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Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Crisis Has Now Reached 'Gold Standard'-Level Certainty, Scientists Say

Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Crisis Has Now Reached 'Gold Standard'-Level Certainty, Scientists Say

Julia Conley, staff writer

Most Americans now recognize the scientific community's consensus that human activity is fueling the climate crisis, according to polls—but for those who are still unconvinced of the conclusion reached by 97 percent of climate scientists, a new study makes an even more definite assertion.

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If that doesn’t scare the crap out of you, your status as a sentient being should be questioned.


Yum, I smell bacon!
Oh shit,I know that’s just us!
Used to like that smell…


There was a one-in-a-million chance that Trump would get elected, but he did. Proof positive :slight_smile:

What is there to say any more that hasn’t already been said? What emotion to be felt? I’m burned out reading and reposting to my blog, I’m finished. good luck


Dear CD Editor,

Important scary news.

However, I think you’ve left out something important for thinking about the right wing climate denial progressives are up against.

The good news - recognition that climate change is happening has increased across the political spectrum in the last 3 decades - though more at liberal-progressive end.

The bad news - the % of the US right wing that thinks it’s ‘urgent’ has stalled at 15% for the last 20 years:

And not taking it seriously is arguably what counts - making ‘it can wait,’ or ‘reasonable solutions,’ or ‘don’t be HYSTERICAL,’ not a move in the right direction, but the fallback position of climate change denial.

Scientific evidence can mount. But until we can either engage the disengaged low income/poor - or the climate provides its own horrifying evidence - we’re stuck in neutral.

And by such time as the climate weighs in, it may be too late, if it is not already.

Yea, we’re used to right wing obstructionism in congress - but US right wing obstructionism re climate change action may be the death of us all.

But on a positive note! Um…just gimme a minute here…


Your right Ditton. Watching the world go to hell in a handbasket is not for the meek or faint of heart. It’s particularly difficult when you see it coming a hundred miles away but are nonetheless powerless to stop it and instead doomed to helplessly watch it unfold. Despite it all, the right wing fanaticism grows and grows, supported increasingly by the Uber rich, and elected by the Uber stupid religious majority. The horrendous and unimaginable is upon us now and yet still we are not a broad majority sufficient to end the destruction both of our Nation and our world. My heart aches too, for a civilized and compassionate world.

One in a million? That is enough wiggle room for the media to continue showing both sides of the argument. There is a one in gazillion chance that god exists and yet there are churches, mosques and temples on every corner.


HI WiseOwl—and LOl, and it is amazing how gruesome can make me laugh. I normally don’t eat bacon though, but it smells so good. : ) Don’t forget to read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” : 0


So this site http://www.climatesciencenews.com says the above is all baloney, er, bacon. You could say these people are greedy capitalists just trying to perpetuate their pillage of the planet. AND you could say that the above are a bunch of global-government control freaks trying to scare the crap out of us to herd us into the one-world U.N. fascist police state as envisioned by the George Soros types. Now which is it? I think my brain has had too much why-fry/microwave tech today to figure all this out. Later. Gopherit

I had not seen that site before. Good for a laugh at first and then I start to wonder how many people read this drivel and think they have found some hidden truth.

Unfortunately we are in no danger of fixing our CO2 problem fast enough that naysayers could say it never happened - they will get to see six sigma seven sigma and more.

I understand how you feel, but please don’t be “finished.” We want you here.

You almost seem serious. I hope I simply missed your sarcasm, because it’s not really that hard to sort out, is it? The site for which you provided the link, and its contributors, are a bunch of shit-for-brains liars. Start from there, and you’ll be fine.

It is easy to get upset about the total lack of concern and action about this oncoming disaster, but frankly what can possibly be done now? The die is cast and so while it would be nice to see something like a radical Green New Deal with real teeth along with international effort to seriously do the maximum that could be done, but instead we will be like any other civilization impacted and destroyed by climate changes - do whatever is possible once it gets really bad but that will be way too little and too late so in the meantime simply live the best way you can and hope that just maybe there really is something positive after this life. We simply do not know.

Thanks Adam. I tried to stop work on my blog yesterday, today I found I couldn’t. I guess my love is stronger than their fanaticism.

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Gosh Ed, thanks. I tried to stop doing my blog yesterday but today I found I couldn’t. Love “Is” stronger than hate. Thanks for the kind words, they will help carry me forward.

The fake science here is so clearly “doctored”, that even the pictures are obvious photoshops. There simply isn’t anything here worth looking at for more than a second.

As long as conservatives and the media outlets they own are still alive, they’ll continue to wiggle for their self-interests.