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Everything Wrong with Charter Schools on Display in New Orleans

Everything Wrong with Charter Schools on Display in New Orleans

Bill Quigley

New Orleans is the nation’s largest and most complete experiment in charter schools. After Hurricane Katrina, the State of Louisiana took control of public schools in New Orleans and launched a nearly complete transformation of a public school system into a system of charter schools.

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A complete lack of Qualifications and Experience is what is wrong with Charter Schools.

And the Trumpocalypse going on in Washington DC as well.

Stroke out Trump.

And I do not mean on the Golf Course.


The telling point here may be the movement toward administrative costs over educating students. Somehow, it reminds me of our U.S. healthcare system. Because of the insurance vampires, 20% of the dollar get sucked up by a class of people who don’t do anything positive for the system (With the exception of Medicare, which hints at single payer as the way to go).
The minute Republicans get involved in anything, (and they are part and parcel of the charter movement) we suddenly have higher administrative costs. People sitting around on their asses wearing white shirts running up bills. Getting paid more than anyone else. It could be a brokerage house, real estate office, whatever. The pattern is the same. The Republicans do what they accuse everybody else of doing—getting in the way and blocking efficiency. They wouldn’t have it any other way.


John Bel Edwards: Weak Leader
Betsy Devos: Nasty Woman

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How truly disgusting! 150 year after the civil war, Blacks are still discriminated against and held down by White society. I wonder how many young lives are wasted because the educational system failed them, not through error but willfully?


What does it say about the integrity of the right wing that when desegregation was put into place under Eisenhower, they went berserk about how bussing was taking kids away from their neighborhood schools. Now when charter schools are doing even worse, all you hear from them is a profound silence.

" That system has not yet been created in New Orleans. Time will tell whether it can be developed. "

That system will never be created in New Orleans and time has already told you that. As long as the primary purpose of an institution is to make money for someone, any other role, such as educating students, is going to suffer. It works the same for health care, water utilities, electric utilities, and anything else that is supposed to be for the benefit of people.

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What does one expect when the whole point of charter schools is corporate profits. Why else would they not let local parents put together a charter school for their community?

Can anyone tell me if the fraud is even being prosecuted?

Because the charter industry heaps loads of campaign cash into politicians coffers to prevent any type of accountability. In Los Angeles, I ran against a pro-charter Board Member and she beat me back with over $500,000 in campaign spending from funds she received as far away as New York. This is Democracy?
opednews (dot) com/articles/The-Bipartisan-Attack-on-P-by-Carl-Petersen-Education-170330-975 (dot) html

Public school are an American Institution. This is not democracy, it
corruption, fraud, and treason.