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Evo Morales Calls for 'Truth Commission' to Expose Deceitful Role of US-Backed OAS in Bolivia Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/20/evo-morales-calls-truth-commission-expose-deceitful-role-us-backed-oas-bolivia-coup


Clearly the coup was highly orchestrated and the US and OAS are up to their necks in their own filthy guilt.


The US/CIA is constantly engaged in a battle against truth – and Empire/MIC.

Our own citizens are totally disgusted with these discoveries as the myths of our
“democratic” government, our “people’s” government have gone over a cliff –
and we find ourselves being led by fascists who torture humans by taking them to
other countries and then by setting up their own system of torture at Abu Ghraib under
the CIA, and support torture by Saudis of the journalist Khashoggi –

as our fascist government murders women, children, families using video screens and
targets on them and showing no mercy and then complains when courageous journalists
allow citizens to see the videos – and know the truth.

And at home, caging children and imprisoning parents for seeking asylum in the US.


Great letter. “The American public tends to shine in its radical ignorance…” Put to sleep by a corporate media feeding the masses a steady diet of propaganda , infotainment and pure crap. Also, most will put their hands over their ears when confronted with the truth. A defense mechanism to prevent anything from threatening one’s worldview.


Yes, but nothing new because this has been going on for many years in Central and South America. General Smedley Butler in 1935:
" I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped in the raping of a half dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street."


The Pope a part of a “truth commission”? Isn’t that about as reliable as having the OAS investigate election fraud?

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Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins understands:


‘I will always be on the side of those who have nothing and who are not even allowed to enjoy the nothing they have in peace.’
(Federico Garcia Lorca)


Hi Harry-Pjotr:

Wow thanks----- that was a great quote, and so perfect for the world of the 21st century too! : )


Beat me to it.
And add the School Of The Americas starting in 1946 training Central American Pro Wall Street Dictators and death squads

SOTA at the United States Department of Defense Institute located at Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia,


Make that the Fascist School Of The Amerika’s!


This commission will never happen because those that orchestrated it are not interested in the truth.

Remember back to those days just after 9/11. The Government of Afghanistan offered to turn Osama bin Laden over to a third party Country for trial as long as the United States of America gave evidence that he was behind those attacks. George W Bush turned this offer down outright. In spite of what The US Government claimed , that being the Afghan Government would not bargain in “good faith” (as if the US Government has EVER done that) , the only plausible explanation for that rejection was the case for war on Afghanistan was premised on lies. Just as the war on Iraq turned out to be and just as justification for this Coup in Bolivia is premised on lies.

They do not want the people to know the TRUTH. The Empire of lies would collapse.


The USA Empire is going to collapse anyway, that’s a given at this point. All the earlier ones did and this one is no different than any of the others…besides the technology, the toxic byproducts of that tech (that includes climate collapse), and the absolute insanity of worldwide population levels. Just the latter reason is enough, the rest just makes sure we take the entire ecosystem with us when we do crash. Too bad for all other living things, our companion species that evolved with us, eh? But we don’t care. We’re too stupid to live.

Anybody else why any space-faring species haven’t stopped by to say hello? Well…

I recommend that everyone sit down and watch the live George Carlin dvd ‘Life is Worth Losing’ as it nails everything we are living right this moment. If he was still alive…his head would probably be exploding over psychotic Hillary and deranged Trump and the rest of the broken minds of the Oligarchy that rules this freaking little mudball of a planet since he stepped through the curtain outa here.

He always spoke truth to power. Revisit his wisdom and weep for our reality a little bit. Keeps the mind healthy I think. And Molly Ivens…and…you know the list of the dead good people.

And yes S De P, I would be seriously surprised if this commission every came into being. Unless of course they put in talented people like…ummmm…Dick Cheney?

s/ (in the worst way possible)



"A defense mechanism to prevent anything from threatening one’s worldview. "
A defence mechanism to prevent anything from threatening one’s conformism.

If you haven’t already, the documentary “180 Degrees South” (Youtube) is a must see.

Interesting that Evo has called on Pope Francis - probably his country’s best hope.

Of course the US never liked Morales, accusing him of being a “leftist”, which is the same thing they say about all indigenous styles of government.

Agree – the “Impeachment” based merely on trying to get “dirt” on Biden is

What about the Mueller Report where he made clear his hands were tied by Barr’s
personal opinion about prosecuting a sitting president.

Mueller turned it over to the Congress for their action – Pelosi ignored it – or was
that my imagination?

Can you imagine what the GOP would be doing if Obama had done anything like this?

I mean just look at them breaking into the Hearing room – ?

How about if the GOP couldn’t get Obama’s income tax reports?

Or Obama wasn’t allowing members of his administration to testify?

Pelosi could care less as far as I can see – her biggest concern is getting
rid of the liberals riding her in Congress to pay attention to Global Warming and
Medicare4All –

She’ll be happy when it’s over –