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'Everything is Burning': Australian Inferno Continues, Choking Off Access to Cities Across Country and

The primer mister is whacking off.

While I understand the kindness meant by this post, however the map is truly not an indication at all on what is happening. The following link gives details on the number of viral misleading maps. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/you-should-probably-stop-sharing-these-misleading-viral-maps-of-the-australian-bushfires/ar-BBYIMqg?ocid=spartanntp

Many sites have posted that arsonists are involved in many of the wildfires of Australia. Great way to rob houses, take land for mining maybe, but very very sick. One site in Australia said 26 suspects had been arrested. The climate control activists are right to remain withdrawn, however, these fires just add to the world mess. So sad. I’ve read and heard from locals in the past that California also has had problems with arson by both private individuals and company interests causing fires.

When the fires are so large that they generate their own weather with lots of dry (no rain) tornadoes (estimated F3+), the hot embers fly for miles & ignite lots of new fires. From the melted metals, it is estimated that the temps in these fires are nearly 1500 degrees F.
No, it is most likely that the dry lightning & the years long drought is responsible for the burning continent…
But the impact of millions of settlers has done in 200 or so years what the indigineous peoples had avoided for 40,000 years – making the continent uninhabitable in the long run!!

What does America have to do with Australia not doing Fire prevention, or Australia on fire period? When California wildfires are out of control, do you see a bunch of ridiculous comments about how it is the fault of another country? If there is something significant I’m missing here, then please by all means. Elaborate

Your answers await you in the full body of knowledge on climate long available to those who seek it. Far be it for me to be the one to tell anyone.

Send in the clowns.


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