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Everything Is Being Revealed


Everything Is Being Revealed

Talk about powerful visuals: Ray Tensing, fired Cincinnati wannabe cop who shot Samuel DuBose in the head - we don't need "allegedly" thanks to chilling video - appeared in court Thursday in handcuffs and jail stripes to plead not guilty to executing a man over a missing license plate in what prosecutors called "without question a murder." Indictment isn't conviction, but still: The cuffs and stripes led DuBose's grieving family to hope for "some kind of justice."


Ever police officer that lied about what happened should be fired also.
Every American, whether,black,white, brown or whatever NEEDS to stand with “Black Lives Matter” (too) Not only is it the right thing to do, but if we allow police to do this to ANY group of people it opens the door to fascism… It may not be YOUR particular group right now, but it can spread as it did in Germany.
Some people ignore what is happening because it is not happening to them. That is wrong. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as different groups defined by race, religion or some other criteria. Our strength is in numbers. We need to unite as Americans and stop this madness.


Just remember what Niemoller wrote.


Pwr 2 the ABUSED peons!


Well said, and this madness is just one of the grave horrors that we need to unite and stop.

We need a lot more paying attention to the actual world and our own connections to everything that goes down, and a lot less paying attention to distraction, “entertainment” and toys.


We need to unite as Human Beings and stop this madness. FTFY


It’s a good thing he’s being charged, but he is only a campus policeman, The U.S. needs to see more enforcement of basic human rights among regular city and state police. Every state and county and municipality HAS to force police to change their training and their attitudes.


From the video, the cop reacted. One would think cops would be better trained. If he had asked the kid to step out of the car, the killing may have been avoided.


Good riddance to POS cop…murdering bastards…chickenshit…