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"Evil Is Fine Now": Google Ditches "Don't Be Evil" in Company Code of Conduct


"Evil Is Fine Now": Google Ditches "Don't Be Evil" in Company Code of Conduct

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Is Google finally embracing its evil side?


You can’t live by the motto “Don’t be Evil” when you work for the US govt. today. It’s just not possible.


Yup. D/C’ed Facebook three years ago and Google a year ago. Not missing either. Yes, the little things I can do make me feel better. Well, back to the expansion of our rooftop solar system…


Microsoft, Apple, Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Amazon.

If you’re seeing this comment, they probably own your identity.


Because it actually is evil. Don’t think they’re not helping the gov track people and ultimately torture and disappear people. Facebook too.


We’ve been warned. Just as we were when Bannon announced in 2017 that Don’s Cabinet nominees were chosen for their ability “to deconstruct the administrative state.” Rexxon did a great job of that at State.


Exactly. It is evil. I recently learned (can’t vouch for source) that Google is interested in mining asteroid belts.


Without doubt the greatest corporate motto ever, bar none. Born of great hope and innocence, dead at the hands of capitalism and corporate greed. They no longer could stomach their own hypocrisy and people throwing their own ideal in their faces. How Ironic is that???