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Evidence Mounts that US Military Knew They Were Bombing Active Hospital



Little wonder then, that the US government still refuses to allow an independent inquiry.


I wish they'd use a different petition host than change.org. I have not been able to sign change.org petitions for years. It tells me I have to create an account, then tells me I already have an account, which I don't, then requires me to sign in, which I have no password to. Anyone else have this problem?


Send in some Veterans for Peace impartial investigating teams of retired experts.


We all know Sen. Sanders remarks about Mafia Capitalism and Casino Capitalism. This bombing was a message from the Vido & Guido program run by NATO Special Forces in the MENA. Killing innocent people is not a defect in the well-oiled-machine, it is an engineered design enhancement for the 21st Century. " Progress is our most important product, after all. " :wink:


Of course they knew, 60 minutes just ran a program showing central command's operations room
for Syrian airspace.

The video shows a screen with every aircraft id in the airspace, friend or foe.

All the bombs all have screw on tail wings with a gps unit attached as a nose cone.

They program in the gps coordinates and the bomb finds it way exactly to target.

Which part of this allows for ....oops.


I have thoroughly and objectively reviewed myself and conclude that I have no problems.


Little wonder, indeed. As the US does not recognize international law or the World Court. Remember in the 1980's when the US was declared a "rogue nation" by the World Court? Reagan didn't even bother to give them the finger...Just ignored it..


Of course they knew. MSF had given the US military the hospital's GPS coordinates before the attack and were telephoned by MSF during the attack and it seems that there is only one hospital in Kunduz.

How could the US military NOT have known that they were attacking a hospital with MSF operating in it?


It seems that the US military and NATO see Doctors Without Borders as an enemy. After all that hospital treats people without torturing them to find out who they are and what they know. And they have a foreign name, Medicin sans Frontieres. My theory is that the previous day's conversation was a demand by the military that the hospital turn over one or more suspected terrorists. When the hospital refused they took it out.


One day the whole world will be at America's door wanting to kick ass. We need to curtail the military industrial complex.


The military wanted someone dead within that hospital. The heathen who gave the order to fire is the criminal along with the U.S. Senate and State Dept. Those are the people sending in the military on another war mission for Israel. Some poor military guy will get the punishment perhaps while the true guilty parties enjoy their cushy life.


I wouldn't put it past them, but it does seem like MSF wouldn't keep that information to themselves. Unless everyone who knew about it was among the dead.


A military conspiracy to bomb an active hospital doesn't make sense, with all the bad PR that brings, and potential prison sentences that have been doled out for Iraqi offenses. We need to wait for all the facts to ensure there was not a rogue military operative, or a miscommunication, etc.


Kudos to AP for actually gathering and then publishing evidence that runs counter to the Pentagon's pronouncements.

A rare sign of life from the Fourth Estate.


Gen. Campbell has already stated that someone in the chain of command made the decision. Do you actually think the USAF in high-tech 2015 attacks large stationary targets without knowing what they are? Do you think that the aircraft controllers don't know where their planes are and what they are doing? Do you think they don't have a map of Kunduz?

The only conspiracy here is to keep the 'investigation' at a slow pace until they can settle on a low-ranked functionary to wrist-slap.


'"Taken together, the revelations add to the growing possibility that U.S. forces destroyed what they knew was a functioning hospital, which would be a violation of the international rules of war,"'

It was knowing the coordinates that made it a target. The US, like Israel, will only ever attack the unarmed, or so miserably armed that they can pose no threat.

Hospitals, ambulances, women and children, these are the preferred targets.


One of the greatest myths of human history is the idea that the US tries to avoid civilian casualties in war. The exact opposite is true. At least 20 million civilians have died at the hands of the US military and militias since the 18th century. Removing and killing civilians has always been a key to the expansion of empires, and bombing hospitals is just part of the plan.


Of course they knew they were attacking a working hospital - a war crime. The voice recordings from the C-130 attack ship crew are being withheld - not the actions of an innocent! The crew voice recordings have been listed "classified" to hide the truth.

C-130 fly very low and slow, equiped with night-vision gear and sophistated communications and GPS - the crew knew it was a hospital and reportedly questioned the attacks legality!.

"On NBC Nightly News, Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski reported that, based on the accounts of Defense Department sources, cockpit recordings from the AC-130 gunship involved in the incident “reveal that the crew actually questioned whether the airstrike was legal.” He also quoted a U.S. defense official suggesting that the attack “may in fact amount to a war crime.” The video and audio cockpit recordings of the incident, which feature conversations between the plane’s crew and U.S. troops on the ground, are at the center of the military’s investigation into the incident * The recordings have not been released publicly or even to the members of Congress who received a classified briefing on the incident.
The AP also reported on Thursday that, before the bombing, U.S. special operations analysts had been gathering information on the hospital compound because they believed it was being used by a Pakistani operative to coordinate Taliban activity during the battle for Kunduz. It’s not clear whether the crew on the plane or the commanders who ordered the attack were aware that this intelligence was being gathered, but it is further evidence that the site was known to U.S. forces as a hospital. MSF also says it called the Pentagon while the attack was taking place. The defense official quoted in the NBC report acknowledged that the call took place, but the information was evidently not passed along to Afghanistan"

"The AC-130 is packed with advanced sensors and communications equipment, featuring multiple cannons, machine guns, and other weapons sticking out of the left side. It requires a crew of more than a dozen people to operate its bank of weapons and extensive suite of electronics, including radar, night-vision, and infrared sensors. According to an Air Force fact sheet, the AC-130 possesses numerous sensors that allow it to "identify friendly ground forces and targets anytime, anywhere" and provide "surgical firepower.""


Well they just hit another doctors without borders hospital in Yemen. OK I know the Saudis did it for us. At this point I even believe that the Saudis were told to hit it by the US. Of course that can never be known.

The corporate TV media already has forgotten about the hospital in Afghanistan. They will mention the one in Yemen being hit in passing.