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Evo Morales Says He Is 'Absolutely Convinced' US Led Coup in Bolivia to Exploit Lithium Reserves

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/25/evo-morales-says-he-absolutely-convinced-us-led-coup-bolivia-exploit-lithium


That makes two of us !

Thinking back to the complete destruction and then takeover of Canada’s nascent aerospace industry after WW 2 - the world’s first commercial jetliner, and at the time, the world’s finest jet interceptor, the Avro Arrow.

Now I see Canada’s new naval fleet is being built by US companies.

Just the way it is.

Soon water from Canada will be flowing south I imagine.

Just one big happy family - only it ‘don’t exactly feel dat way’.

“Might for Right” - the diff between Luke & Vader ~


No doubt that Elon Musk was in on it too… The coup and installation of this extremist-fascist collaborator regime is right out of El Manual Clásico del Imperialismo Yanqui…

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I was a little taken back when I read the line… “but it is not yet clear whether the White House played a direct or indirect role in Morales’ ouster”. Really? What about the tapes of Rubio and Cruz pledging support for the coup with Bolivian officials? What about the fact that the OAS members have been hand picked to represent right wing multinational motives?
A lesson here for all countries that fear the U.S. will snatch their democratically elected government at the drop of a pin: Don’t buy expensive weapons for the military. Instead get the military to train all civilians in the art of guerrilla warfare with caches of weapons in each community that are easily accessible to the public in case a coup is attempted. Let the military know that the people must be trained to defend their country from such threats.
Venezuela has been taking this approach which has successfully thwarted attempts by the U.S. to reinstate the Venezuelan oligarchs and return he country to an impoverished slave nation that shows fealty to American corporations. The Venezuelan military is quite aware that a tiny percent of rich people there and abroad are willing to sacrifice the 99% to seize power. If the Bolivian leadership had prepared their countrymen for this coup, democracy might have survived the American led assault.


Herod the king in his raging
Charged he hath this day
His men of might in his own sight
All children young to slay

Then woe is me, poor child, for thee
And ever mourn and pray

–Coventry Carol


Just my opinion as an inventor, but taking water from Canada is a somewhat overblown idea. It will become rather cheap to solar-distill seawater, agricultural wastewater and sewage. Merry Christmas and export your low drug prices to the US.


No Christmas presents under the tree for Evo Morales.

Never heard about that about our take over of a Canadian industry but anything is plausible with US Empire. Most of the people I know are still rah! rah! USA and would not believe any of it. Thinks Socialism is the problem in these failing states not our threatening military for corporate and US interests raping and pillaging for minerals and all resources


This coup was a blessing for israhell since Morales declared that israhell was a terrorist state, broke off diplomatic relations with israhell and sided wholeheartedly with the plight of the Palestinians. Now that the right wing element of Bolivia has taken control, Bolivia has resumed normal relations with Nazi-zionism and encouraged israhell to train Bolivia’s police gestapo using similar tactics used by our own israhell trained pigs to quell demonstrations and shoot unarmed civilians. At least for now, Venezuela dodged a similar fate. The USA quietly surrendered to israhell a long time ago and look where the USA is at today.



I believe a reporter for Gray Zone reported that Trump’s daughter Ivanka was in NW Argentina shortly before the coup in Bolivia. Touring the fracking sites and spreading out the Welcome Mat for investors and the security personnel of Eric Prince, possibly?
She could of met with the usual suspects, or was just checking on the condition of the llama/alpaca pelts, for her new handbags/coat lines coming out in the spring of 2020.
I’m betting it was the condition of the pelts.


I’m a pilot, since 1975, and I had heard of the Avro Arrow. Then last year I did some serious research for the first time. It appears that a combination of British & American interests, and an easily manipulated and easily over-awed Canadian political class conjoined to permanently end an absolutely superb aerospace industry. Call it a ‘friendly takeover’. But we have never recovered. Canada used to build fine ships, from 'The Bluenose" on - not anymore.

I was in the Canadian oilpatch for eighteen some years, and watched helplessly as foreign interests, under the ever-present term globalization, more or less totally bought up our assets and took control of the delusionally named ‘Canadian Oil Industry’. You don’t even want to get me started on that !

I am not opposed to the idea of the United States at all, and I have traveled extensively throughout your magnificent country.

The idea of the United States and its actual operation are apparently two different things however, as Smedley Butler and others have found out the hard way.

What seems to have happened is that civilization rewards certain types of people - with money and power, who would never have attained high status in the tribal world.

It’s a problem - because it has led us here - to the brink of extinction.

In case you are interested - a link to the Avro Arrow and Avro Canada. About 25 of our top design team members went to the States after the dismemberment of Avro Canada, and a few, like Jim Chamberlin, were instrumental in the success of your Apollo Moon Project.


For pilots - an image is worth a thousand words:

CF-105 Avro Arrow

PS: We are building a flying replica of the Arrow at Springbank Airport, just west of Calgary. I’ve been out there and met the design team and the chief pilot. It’s 3/4 size, and made of fancy composits - but it is an awesome aircraft nonetheless.


Beautiful plane…

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The good news for Canada, and the rest of the world…This shit can’t go on much longer. There will be a point, where the rest of the world will say “enough!”, I believe that point is not far away. When it comes, the world will unite against us (I can’t blame them), and smoke the United States. Until then, the world has no chance to be free.


One of the most interesting interviews I’ve watched in years. Evo Morales is one intelligent individual.

Some excerpts from time = 39:25 on:

".…Imperialism and the capitalist system is not a solution for life, for humanity. Especially not for the new generations.

…I’m convinced that the capitalist system does not allow for socialist programs. What do they say? That the poor should save themselves however they can.

…They’re saying we should take the ideology out of the relationships with the international community, when what they want to do is ideologize right-wing politics, ideologize privatization. And that’s the difference between us and throughout the entire world. Who is with the people, and who is with the empire? Who is with the humble, the poor, and who sustains the economic power and places capital in a few hands? This is the profound debate that we are having throughout the Americas. That’s why these struggles and demands for change are going to continue, because the capitalist system will never resolve the demands of the majority. Capitalism leads to an increase in poverty, an increase in inequality. Our (socialist) governments have reduced this…"


Fear that “Great” Britain, France, Spain or even Germany might try a coup against The Colonies is why we have the Second Amendment to our Constitution.   Unfortunately, the “Well Regulated” part has been forgotten, and yuge numbers of arms are currently owned by the most adamant of the anti-regulation faction of our citizenry.

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Tweetle-Dumb, by doing everything he can to divide us, is unwittingly (or perhaps deliberately, at his puppet-master’s direction) bringing that day closer and is increasing the likelihood that the rest of the world will succeed in destroying most of our Multi-NaZional Korporations that are currently dominating the globe.

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I’ve met a lot of Americans - and I like you. Smoking the US would smoke a lot of decent people.

Like all systems - the central ideas and the people are A-OK - but somehow certain traits of our economic model operate to put what Teddy Roosevelt called people with ‘the money touch’ in charge of things. As @Callmeskeptical points out in those excerpts from Evo Morales - this appears all too true. Many reputable sources, including Thomas Piketty and Per Molander and Josepf Stiglitz - see this also.

In many travels, I’ve never found that people in general are ‘evil’.

We\ll get thru this - it takes average decent people a long time to realize they’ve been had - and longer still to turn things around.


Paul. There have been plans ion the works for years to pump & drain water from the north through BC to the US. The site C dam could be part of that scheme.

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Patriotism is drilled into the US citizens from grade school on.


Every country we invade in the name of democracy is really for the purpose of raping the country of their natural resources. Eco is right on.