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Evoking ‘Spirit Of 9/12’ Was Once Crass Politics, But Not For Hillary Clinton


Evoking ‘Spirit Of 9/12’ Was Once Crass Politics, But Not For Hillary Clinton

Kevin Gosztola

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton urged Americans to recall the “spirit of 9/12” during her response to the massacre of 49 people by Omar Mateen on June 14. Such a call is deeply alarming, given how American Muslims were treated the day after the September 11th attacks.

It also is an expression, which has been affiliated with the Tea Party patriots of the right. Radio host Glenn Beck promoted a “9-12 Project” years ago and was widely mocked and scorned for using the tragedy of the attacks to advance his personal agenda.


She sure is predictable isn't she? Of course she will use this to advance her personal agenda! So will Trump.

I can't imagine Bernie acting in such a manner. Or Jill Stein.
This clearly demonstrates the difference between leaders who are compassionate, wise and not fueled by ego vs leaders who are narcissists and/or sociopaths.

I agree with Julian Assange when he stated:

“A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war . . . .

Hillary’s problem is not just that she’s war hawk. She’s a war hawk with bad judgement who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people. She shouldn’t be let near a gun shop, let alone an army. And she certainly should not become president of the United States.”



Those two aren't the best candidates. They're the ones picked by the establishment to preserve the status quo and continue to enrich the already rich.


The Page and Gilens Study PROVES that citizens' intentions have ZERO to do with public policy.

The TIPP and TPP show (that is, when portions of these secreted documents are revealed) that citizens' input is no longer considered part of the Trade Calculus. And since these "treaties" go way beyond trade, they also effectively shut out citizens' input on Environmental, Labor, and Constitutional Laws.

Over a million people protested the Iraqi war start-up; but anti-war voices were kept off of radio shows, TV shows, and excised from predominant print media.

Therefore, using the frame that "the nation" (as opposed to its elite handlers) went to war presupposes a level of Democratic engagement that ceased to exist some time ago.

"The nation did not reflect on U.S. support for regimes, which brutally crush dissent and anger Arab populations. It did not assess how backing Israel’s occupation of Palestine or harsh sanctions in Iraq contributed to hatred of American superpower. Instead, President Bush signed an authorization for the use of military force, which set the stage for perpetual war on and away from any declared battlefields."

For proof of just how felonious prior processes of would-be Democracy have become, look no further than the graft, malfeasance, and machinations that have given Hillary the Democratic nomination against the actual odds and in contravention to the TRUE sentiments of those who voted... or tried to vote.

The nation's military head honchos and neocons didn't reflect. Many of US did. But the power calculus foreclosed on the objections of those who saw right through the events starting with the False Flag used to "FIX" a case FOR war.

So called critics focus on the military "not winning wars" rather than the fact that these wars are violations of The Geneva Conventions and therefore constitute Crimes Against Humanity. Furthermore, when the authors of these doctrines of destruction are called to the mat, the best they can say is "mistakes were made."

These were not mistakes. Every nation in the Middle East that's not just been attacked, but systemically brought to ruin fulfills part of a published agenda. It's known as "The Project For a New American Century"; and it can be no accident (or mistake) that its protocols call for the destruction of the very same nations that in fact have been torn apart by wars started on absolutely felonious grounds.

But still, the Neocons, like the MIC chieftains who presided over the Vietnamese war insist that the nation remain on the track that THEY have set... paddling through the Big Muddy.

These people should be hung (after a trial about as fair as the one given to Chelsea Manning) right outside the Hague as a deterrent to any other nation's would-be leaders who think they have a right to destroy the world under the guise of protecting (as if!) one nation.


I assume you realize that this Shillary/Donald outcome is anything BUT organic.

Donald was given millions of dollars worth of FREE advertising.

Sanders was kept out of the spotlight for most of the time; and when he was given limelight, typically the media talking heads referred to him as a loser, sore loser, or otherwise misrepresented his actual positions.

How many states had inaccurate vote counts or obstructed voters from voting to arrive at the "Hillary won" forced outcome?

Earlier I listened to a very interesting interview on Public Radio that explained how Republicans hired Map Specialists. And in key states, they used these map specialists to set up voting districts that would basically make it possible for 33% of citizens to create a majority Republican representation. This was done in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and several southern states.

The guest (whose name escapes me) explained that this wicked strategy allotted absolutely disproportionate Republican control to state houses AND the U.S. Senate (and Congress). He also explained that what's been put in place will keep Democrats from controlling Congress and many state houses even if a Democrat (and I fully recognize that Hillary Clinton is no improvement over a Republican, essentially BEING one) wins the Presidency. Furthermore, that the way the Republicans GAMED the rules means that it will take painstaking work to return the nation to a FAIR system of representation.

Public radio wouldn't say the book's title... I presume it starts with that most favored status 4-letter word.

Between the wrongdoing that gave Hillary the title, and the Republican (no doubt all this was funded by Pete Petersen, ALEC and the Koch Brothers) control status unfairly commandeered; I don't want to hear the usual forum parrots try to put THIS on voters.

This is how the Control State held by the 1% makes voting little more than ornamental. As Sheldon Wollin explained, it's part of the illusion that keeps the semblances of Democracy in place when what's really running operations are those who work the levers in an Inverted Totalitarian System.

From the article:

"The country desperately needs a system of background checks and gun control policies to ban assault weapons. Yet, reforms do not stand a chance of making more than a minor impact if the politics of empire continue to be promoted by leaders like Clinton."

I fully agree with the above statement. After all, when Mars Rules, the fish rots from the head and the rot MUST stop there.


Good 'un, Sue!


Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation has received nearly $50 million from major mid-eastern countries (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and more)
The so called progressive feminist must be clueless as to how these countries treat women, gays, and those of differing faiths.
No- of course she knows about their human rights violations- but she doesn't care.
In return these countries have bought influence, received military aid, purchased military weapons and more.
And she's still taking their money!
Statistical average of dislike for candidates: Trump 61%, Clinton 56%.
The only candidate with a net favorable- Bernie!
So to those Hillary supporters who can ignore the facts, the corruption, the influence peddling remember NOBODY gives millions and millions without expecting (and getting) something in return.


Well said, no more needed. False flag is a term I don't hear often regarding 9-11 but it was indeed what was needed to kick off this perpetual war.


Your narratives are always narrowly streamlined to push particular agendas, and this is no different.

To downplay the seriousness of the TRAUMA inflicted by 911; add to the cover-up that insists it was not an Inside Job; leave out the constant media drums beating for war as justice (in the guise of retaliation); leave out the Anthrax letters used to further drive fear home... and then EXTRACT from this cognitive menage of mind control that the public went along...

This is why I challenge your political views and TRUE identity.

You are a "handler." You're here to herd everyone back into the preexisting box; and that box is defined by what's good for the Establishment.

Your slur (below) places all Americans essentially into a Trump-style camp. As if everyone is or was pro-war. It also blurs the line between REAL Defense (which would improve the security and status of a sovereign people) and that which is done to boost bank loan profits, advance the interests of the MIC, and produce gargantuan profits for corporations like Halliburton:

"It doesn't take much to "unite" this nation if you're willing to slaughter people of color and steal their land and resources."

I think you're trained in dis-information but FEIGN Leftist stances in order to hold a position in this forum. Or as the late Michael Ratner put it---

"You either side with the abused or with the executioner."

Since the PUBLIC was on the receiving end of Mass Trauma--added to a completely deceptive mass media machine, and you pretend that the public had agency based on actual (and true) information, and THEN presumably went along with the Bush Junta's already planned and ready to launch wars, it's obvious WHO you are protecting.

I think you had Jesuit training, too.


There is SO much information now from so many reputable sources that it is obviously an Inside Job.

David Ray Griffin being one of those sources.

I am halfway through Ole Dammegard's book on the assassination of the Prime Minister of Sweden. This predated 911 but the guy was a proponent of Peace and he probably had to be "gotten out of the way" to help pave the path to the eventual global war on terrorism... which really is a slick PR campaign designed to spread dangerous weaponry, fatten the U.S. MIC, and reduce the global population... all under the guise of "security measures."

I had heard Mr. Dammegard explaining that ALL False Flags follow the same template and his evidence was compelling. The lone gunman, that the area is staked out ahead of time, the perpetrators escape but there's a patsy in place, the media is given the boilerplate official story which is repeated often, the necessary govt. leaders go along with the Big Show, the public is terrified.

Predictably, what comes next is a further diminishing of Civil Liberties and a beefing up of the DOMESTIC police state.

There is always a percentage of people that knows what's going on but they have difficulty convincing their more naive peers when the main arteries of media condemn THEM (as is the scenario in blaming ANY who reveal truths the powers don't want known: Manning, Snowden, Assange, etc.) and insist that their views are wild conspiracy theories.

It's sad when noted thinkers go along. And many do. Tough to know if they do so to preserve their podiums and retain their voices in print or other media, or if they really believe the lies told often?

The fake election pushing Hillary forward.

The way Big Pharma just blocked the film VAXXED from its showing at Tribeca (and ruined the reputation of the scientist from the Centers For Disease Control who exposed the truth)

The way both parties now crucify any brave souls who challenge their Programs

The way that all money (created as well as earned) is being sent to the top of the financial pyramid

The way police are battering members of the Black community with impunity

The way gun violence erupts on a regular basis, but NEVER is there any curtailment to the sale of automatic weapons

The way 1 in 5 women are raped at colleges but judges like that misogynistic imp in California, view the matter as problematic to the boys' future career prospects!

The way a city like Detroit (or was it Flint?) can send toxic water into peoples' homes and pretend the water is safe to drink.

The way treaties that STEAL jobs are still marketed to the American people as being job creators.

From all of the above and more, it's clear that the people running things daily demonstrate their disdain for human beings (and nature).

They kill as a way of life.

Listening to Obama's paean to the people killed in Orlando when HE presides over a Tuesday Drone Kill List is so sickening, it isn't funny.

There are those who think these sociopaths' killing urge stops at the U.S. shoreline. It doesn't. They had to take out a lot of people (911) in order to unleash the type of mass trauma that would enable them to launch their DIABOLICAL plans.

That's why when posters like "Tom Johnson" work to make the problem into that of those people gullible enough to have not understood how they were being played, rather than those DOING the plays... it makes me very angry.

THAT is how disinformation works. It transposes onto the public the acts of the perpetrators of serious crimes.

If the basis of law was such that innocent people in a community were blamed for what an actual gunman did... the entire structure of Law would be inverted.


True. Few governments represent the people in any way at all. A functioning, practical democracy requires an informed sceptical populace who can read between the lines of official propaganda, suspicious of undeserving authority, ready to rebel and protest, quick to ingore ridiculous official instrusions on normal, daily life. Rulers must find practical solutions which mirror their people's needs or face oblivion on all levels. China is a good example and their practical democracy, while flawed and still developing, has brought meteoric success to raise living standards and mass popular approval. Also please refrain from anti-Catholic Jesuit bashing. To name duplicitous actions and false thinking as jesuitical is ridiculous, demeaning, and divisive.


I'm sorry, Kevin. I couldn't finish your article.

I'm am getting so sick of Hillary Clinton I am finding my tolerance of reading anything about her vanishing- even when the article is critical of her.

I don't see how I can handle almost five more months of this.

I don't know how you do it, continue to report on this horrible person. I hope you are taking care of yourself and getting stress reduction and support so it doesn't burn you out.

Thank you.


I am able to report and write about the real Hillary Clinton, not the fabled political figure who has "made history" after the Democratic Party and her campaign foisted her upon us, because spreading the truth helps me maintain my sanity.

These pieces are also tremendously important to those who want to speak with clarity and take decisive action for a "political revolution," which the Sanders campaign has worked to make possible. We must know where Clinton stands as a politician so we do not give her a chance to get things done or make the mistake of thinking she will be receptive to our calls for social change.

Clinton and her Democratic allies will oppose us. She won't support abolishing superdelegates, ending closed primaries, or other measures to further democratize elections. She is not going to endorse free college tuition or free universal healthcare. She won't cut ties to wealthy campaign contributors. That makes any struggle more difficult, but by being able to prove this to citizens, bold actions can be taken without the concern that Clinton will do an about-face and sabotage us.


Well, I'm glad you do it. It's good for all of us that your sanity is increased by telling the truth. I think that might be the definition of a prophet, in the liberal sense, one who must speak truth to power.

Today I feel a little bit more able to handle her. Yesterday I had just been overwhelmed with stuff in FB, HuffPost comments and Truth Dig comments. The trolls (paid or volunteer) are out in full force with their garbage and condescending put downs of those who don't fall in line.


I dealt with a few Clinton supporters, who were upset that I made a statement mocking the idea that it was ever difficult to openly express support for Hillary. Apparently, we're to believe they struggled and now with Bernie unable to win the nomination they can come out of the shadows. It's ridiculous. But when I said that, I was hit with a number of people who tried to claim I could not say that because I was a white man.

There is no intellectual decency or honesty when it comes to someone, who operates like that. You have to reflect their words right back at them and make them confront their behavior. It is the only way to get them to back off.


So true it gives me a case alright. Did you see the 9-11 Truther's films? They played on a few channels for a while. They examine the demolitions of the buildings, the fuel from the air planes and just about everything that clearly shows how they pulled it off. I was shocked they were even played but they sure got to the truth with testimony from engineers, pilots, and so forth. I think Orlando was a false flag I think too. (Just what Hillary needed to be righteous in her intentions to escalate the wars.) Witness said some man was holding the exit door closed and wouldn't let people out. The FBI probably set this guy up and helped him do it.