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Evoking the Wrath of Nature


Evoking the Wrath of Nature

Chris Hedges

MOUNT WASHINGTON, N.H.—The wind on the peak of Mount Washington—the East Coast’s highest point, where some of the most erratic and treacherous weather in the world occurs—reached 60 miles an hour the day I was there with my family. Backpackers huddled in the biting chill next to large boulders or congregated in the lobby of a snack bar and gift shop that extract money from the thousands of tourists who ride the cog railroad or drive up the auto road from the base of the mountain each summer.


The planet will survive even if human technology turns it into another Venus.

Take some action before the Last Hours:

There has been a secret world wide effort, for the past few years, by the ionospheric heaters to fight global warming. We are being doused with what are innocently called “aerosols” by the so-called geoengineers. This is happening worldwide, and is beyond any national oversight. These aerosols contain aluminum, barium, strontium and reflective metallic nonoparticulates which we are breathing, eating, and drinking. They cross the cell walls into the blood stream. Besides sickening us, they promote dementia and neurological disorders. The particulates increase electrical conductivity and resonance frequency in the atmosphere and in our brains, so we are being invaded. There are implications for mind control. These aerosols are a necessary component for weather control by the ionospheric heaters worldwide. Both the particulates and the concentrated searing of the ozone at 15,000 degress are literally shredding our protective atmosphere. Recent tests show the damage has recently become so extreme that UVC rays are coming through, which should never happen. The viability of air, water and soil will be the first priority for any kind of future when civilization collapses but if the ozone layer is destroyed it’s the end of all life on earth.

Geoengineering is Destroying the Ozone Layer

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The methane bomb could mean the end by 2030-40:

The Eco-Socialist Alternative: Capitalist Destruction or New Civilization?

Noam Chomsky: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?

We’re near the point of no return. Capitalism has proven, with its inherent greed, incapable of reducing the per capita depletion of nature to a sustainable level or of distributing resources “in a reasonably equitable fashion.” Both the left and the right now accept the inevitable collapse.

One can only hope against insurmountable odds that the human race, armed with weapons of mass destruction, will somehow survive the coming chaos of collapse and not, even worse, end all life on earth forever.

Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for ‘irreversible collapse’?:

Just another infant technology in the universe destroying itself? Babies with loaded guns.


rusty -

Virtually all of the things you’ve said are so very important for people to understand. However it is unfortunate that you and others want to claim legitimacy for a theory about chemtrails by quoting a site from an author who espouses the chemtrails theory. I have no problem with your posting a warning about chemtrails but it is hard to take it seriously when it is described as geoengineering.

Look up the definition of geoengineering. To equate chemtrails with geoengineering is like saying spraying crops with pesticide is also geoengineering.

Geoengineering is a specific term used to describe massive global wide (experimental or at least of unknown effectiveness) treatments to the whole planet virtually at the same time. They speak of spreading reflective particulates up into orbit to cover the globe completely to reduce the amount of sunlight. Completely! Think about that?

Chemtrails may be exactly as you say but I am not agreeing nor disputing that. I am only trying to alert you to the fact that by calling them geoengineering that you are doing harm to the sincere effort to prevent a real global wide geoengineering experiment by confusing people as to exactly what is what. You say geoengineering and someone who doesn’t believe the chemtrail theory brushes off the criticisms. The problem is that whenever that person hears the word geoengineering then they associate it with chemtrails.

You are aiding the wackos who think a quick fix geoengineering scheme will fix the global warming problem. Please say what you mean honestly and call them chemtrails and not do this phony ‘buy my book because it is about geoengineering’ cynical strategy. The author shamefully glommed on to something which he figured would give his theory a wider audience and that is an anti-nature attitude because it increases the risk that some real geoengineering scheme will get through.


When we compare people like Chris Hedges to the dismal collection of fools, knaves and poltroons running for president (with the exception of Bernie Sanders) one wonders about the soundness of the mental processes of those who guide US politics.

Chris Hedges’ character would fit nicely with the principles of the Green Party. I wonder why they haven’t snapped him up.


It may surprise you to know that Chris Hedges has been a critic of Mr. Sanders. I’m with Hedges.


I think Chis is great and I very much appreciate his critiques of the crap that we all encounter every day in the world and his insightful activism.

Most of what he says in the article I adhere to myself and have climbed Mt. Washington and taken the rugged Boot Spur trail back when backpacking was not so common an activity and REI was new…and only in the west. lol. I’ve been to Olympic National Park in Washington state and Mt. Washington in the east with lots of national parks and wilderness areas in between over the years. I love how Chris still holds reverence for the grandness of nature.

But I take issue with one thing about what Chris wrote about. Nature will have her turn and to paraphrase an old adage “You can’t fool Mother Nature” I’d say “You can’t abuse Mother Nature (and expect to get away with it!)”.

Chris would agree but where we differ is … this will not be the end. Human beings for all our faults, we are part of nature too. We may trash our home, poison our wells, acidify the oceans, turn forests into dry tinder and render rich fertile soils into mineral encrusted sterility but we will survive.

Only nuclear weapons (barring a bioengineered weaponized retro virus) can do us in. Only nuclear can wipe us out. Anything else…we will survive. Not so many of us and no very happily either.

Life in hell would best describe it but survive we would just the same whether in hell or someplace pretty close to it. Devastating heat, food shortages and widespread famines, illness, war, plagues and mayhem (mayhem as daily life… won’t that be fun).

If worse came to worst, hell, we’d eat each other. We’ve done it before. Somewhere some of us would survive. We are that kind of species. Dumb (just as Chris implies) but scrappy and stubborn. No matter how bad it gets… some of us will make it.

Now I find it hard to be hopeful that centuries from now a renaissance Earth where nature has restored a balance (and cooled a bit) where humanity can begin the long climb back to cable TV and cell phones but it’d happen.

It isn’t the end that we face…it is the end of the good times, the end of verdant forests over much of the land where they used to grow. It is the end of bountiful seas and cornucopia supermarkets filled with an amazing abundance of foods.

It is the world we make that we will have to live in but live in it we shall. Good luck to the young people… because when they get old, they will really be in need of it.


Ahimsa, Chris is also a supporter of Sanders in many ways too. You are being too simplistic and are misrepresenting what Chris’s nuanced criticisms say.


It finally occurred to me that the Christian tradition of belief in an eternal soul is the pinnacle of human materialism. That we as individuals through the existence of an eternal soul would preserve some sort of distinct awareness of this individual mortal existence beyond death.

What a neat trick!


I too am a a critic of Mr. Sanders.
He has been saying things that are not the words of a real socialist.

I hope that he will change his mind and abandon his support for Hillary if he loses to her, and also that he will end his support for the Pentagon and Israel against the Palestinians.


Brilliantly stated, Mr. Hedges:

“One group knows and respects the power of nature, is able to feel its majesty and is aware of our insignificance and smallness before the cosmos. The other, enamored of the machines that obliterate distance and effort, and that insulate us from the natural world in a technological bubble, is largely dead to the rhythms that sustain life.”

It’s still the story of natives and those Indigenous souls who link with the land and experience reverence, and those dominator-conquistador-warriors who want to own, control, use, and exploit whatever living beings are within their reach.

This demarcation itself explains why the use of one all-inclusive WE program blots out critical differences and distinctions.

Also from the article:

“But the arrival of the Europeans, driven by an avarice that blinded them to all but profit, saw in the mountain potential riches—they mistook crystals in the rock formations for diamonds.”

While the profit motive, core of capitalism is certainly ONE component of the carnage that’s been set against the Great Mother nature for centuries, what’s missing is the ideology that set up an antithetical relationship between human beings AND the placental earth. That ideology is Bible-bred and stems from this idea that a male God gave men dominion OVER nature. “Coincidentally,” it also meant (and led to) dominion over women and control of their bodies in order to control the lineage of all born children.

It is VERY important to link these items.

When a friend sat me down a decade ago to listen to a CD by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, I immediately resonated with the material. That’s because his lecture began by explaining that the Judeo-Christian myth that tossed the lovers (Adam and Eve) OUT of the garden was the only creation myth (and the one that formed a staple to the ideology of Europeans given the power of the church-state and its long-term influence over all of Europe) that set up this alienation between human being and nature.

At its core, this premise of Original Sin proved utterly efficient in controlling human beings through their sexuality, largely–and this form of control became the crux of authoritarian systems as Wilhelm Reich explained with brilliance.

I find it more than disappointing that after articulating that SOME experience Reverence for nature, and that Indigenous peoples LIVED this reverence that Mr. Hedges would revert to that all inclusive WE clause. Falsely!

Wrong, Mr. Hedges. MANY people do understand. Do not confuse the ways imposed by today’s bloody conquistadors–the corporations–with one uniform and unanimous consent of all persons! Unconsciously, the identification with WE in this context works to reinforce the Dominators’ status quo and make alternatives (along with meaningful dissent) invisible.

NOT wise!

“We have lost the capacity for reverence. We slew those who tried to warn us. Now we slay ourselves.”

Do not speak for me. WE have not all lost this reverence… it’s difficult to teach and instill it when churches push the “man over nature” model that happens to accord with the rites of Disaster capitalism’s most favored entities.


I don’t question Mr. Hedges sincerity and caring compassion in trying to change the path that humanity is on at the present. Many of his articles are meaningful. This one disturbs me for several reasons, one of which is the tourists in their cars may not be sufficiently dedicated to Hedges’s ideal of nature loving, but they are light years ahead of the ones who have never heard of this mountain and have never spent a moment in attempting to connect to nature, regardless of how faulty a way.
I also fnd fault with faulty claims, such as claiming that the Europeans brought syphilis to the Americas. According to my understanding of established scientific consensus, the opposite was true. Wikipedia says:
“…in late 2011 the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology published an appraisal by George Armelagos of Emory University, Molly Zuckerman, and Kristin Harper of previous studies that the
“skeletal data bolsters the case that syphilis did not exist in Europe before Columbus set sail.”[15] The scientific evidence as determined by a systematic review of all published, peer-reviewed instances, best supports the theory that syphilis was unknown in Europe until Columbus returned from the Americas.”

Perhaps he meant brought it back? One faulty fact does not destroy the basic premise but I’d prefer something to back up such an unexpected assertion as it looks like sloppy research, and gratuitous at that, when there’s more than enough to make the particular point.

I also admit to finding it hard slogging to get past the religious appeals that undermine the need to find a way for all of humanity to regain, not reverence, but respect and awe for Nature and to accept that we are part of it, a very small part. Understand that there is no wrath in Nature; that is a human and petty concern. I have known since childhood that Nature’s relation to humans and to life itself is: inexorable and implacable. Our species would do well to take heed.


You remind me of the scientist that insists that animals can’t feel, that pets have no intelligence, and that there is no communication between things like insects.

It’s a human-centric view imposed onto the natural world.

Great Yogis like Yogananda explained–and I’ve quoted the material probably 50 times before in these threads–to a United Nation’s congregation that the natural world indeed DOES respond to the vibrations emitted through collective human action. He specified war, in particular, and related that it disturbs the energies that may be invisible and not recognized by material science but nonetheless play a major role in regulating the balance this earth and Her myriad systems rely upon.

The Bible itself relates that when people behaved badly a great flood was sent. That means that even within the often anti-nature theology of the Judeo-Christian ethic, roots to the teachings–that what human beings do indeed does impact the natural world–exist.

In many cultures, this is understood as karma.

Throughout South America–and the new Pope Francis as a “product” of that worldview reflects this understanding–regard nature as the Great Mother principle, Pacha Mama. Reverence is shown for nature so that rivers will run and crops will grow. This interconnectedness was the basic ethos of ALL Native peoples and largely expunged by the idea of MAN’S dominion OVER (mother/female) Nature.

THAT is a great illness and it’s distorted the collective consciousness. The results to so much abuse rebound everywhere.

This group: SOTT puts an impressive video montage together EVERY month which makes Nature’s blowback–or response to the spread of human wars and gaping gap of empathy for natural systems–too vivid to toss aside:


Bet you defend all (or most) of the following:

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK
  2. Osama Bin Laden masterminded the 911 events
  3. Genetically modified foods are the “substantial equivalent” of genuine ones, and thus “perfectly safe.”
  4. Vaccines–now being poured into infants–are perfectly safe
  5. The pervasive spy net is for National Security purposes
  6. Elections (and vote counts) are fair and legitimate
  7. Chem trails are the product of “conspiracy theorists.”


To be THIS uninformed and paid to comment… fascinating!

You said:

“Only nuclear weapons (barring a bioengineered weaponized retro virus) can do us in.”

There have been prior across-the globe total extinctions. What hubris to think that such vast changes to climate would not do us in.

Your post is a form of homage to nuclear weapons. “I am become death, the destroyer.” As if only MAN has that power.


Hindus believe in karma that works as a life to life continuum as do Buddhists. It’s hardly a Christian “trick.” Your lack of spiritual understanding hardly changes the facts of this continuity just as you can argue against gravity, but you will still feel its effects.


Which of the Repug clown show has shown any wish to do any of those things OR speak about climate change, decent jobs for working Americans, and changing the financial calculus that sends almost ALL profits to the top 1% of the fiduciary food chain? This “blame Sanders” for every imperfection while a chorus line of imbeciles parades for “the title” is hardly a wise political strategy… to any who want to see any changes for the better as our nation sinks like the Titanic.

Too many of YOU soldier boys are up before 10 A.M. pushing anti-Sanders messages. Few of you comment on any other topics or care for anything apart from the political horse race; and with your consensus-building SQUADS in place and positioned to post “first-up,” it’s OBVIOUS you are paid by an outside “donor.”


SiouxRose I apologize for upsetting you if I have done so. I don’t know why you posted these insulting assertions but the fact that you did concerns me. Please calm yourself and be assured that not all men are creeps simply because they are male. I wish you peace and pleasure while progressive posting but there is no need for this type of attack for no reason.


He is a democratic socialist. Just as we are a representative republic, not a democracy, There is no perfect system for the allocation and distribution of resources and wealth. We had a pretty good system for ~ 50 years. Unrestrained greed has tipped it dangerously out of balance.


You are a poorly trained disinformation hack. The issue is not my passion… I do NOT suffer foods well, nor should I! It’s the way persons of limited education and woefully lacking spiritual intelligence post comments that take aim at far more intelligent souls. But that’s the military in a nutshell, isn’t it? Just aim artillery to cover for your own lack of everything from moral courage to genuine knowledge.

YOU are part of a tag team. The shift OFF disqus has limited your group’s capacity to generate multiple sock puppet screen names and redundant postings, but you are still here as a CORE group. And most of you have been exposed by me when you changed from one screen name to another. What that indicates is that your messaging “reads” loud and clear in spite of attempts to hide your (former) identities. And from behind these camouflages, you shoot off opinions that too often sound like clones or otherwise set up choreographed “debates” with backup team members. In this way, your to and fro comments dominate the threads and mark off the parameters of discussion… it’s the virtual equivalent of cops infiltrating protests.

I SEE you… or should I say through your disguise.


I certainly have no idea why what I said would cause you to come to such an ill-founded conclusion. Those ideas you quoted are not required in order to disbelieve and distrust any and all religions. I can’t imagine anyone who really loves this planet and science could hold such outdated, behaviorist, human-centric ideas about life in its other manifestations and with which we share our planet.
Regardless of where that erroneous impression came from, that may have lead you to think that atheism and love of nature can’t go together, please be aware that those ideas are not and never have been mine.