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Evidence of Kavanaugh Perjury Mounts After Durbin Releases More "Confidential" Documents


Totally agree, but think both can be done. I know you are more optimistic than me about the Roberts Court with an unrequited political hack like Kavanaugh on it, but I think Congress will have to flex its muscle a bit if single-payer is going to get by it. That’s where I can see some hearings come to play. Plus, I feel like Leahy, who is very much an institutionalist (to a fault—read about his blue slip generosity), is personally offended by the Kavanaugh nomination. Hearings may be inevitable whatever we feel about their merits.


I am definitely not optimistic at all so I’m not sure how that can be. I did note several times in the past that Roberts will now be the median justice regardless of who Trump picks. However if Kavanaugh can be defeated and the Democrats retake the Senate (less than a 5% chance of those two both happening) then the equation changes altogether. If Democrats have a Senate majority then the new justice picked will likely be a more traditional - less overtly political - conservative.


Fully onboard. When I say hearings after-the-fact, I’m in no way suggesting that’s my preference, only that I see where they might be useful. Here’s another reason:

Otherwise, I want to see his vote delayed and I love the pressure Collins is getting (her Democratic colleagues too).


Taking up to ten senate seats?

When only 11 republicans seats are up for grabs?

How about you’re talking nonsense?


She’s clearly in fantasy land:


Excellent reply! I enjoyed reading it. But from my perspective, reforming the Democratic parties Corporate… elites is hopeless; however, I would love to be proven wrong! I do not have any better answers except to say I will do everything in my power to support the Green party, which may be also hopeless, but at least I have a clear conscience of supporting people like Dr. Jill Stein and not being a sucker and duped by the fake opposition party.



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H.E.A.L. AmerikaHelp Exterminate All Lawyers!!!


Having been polygraphed for jobs, I think they’re a blight and unneeded.
As an X-Catholic child I can only say there goes thousands of hours I’ll never get back.
As an X- Boy Scout I can only say I thank my lucky stars there were The Rockies, Mexico & The Oceans.
I’m registered NA ( Non-Affiliated ) in many things these days. Thanks for the offer, though.
Good luck to you.


Really? So you liberals are not guilty of complicity in supporting the Clinton travesty? You still close your eyes to the evident lies surfacing continuously as the FBI further investigates and finds dozens more Clinton classified documents on Weiner’s laptop? Did you buy into “What do you mean wiped the PC, with a dust cloth?” Her attempt to destroy classified email evidence (not quite successful, even with that silver hammer). Her lying to the world alongside then President Obama (shame on him for the same lies he spoke), about the Benghazi murders being caused by a comedic video that defamed Muslins, really? Shame on you for your hypocrisy, shame on you for being the lame and pointless Party of “no direction” but overwhelming foulmouth and unbelievable nastiness.

Saying Kavenaugh is lying because he offered his opinion to the “committee” by invitation to the conversation, while his participation is actually “no signator whatsoever” in the outcome of the decisions made… is no different than your Mom asking you:
What name would you choose for your aunt’s unborn baby based on who is it’s father and being a boy, a girl or undetermined gender?

-and you responding

Subject Re for 3rd (?) pregnancy:

“If it could be Boyle, Duncan and Hanes, they could be amenable. Needless to say we need to resolve (this) quickly. What is the basis for saying it will be undetermined gender, I have no reason to think that outside the adolescent confusion or gender fluid area— and I know others have questions about that”.

Everyone has an opinion, but only the ones who own the outcome by their right to officially decide and sign documentation, are responsible for the outcome. Kavenaugh had no signatory effect, only an opinion, and you know what they say about opinions- everyone has one, just like all these lame responses regarding impeachment for lying to Congress. Indeed, the opinion he gave was admitted to, while Kavenaugh denied having any decision making in the outcome, and that is what Congress has recorded about Kavenaugh’s statements under oath. Giving an opinion based on your experience, when asked, is not the same as being responsible for appointing anyone. Unless you are a liberal who needs to “First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye”.

Useless obstructionism. Fact check and use critical thinking, avoid being sheeple. Support your country instead if looking for ways to inflame hate and diversive behavior.


Kavanaugh is a stooge plain and simple. Despised for it by the left, and heralded for it by the right. G


Let’s hope the caring for the US, Dem. Senator’s trying to do their utmost to expose Lying Kavanaugh does some real, good in getting BK not to be on the Supreme Court. May their integrity result in No Kavanaugh


It is my understanding that if he were impeached, convicted, and removed from office, he could then be tried on criminal charges. But, I am no lawyer or serious student of this subject.


Lying while under oath!! He should go to jail! Total lack of respect for the LAW!