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Evo Morales: South America Must Fight US Coups with 'Democractic Revolution'



Morales is correct. The U.S. has had it's pig snout in South America for years, trying to get rid of Democratic left leaning leaders. Honduras is one and now Brazil. Chavez got them out for a while but they won't quit. Typical divide and conquer tactics, to actually kidnapping a President. We need to get our politicians to understand we don't have rights in other countries. And we don't have rights to their oil, food, or anything else they don't want to include us in.
No doubt Clinton will be enforcing these horrific policies. She was involved in Honduras and supported the coup.


No military industrial complex (MIC) operative anywhere on earth will question whether Clinton has huevos after they see her put the hammer down on Latin America.


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Well I don't believe the US has the means to enforce it's corporate agenda militarily as it had back in the olden days. The USA empire is on a sharp decline hence very volatile and dangerous. US forces are spread thin across the globe unable to accomplish their stated objectives due mainly to corruption at the pentagon and all other government agencies. America can no longer project it's power as it is accustomed to because the American institution is rotten to the core. The people of Latin America can easily ignore Washington's dictates, stand firm against US corporations, unite and form their own economic system free from American influence, that will be one way to ensure their future prosperity.


It is a truly sad state of affairs, if every democratically elected government has to fear our intervention, if it does not please our overlords. Brazil's Dilma Rouseff was only the latest victim of 'our' long line of regime changes. It is safe to assume, that the corruption charges against her were trumped up, in order to install a truly corrupt government at America's pleasure.

It is up to us. This world cannot improve unless the prime trouble maker, the US, is stopped. That cannot happen from the outside. The US military is much too powerful and firmly under the control of our toxic rulers. We have to collapse the system from the inside, to safe the rest of the world and only a revolution can do that.


Can USians join the Democratic Revolution too? Or merge our nascent uprising with theirs? Ultimately, the revolution must be worldwide, while retaining local control and local culture. Look what the unruly citizens of France did. They went and shut down oil terminals over the government trying to force Neoliberal work rules on them, causing the country to have to use its reserves.

It's clear the Right-the authoritarians and fascists and neoliberals- are being very active in SA as well as elsewhere. It's going to take a lot to bring them to heel

Just as the US government collaborates with these anti-democratic forces worldwide, we must collaborate with our democratic counterparts in movements rising all over the world.


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