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Evil Is Real: George Bush Is Making Millions Off His Crimes


Evil Is Real: George Bush Is Making Millions Off His Crimes

The empire staggers on. Obama sends more senseless troops to Iraq, revisionists proclaim the "courage" of those who trashed it, and W, accomplishing his mission of “replenishing the ol’ coffers,” is raking in millions with $175,000 speeches - including one to a homeless shelter - to people who seem to think he has something to say. David Jay really does. Lest we forget, his huge photos of mangled veterans - "We need to see them because we created them" - is what Bush wrought.


It is a sad comment on our citizens to know that people would pay money to listen to a war criminal like bush. I know he has been declared a war criminal in one nation and he is afraid to travel outside of the United States for fear he would be arrested and put on trial for his war crimes.

It is just as sad to know that the citizens of this nation are going to have another meaningless elections where we only get to choose between candidates put up by one corrupt political party or the candidate put up by the other equally corrupt political party. When are we going to wise up and stop voting for these two parties and find some decent moral people to run who promise to vote as directed by their constituents?


May our next war be against catastrophic climate change due to global warming due to burning way too much fossil fuel.


Actually, I think it is worse than the Third Reich. The Fourth Reich has far more sophisticated technology to track and remove people than Himmler ever had. We have the largest and most ruthless Wehrmacht the world has ever seen, and where Hitler more or less had to stay in his own bailiwick, the US Fourth Reich has the power to go anywhere, attack anyone, whenever it wishes. That includes the territory of the United States Fourth Reich any time it feels threatened by its own people.


Americans will accept any atrocity as long as its wrapped in the flag and the cross.


Are you not aware of the Green Party? (GP.org) When you vote Green, you tel the Ds and Rs, neither of the above


I used to vote for the Green Party. But I was not allowed to vote in the Democrat or Republican primaries in my state unless I registered with one of the two major parties. After having lived through many Bush years, I decided I could not stand it any more, registered Democrat and voted for Progressive Democrats, Libertarians and Greens in a mixed ballot. Neoliberal Democrats are bad news, but not nearly as bad as the lying, cheating, murdering Republicans. I will keep voting for the most progressive candidates in a mixed ballot with a clear conscience.


Trouble is, there is nobody more savagely neoliberal-capitalist than a so-called US-style “libertarian”.


Someone need to leak the information out about these Bush appearances. Since he mostly appears at trade association meetings of rich people, than surely there are employee of these rich people - the receptionists and guy/gal Fridays, find out about it. With sufficient advance information on his appearances, let’s just say that “certain actions” can be planned at one of his speeches.

Can you imagine the global jubilation that would ensue?


“Murdering innocent people to move a political point of view has been, is, and always will be evil.”
This one statement proves the idiot is RETARDED! No more shrubs in the White House!


They can’t, and nobody should try to make them do it. Their denial is the only thing keeping them going – they have to believe it was worth it, otherwise ca. 90% would collapse into depression and death.

That’s one thing we need to remember when we begin our move to take over: no matter how big the Crimes Against Humanity Clinton, Bush, and Obama committed, the grunts, especially those who were injured, need to have our compassion and respect. To give them less would just screw them a second time to no purpose.


People who are genuinely retarded would say that, but unlike Bush they’re truly decent, nice people and wouldn’t be lying.


The system creates evildoers and reward the most evil.


I’m waiting for a left-libertarian candidate to vote for. I voted for right-libertarian Ron Paul only because I thought the great parts of his platform outweighed the terrible parts of it.

It stands to reason that if we continually vote for the lesser evil, the evil will be progressively lessened until in the end, only the good remains. If we don’t vote, Big Money evildoers win.


When a crime is committed without justice it only makes for more of the same crimes going unpunished. Justice is not served to those who are ‘above the law,’ but works very well for those of us who are ‘below the law.’ The entire Justice system is up-side-down. When little girls are served notices for having a lemonade stand then there really isn’t any justice, just gun-toting, mean-hearted individuals wearing uniforms and others who are lucky enough to get elected (appointed) and can do as they please. I have to wonder if any of them ever review the results of their hubris, not only the number of dead and the number of maimed, the number of suicides, but the vast number of displaced persons who have no home left to return to. Oh, Yeah, it pays more to be charming and attempt to justify to yourself that you did good.


Sure, some percentage will be able to be furious. But the majority won’t for broadly the same reason the majority find it very hard to accept that they’ve been lied to by government officials: it’s terrifying. When it’s the government effing you over, to whom can you turn? Or, in the current instance, if you lost your face and/or important body parts because you’ve been lied to about how important the war was, aren’t you a fool for ever believing them? They walk away laughing, counting the money your injuries gained them, while you’re wrecked for life.

Among others, Hitler wrote about how it works: ordinary people tell small lies and have a huge problem believing that anyone would be so rotten as to tell huge lies. And even when the truth comes out, they continue to think there must be some other explanation. People don’t want to believe the worst.

In psych, it’s called the “sweet lemon” response, the counterpart of the “sour grapes” story from Aesop. When it costs you a lot to get an unknown fruit, and it turns out to be a lemon, you tell everyone including yourself that you like lemons because otherwise you’ve paid something for nothing.

People voted for Obama because he lied. Yet even after they had 4 years of him, many voted for him again! They made excuses for themselves, but they nevertheless again voted for him.

For some, yeah. Not for everyone, or even the majority.


Just because George W. Bush was and continues to be awful, we shouldn’t forget that his brother Jeb is awful too. That isn’t automatic but happens to be the case.

Someone else can find more resonant ways to skewer the Zomblican Jeb than what I offer here, viz., that somewhere an old English instructor is all winced up with eyes mere lines in the shape of miniature frowns or else is turning in his or her grave.

The reason? Jeb’s never changing decision, initially made scores of years ago, to side with Roger Chillingworth and Governor Bellingham in THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne rather than with Arthur Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne.


What I don’t get is how these groups are smart enough to earn enough cash to be able to pay George $100,000 for an afternoon talk, and dumb enough to not know that he is so damaged by his poor decisions that nothing can be gained by listening to him, or, paying him to further his agenda.


Evil is real. W, his father, the Clintons & Obama should be prosecuted at the ICC. The money Bush is raising should be used to give the nations they destroyed Marshall Plans. Several years ago, there was a picture of W with an idiotic grin on his face. He should be sent to the ICC and spend the rest of his life staring at that picture.


My son is retarded so I know “they’re truly decent, nice people” but the shrub is such a waste of space, and when the article quoted his comment I truly couldn’t stop myself. :persevere: