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Evo Morales Alleges 'Coordinated Operation With US' as Bolivian Military Massacres Protestors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/20/evo-morales-alleges-coordinated-operation-us-bolivian-military-massacres-protestors


"The United States applauds the Bolivian people for demanding freedom and the Bolivian military for abiding by its oath to protect not just a single person, but Bolivia’s constitution," U.S. President Donald Trump

  1. “United States” does not mean you, Trump, along with your fascist CIA. Millions of us denounce you and your regime change support. Tulsi Gabbard: Where the hell are you? Pope Francis where the hell are you?

  2. Bolivian people?? The majority of whom are indigenous and whose land, life ways, spiritual life, and their very lives are in question, did not ask to have their leader removed. Look to your own citizens and stop interfering in the sovereign rights of other nations.

  3. Constitutions are not sacred documents. If they were, why did the US add so many amendments?

  4. “Freedom” at the very least is the right to choose one’s limitations within the framework of the limits of ecosystems and this means no to exploitive neoliberal systems of extractions. It does not mean irresponsibility toward others and our common support systems. Take you laissez-faire and shove it.


“Tell the lawyers” angel-with-a-halo Bolton (ahem) being lionized as bold hero of [ethics?!] in the insanity pleas, I mean impeachment hearings, positioning pre-economic ‘collapse’ (global economic coup) by a system that requires alters of bloody sacrifice all the world over to gorge its wastrel insensate humping as it murders humans and any other creatures that get in its way. Think about it. Is this really hyperbole?

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Today the thugs say “Bolivia belongs to Jesus” as they slaughter indigenes. 'Twas ever thus, ever since Jesus came to America. Part of the problem here is our failure to properly come to terms with that plain fact. In my part of the world, it began with enslavement and genocide centered in our historic California missions. We don’t tell our children the truth about what happened, about the genocidal blood on our hands, and in this way, with this silence, keep the genocide rolling for centuries.


The US Peasants don’t realize this is what will happen to them if they dare demand change in the streets. The hick town police departments are not armed with military heavy assault weapons and vehicles to patrol for burglars. The trillion dollar a year ‘Homeland Insecurity Department’ is for the protection of the plutocrats and oligarchs. Murderous Fascist Dictators, financed, supported by US military and US tax payer debt, is the standard play book.

You will not be seeing these events on MSM as it is more important to watch criminals ‘reporting’ on criminals investigating criminals.


Ni estan todos los que son,
ni son todos los que estan.

It’s the John Bolton/ Debbie Wasserman Schultz connection?

The fate of your screen is guaranteed—it will be replaced with indium from the Potosí deposits. And the benefits of that sale will not go to improving the well-being of Bolivia’s indigenous population; they will enrich the transnational firms and the old oligarchy of Bolivia.

The Coup in Bolivia Has Everything to Do With the Screen You’re Using to Read This
by Vijay Prashad


Bolivian death squads trained at the school of the Americas. What’s the big deal? We support it with our taxes.


then the US peasants had better decide what submission is worth, because there are a lot of ways to kill people that don’t involve guns or tanks.

and the US is a master at most of them.

no monster is immortal. no ruler is unassailable.


The neo-fascist right-wing in Bolivia is committing a genocide - much as we once saw in Guatemala, and elsewhere, repressing, oppressing, and exterminating indigenous native inhabitants and “leftist” opponents.
The extension of the European “explorer” genocide of the Inca civilization (and others) continues. The toothless and day-late UN mumbles “concern” while the genocide plays-out with US regime collusion and support. USAN ( Union of South American Nations) is crumbling as the right-wing PROSUL ( Forum for the Progress and Development of South America) focuses on repression of civil and native rights, and capitalist “development” (read exploitation) and the rule of wealth and the oligarchy, not civil rights, land reform, official corruption, or a legal code that recognizes the native cultures across the Andes and beyond.

The trump regime and its right-wing agenda has supported and praised Brazil’s bolsonaro, led the 'sanctions" and coup in Venezuela, and no doubt has its tentacles in the Bolivian coup and resulting violent repression.

While bolsonaro burns the Amazon and exterminates Amazonian tribes, the other right-wing forces in the area execute their long-held plans to return to power. The trump regime is the center of this cancer and its metastases of violence and genocide; a return to death squad atrocities and pushing political opponents out of helo’s over the ocean.

The crimes and influence of trump regime extremism to support others dedicated to dictatorship and rule by wealth as a result of coups and political machination by the US is a crime against humanity - a crime of vast proportions that will not tragically make it to the impeachment play.


Are you telling us that WE, the US interferes in other countries’ politics??? Elections???
Tell me ain’t so!
I’m Shocked. Shocked I say!!!

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When did Morales ever have right wingers gunned down?
but rightwingers gunning down their political enemies is acceptable?
What ever happened to “Thou shalt not kill?”
fking hypocrites those right wingers are.


What’s happened and happening in Bolivia is a horror tale, of course. On another level it strikes me as a kind of trailer for a movie that may soon be appearing in streets near you (us)–except, not a movie.

Perhaps we can entertain the idea of fucking up South America AFTER we get through with the middle-east.

Waiting for Gabbard. This controversial play has been moved from an off-off Broadway cozy little theatre, in Alternative Mediatown, to a two car garage somewhere in Honolulu. If you purchased tickets and/or otherwise financially supported the lead actress, Ms. Honey Pie Hawaii; well shucky darn, she thanks you for everything. However, no refund will be forthcoming.

Totally agree! Well said.

Your post reminds me of the great line from the movie Casablanca, where the local head of the police says about the local nightclub: " I am shocked to hear that gambling is going on here"…and then he is handed his winnings.

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This is story people need to know .
As I have said many times here .
Most of the problems in our world are created by the people who think they know what god wants and needs.
Have we noticed that ?
The interpretation of our old books is the problem dominion has been used to mean domination .
For more reading a great resource is the book .
Communion With God. The 10 illusions of Humans .
Time to end the self inflicted nightmare.

If God would say one thing to humans she would say you have got me all wrong.

SA is a work in progress, since the early 20th century.