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Evidence Shows US Navy Ignored Sinking Ship as Migrants Drowned and Screamed for Help


“We came. We saw. He died. Cackle, Cackle Cackle.”
This is what the soulless witch joked when we attacked Libya and killed Gaddafi sending the country spiraling into a living hell. This is evil shit and they all think it’s cool.

Americans. What do they think? Yawn, What’s on tonight? This is a very fucked up society.


This is going to become a commonplace occurrence as Climate Change renders large parts of the world uninhabitable.


Both parties are responsible. In fact our whole government is, almost exclusively, made up of war criminals. Let’s wake up to that.


Libya was inhabitable and stable–so we attacked them–for wanting to control their own destiny. Don’t blame the migrations on climate change. They are mostly fleeing countries that we have brutally destabilized in order to steal from the local and indigenous populations.


Well I am aware that these migrations are mostly due to war but I am just saying it is only going to get much worse as climate change worsens.