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Evil Charlatan Mike Pence Is Jabbering About World AIDS Day and We Can't Even


Evil Charlatan Mike Pence Is Jabbering About World AIDS Day and We Can't Even

Another day, another preposterous charade by inept gangsters who don't seem to get the concept of irony, else why would they designate an ungodly homophobe, misogynist, bully and bigot to announce support for an HIV/AIDS program his boss tried to halt? Pence, who precipitated one of the country's worst HIV epidemics by being "morally opposed" to clean needles, praised those working with HIV/AIDS who have "put hands and feet on their faith," as long as it doesn't involve, ewww, you know, gay people.

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Now that they’re at loose ends, Trump will undoubtedly tap Jeff Sessions and Roy Moore to plan the annual White House MLK observance.


Well, I can’t even read another demonstration of opinion overshadowing journalism. I read the brief coverage of the event and can at least be glad that the legislation is to be signed.

I don’t like Pence any better than Zimet does, but if CD wants to be taken seriously, it has to leave the snarking to us in the forums.


I take CD seriously, and I enjoy Zimet’s shtick, knowing what I’m about to get. If she annoys you, I suggest with all due respect that you don’t read her.


Thank you, you just helped me understand how this phrase is now used rhetorically. But it doesn’t make me respect you either.


You misunderstand me. I was not being sarcastic. I simply object to your presuming to speak for all of us, and hoped to do so politely and not shut the door on further communication. One can but try.


Nope, there was no respect whatsoever in your telling me to go away, and there’s no grounds for presumption that I speak for anyone but myself.


Put a sock in it snowflake.


Love that edited photo of Pence with lightning/energy streaming out of his eyes.
It’s so, well . . . . accurate and truth telling.


So are you going to continue reading and commenting on Zimet’s articles?

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Geez, Barb, what bit you? As the daughter of a Twain scholar, I thought the piece and its informative links were great!

Sure, we’re all glad the legislation, what’s left of it, will move forward, but isn’t part of journalism’s role to show hypocrisy and history?

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I wonder if Mr. Pence knows that in most of the world, heterosexuals have the most aids. Although, I’ve heard that Mr. Pence won’t be in any room where he is alone with a woman. I guess then that maybe he has heard about heterosexual aids.