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Eviscerated Weddings and the American Way of War


Eviscerated Weddings and the American Way of War

Tom Engelhardt

Here’s a what-if that continues to haunt me. What if some disturbed “lone wolf,” “inspired” by the Islamic State’s online propagandists, went out with an assault rifle or two and -- San Bernardino-style -- shot up a wedding, killing the bride and killing or wounding many others at the ceremony? Let’s posit as well the sort of casualties that did come out of the San Bernardino attack: 14 dead and 22 wounded. It doesn’t take a prophet or a media expert to know what the results would be: steroidal San Bernardino-styl


" Disturbed lone wolf."
That narrative has been used over and over again. If some wedding party was attacked in the US it would more likely be a wolf on loan!

Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, and Hinkley were supposedly all " lone wolfs". 9/11 was supposedly instigated by some disturbed lone wolfs probably on loan to the CIA !


Would it be OK for us to blow up a bank full of customers, here in the US if there was a criminal inside holding hostages?


I think a lot would depend on whether the customers in that bank poor and black or white and rich.


Were I born, raised, and to reside in Yemen (et al.), being male and old enough to hold a rifle, President Obama could bugsplat me without a second thought. "Tuesdays with Barack"...


I am a proponent of the "follow the money" admonition. BUT, I would encourage expansion of that exploration to include what we might call an economy of culture. In that the form of capitalism being imposed is predatory, is it any wonder that, for instance, drones bear naming patterns like 'predator'?

Predation could be said to be the effort to acquire by elimination. Its even built into the economic metrics intensified by the 'Chicago boys' called 'externalized costs'. The societal acceptance of this premise, attempting to go global, flies, both literally and figuratively, in the face of the billions of people who now KNOW that THEY/WE have been 'targeted' (there is that twisted predatory thinking again) to be 'externalized'/eliminated from consideration.

In other words another admonition applies: That which we do unto others we face in constantly evolving methods, being done to ourselves.

The westernized 'middle class' has always been the bastion of cultural commodification and distractions fomented by the advertising/media industry. Interesting to consider that the Latin root of 'advertise' is 'to warn'.

The middle class and the assiduously manipulated desires and life projects has always been the moving 'target'. First for the largess of crumbs and promises, just as long as those confined as static 'underclass' targets of extraction/elimination can be controlled. When the genius of human spirit connects the dots, the 'middle class' then begins to see how readily the 'perks' begin to disappear. The latter being done through fraud so massive that it cowers those so carefully 'captured' in the middle. Its pretenses are that of a virtually mythical 'invisible hand' applying a five finger discount to the value all that actually lives. Like a blind monster it cannot see much less conceive of the integral natural importance of all that it extracts from and kills.


Yes indeed, our liberal president is dropping bombs on weddings all over the world. Nice. And we do care very deeply about what is being done in our name it just isn't on the corporate main stream media. We want it stopped just like we wanted the Viet Nam war stopped. But, sadly, war is profitable and it's all about the money these days on both sides of the Isle.
The Bush administration was horrible. Destabilized the Middle East but look what Obama and Clinton have done. More drone strikes, more countries, more of everything we elected Obama to change. No, it doesn't matter which one is president anymore, the agenda is set. Unless we elect Bernie this isn't going to stop. Clinton is a war hawk so there's no hope there and actually Trump has said a few things that sounded less aggressive (probably by mistake). Viva la revolution!