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Everything That’s Wrong with the Democratic ‘Reboot’ in One Lousy Op-Ed


Everything That’s Wrong with the Democratic ‘Reboot’ in One Lousy Op-Ed

Ian Haney López

Senate minority leader and Democratic Party honcho Chuck Schumer’s editorial in today’s New York Times boldly proclaims that the Democratic Party will start helping working people. That would be a nice change.

But what should be a welcome shift is instead emblematic of everything that’s wrong with how the Democratic Party is seeking to remake itself.


This author wants a different Democratic Party than the old guard that we have now. He says that “it doesn’t have to be this way” referring to the Dems ineffectualness. It can’t be any other way if the same people are expected to be different somehow!

Yes the Dems can be reformed and fight for their working class base instead of their corporate masters. You just have to have different people in office. Someday …yes someday… Americans will remember term limits and when we do, we will regain our democracy.


The Democratic Party will save us…Spare me!

Meanwhile the extreme-right silently chugs toward the critical number of states they need for a Constitutional Convention. Look back at history to see what happened last time. One group thought thet were meeting to amend the Articles of Confederation. The other group showed up with a completely different form of Government already written out: basically our Constitution.

If any of you think those reaching for what they call an “Article V Constitutional Convention” have any ideas of MINOR tweeks to our Government, you have another think coming!

Google “Article V Constitutional Convention” and ask yourself as you read this patriotic sounding drivel promoted by Koch brothers and their minions, “What could possibly go wrong?” Then go back and read Chris Hedges article published yesterday.

Pleasant dreams.


The Democratic Party will save us! Spare me!


“We demand a Democratic Party that stands for human rights for all.”

Foolish me, when I started to read point #3, I was expecting “human rights” to include Palestinians, with respect to Israeli apartheid, or Yemenis, with respect to the abuse received from SA with US assistance, and a long list of others.

Yeah, what the author urges would be a start, but no mention of war or US aid to oppressive regimes?


We don’t need the Democratic Party. They have become totally corrupted and unreformable. They need to be relegated to the ash heap of history with the Whig Party of Antebellum America. All true progressives and leftists need to coalesce in the place that makes the most sense for us to take over one of the two major party positions that our system allows for - in the Green Party. It is the fourth largest political party in the country. It already has ballot access in nearly half the states. It’s goals and previous platforms are very much in-line with progressive values. It is set up to be driven by it’s members from the bottom-up. It already has become the refuge of millions of pissed-off former Sanders supporters who have had it with the Democrats, and we are becoming the dominant voice in the party. The Green Party is moving on from Sanders and Stein and will be changing to take on the challenge of replacing the Democrats as the true home of those who believe it is the legitimate function of government to make the lives of average people better, and to work to make the planet livable for ALL forms of life. Please join the #Demexit to the Greens!


Hear that loud noise? It’s the sound of the American Empire getting flushed down the toilet bowl of history…Trump and the neo-Nazi Republicans are the ones holding down the lever. And the Democrats? Just some used up toilet paper swirling down the drain.


I thought the loud noise was all the Registered Democrats rushing to leave the Party and register as Greens, Socialists, or Independents.

That was a great image you finished your post with.



The Democrats have become a Quagga… 1/2 jackass, 1/2 zebra trying to change it stripes.

Note, it is also extinct.


The truth is that both parties serve the same interests at our expense. Neither party really includes or represents the real interests of most Americans. Though the Democrats are better on social issues, both parties support perpetual war and corporate dominance. That the “experts” on foreign policy cited by our embedded press are all neoconservatives is no coincidence. Some people are working to change either the democrats or the system by creating another progressive populist party and getting people elected that are not beholden to corporations.


The need for Schumer to publish this editorial confirms just how far down the Party has fallen since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation.


I was with Green Party for a few years, more power to 'em.
If it were 2nd Choice among most people that didn’t make a 50%+1
majority in one of those ‘multiple choice’ type elections, Greens would
have a chance and a good argument.

Question: Globalization vs self-driving cars. Which is stupider?


Good analogy. Quagga were deliberately slaughtered by the Boers in order to deprive the natives of a food source, making their takeover of the land easier.


The Democrats and their proposals are coming off as Clinton-esque because the party is using the very same people that created so many of these problems to advertise the solutions. Clinton flip-flopped on so many of these issues in time for the election and now we have Pelosi, Shumner et all making a sudden and miraculous conversion in time for 2018? It didn’t sell for Clinton and it won’t sell, now. The party’s credibility gap is now so deep that it can only be closed with strong and vigorous actions, not a series of platform planks that will be ignored as the party sees fit.


There is only room in our political system for two viable political parties. You can argue all the “what ifs” all you want, we don’t have rank choice voting, aren’t likely to get it anytime soon, and desperately need a real people’s party. So, we take an existing progressive party (the Greens), destroy what’s left of the corrupt Democrats, and replace them. Far from simple. The Democratic establishment will fight tooth and nail to defeat us, already have and are. They have the big money that isn’t Republican, after all.

As to the relative stupidity of globalization and self-driving cars, neither is an answer for what ails us. Cars and more “happy motoring” will not continue, and we can’t play on a level field with countries that force their citizens to work for pennies. Localization, re-urbanization, and transit are the long-term solutions.


The funny thing about this pseudo-rebrand is the fact that establishment Dem posters here have been telling us that their party has been doing its best for years now. ObamaRomneyCare wasthe best they could do. Abandoning their working class base made sense. Coddling Wall Street, Big Pharma, and Haim Saban was crucial to keep the money train rolling on time…

What do they have to say now that their own establishment heroes are admitting they haven’t done their best?

Oh, hell, why am I even asking? I’m sure there are lots of ways to frame the words:" Stay the course.


Stay the course and stay tuned for LRX who will wow us with the Democrat Party’s many awesome accomplishments and future plans.


Some democratic party corruption within this high-tech sector was my intent
at a point.
Transit is an urban/suburban fundamental. Metro areas need them to work
better, but design fixes are rare. My #1 pick: Low-floor plug-in hybrid
paratransit vans; easy boarding and low-emission for seniors, disabled and
all riders.


I am sure Schumer is aware that this attempt to create a different image for the Democratic Party will be strongly criticized by a number of people on the left. But importantly he has Elizabeth Warren on board who represents the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. So while those outside the party will be attacking it the Democrats seems to have achieved some unity within the party. I would never expect a senator from New York to lead the charge against Wall Street, which must be the most important part of the New York economy. That would be like expecting Mitch McConnell to take the lead against coal. Schumer is the minority leader in the Senate but he does represent constituents in New York.


Schumer shilling for Wall Street lends credence to GOP accusations of Democratic Party elilteism.