still contributing to the ongoing tragedy.

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Funny you should mention fukushima:



I am not of the pessimist depressed self defeating type. According to science there is time some precious time left to correct coarse. We must get radical about using every second of that time to oppose the polluters.



So are you wishing for the extinction to include your own life, as a contributor to the problem?

For most Americans, simply being an American means your carbon/environmental footprint is at the large end of the scale.



Boohoo go back to sleep, we’ll wake you once we have some success to prove you wrong.



So, similar to my comment for BigB, what do you expect people to do, given your rosy forecast?



I say we plan massive number of trees, save our water underground and create cooler habitat. I think a 5 year old can plant a tree. We must do what the Chinese have done to wipe out flies and to curb their population growth. They armed millions of people with fly swatters to finish the fly infestation problem once and for all w/o use of chemicals.



Our job number one right now should be to enforce sustainable agriculture practices, water storage facilities, dames and reforestation for all able bodies.



I say we do what we can to both mitigate and adapt to climate change. This would include our own individual actions, what we do collectively as communities, and laying the pressure on governments to change policies at the large scale.

I find the fatalistic comments here and elsewhere to be pointless at best, and counterproductive at worst.

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Love that Extinction Rebellion has organized this massive civil disobedience. I look forward to seeing the reports of a shutdown London, etc.

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I’m a solar and climate change inventor. Based on what I know, 'Too late" isn’t useful. If one end of a museum is on fire, is it too late to save the other half of the museum? Is it too late to grab the crown jewels of the museum and move them out?

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I’m optimistic — “It’s never too late baby …” as long as we can understand and continue our “Revolution Against Empire” — in 2020 as well as 1776

We can solve this if we think and understand that the damn Disguised Global (crony) Capitalist EMPIRE is the hidden cancerous CAUSE — and that the ruling-elite UHNWIs and the corporations that they own, have accumulated almost exactly as much phony faux-profits as the ‘negative externality costs’ that their Empire has imposed on ‘our earth’. So, if the $27T that their Empire has stolen matches the $27T of ‘negative externality costs’ they’ve imposed on our environment, then a well balanced and fair ‘claw back’ via WEALTH REFORM is the only fair solution.

The seminal and causal cancer in America includes; 1. the massive corporate taxes of dumping “Negative Externality Costs” on our country and our world environment (as Nobel economist William Nordhaus exposed in his recent Nobel address), 2. the vast ‘inequality of income and wealth’ in GINI Coefficients — which birthed the whole “Occupy Movement”, and (3) lastly the fact that our former democracy is now the first Disguised Global (crony) Capitalist EMPIRE in human history, which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our formerly promising and sometimes progressive country (PKA) America.


“We can’t be an Empire”