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Evolution: A Candidate


Evolution: A Candidate

Robert C. Koehler

“And finally, how can we make our politics reflect what’s best in us, and not what’s worst?”

The president asked the right question in his State of the Union address last week. What if he’d actually answered it – or at least addressed it honestly?

Oh, torn heart, torn citizenship.


The crimes against humanity committed by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are horrendous. Sadly, they are not unique to our world. Critics on the right often dismiss US crimes against humanity from Vietnam to the present as the results of 'collateral damage' or errant individuals. The claim has often been made that, unlike al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, the US never targets, or supports the targeting, of innocent civilians. Those on the right seem to have forgotten the US support for soldiers who bayonetted babies, threw children down wells, raped and tortured women, and dismembered bodies as a warning to others in Guatemala and El Salvador
Sources: 1. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/17/world/americas/trial-on-guatemalan-civil-war-carnage-leaves-out-us-role.html?_r=1
2. https://www.hrw.org/reports/pdfs/e/elsalvdr/elsalv923.pdf ).

President Obama referred to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State as:

". . . terrorists who place no value on human life, including their own . . ."

President Obama, and the Democrat/Republican establishment, consistently dehumanize members of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State rather than acknowledging that they are human beings sculpted by the conditions in which they live. Such dehumanizing makes it easier for people to accept the notion that we will "hunt down" and "destroy" them.

As long as the conditions that have given rise to the rise of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State exist, people will continue to be shaped into a mindset such as theirs.

I don't see US political 'leaders' changing their pro-military approach to foreign affairs until large enough groups of people begin to vocalize their demands for peaceful alternatives. To this end, I would appreciate links to non-violent efforts to promote peace and justice in areas that are the focus of the US war on terrorism.


powerful essay, robert! as i began reading i thought of introducing peter van buren's excellent essay to this discussion, but you're ahead of me.

I simply can no longer tolerate our political inability to face the obsolescence of war and refuse to keep coddling the military-industrial profiteers and true believers.

nor can i, robert. you know, it is the complicit mass media, the voice of the empire, which presumes to speak for all of us constantly drumming into the collective consciousness that americans demand a tough talking leader to protect us. they employ the tactics of fear mongering to silence the adult voices of reason. peter van buren alluded to the disconnect between the cowering american's unwarranted fear of isis and our self-flattering notion, "home of the brave."

i like quote from david korton

“Empire,” he wrote, “organizes by domination at all levels, from relations among nations to relations among family members. Empire brings fortune to the few, condemns the majority to misery and servitude, suppresses the creative potential of all, and appropriates much of the wealth of human societies to maintain the institutions of domination.

“Earth Community, by contrast, organizes by partnership, unleashes the human potential for creative co-operation, and shares resources and surpluses for the good of all. Supporting evidence for the possibilities of Earth Community comes from the findings of quantum physics, evolutionary biology, developmental psychology, anthropology, archaeology, and religious mysticism. It was the human way before Empire; we must make a choice to relearn how to live by its principles.”

Is it too much to ask the American political process to participate in something larger than itself – something the size, perhaps, of human or planetary evolution? Perhaps this question is the starting point of the future.

well, robert, it probably is too much to ask of our current political process. we_the_people of earth need a complete system makeover. back to basics!


While Mr. Koehler's analysis has truth in it, as per usual, it refuses to look to the aspect of masculinity and what a preponderance of misogyny, inhibitions against women's rights, scarcity of women in decision-making positions, and overall emphasis on militarism (AS proof of manhood) represent in the way of creating a totally asymmetric societal design.

The picture that accompanies the article shows only males, too. And that is significant.

I recently read a book about the Third Reich and how prevalent among the upper Nazi echelon the belief in all-male society ran.

This distancing from things considered feminine--and that includes "weak" feelings like empathy and compassion--are a staple to any military empire.

In order to exorcize feelings, those tied to them must be demonized. In my view, this is the covert reason why so much pornography so thoroughly works to degrade women. Now there is porn where after sex, the guy flushes the woman's FACE in a toilet.

In the video games young men come of age through, often the male avatars bond together to cut the throat of a beautiful female avatar. Often, this is AFTER they share a gang-bang.

The desecration of the Earth Mother--as SHE is recognized by most Indigenous people the world over--is directly related to the devaluation of females in any society.

And it's this devaluation which is just as disgusting in Rome's Papal hierarchy as it is within societies intimidated by the Taliban... that has set off so dangerous a disequilibrium as to push war and macho "values" to the top of the scale, and all things HUMAN to the bottom.

In the same way that supposed authorities like Peter Van Buren (whose last piece... when C.D. didn't have comments running) was so full of lies as to make me gasp... pretend that 911 happened according to the Official Story, very few pundits speak HONESTLY about what societies run by men who HATE women and HATE all things "feminine" or "weak" or "French"... cause and create. It's this ilk that's working the great wrecking ball.

The Koch Brothers like the Bush family have ON THE RECORD ties with Hitler and the Third Reich.

Allen Dulles and cohorts within the State Department felt not just an affinity, but also a deep admiration for the Nazis and the way they ruled Germany. Hitler was able to turn the entire nation into a subsidiary of the military and it is THAT mentality, imported into the U.S. during the covert Project Paperclip... that so permeated the armed forces and its upper echelon as to recapitulate in the form of today's Fourth Reich.

People are very comfortable talking about capitalism and empire but they don't want to get to the darker, dirtier roots which have a great deal to do with this uber-masculine premise that really does not want anything FEMALE to be part of the equation.

Certainly those women who show fealty to the military state (Condi Rice, Susan Rice, Madeleine Albright, Maggie Thatcher, Susan Powers, and Hillary... a virtual HANDFUL) will be allowed in AS tokens. They change nothing. They become Empire's female image but what IS fundamentally female is NOT war and it's not aggression. It's protection of children, the family, and the living land with which a relationship is necessary in order to sustain food sources, etc.

Cloning is the way that science is eliminating the female from the EQUATION of life.

Bill Gates and Monsanto are demonstrating a form of misogyny aimed at destroying the natural world so that like the armies of a Fourth Reich, they can also command all facets of the living world to line up and do what they are made to do: to obey and stand in uniform rows.

This is a MILITARY frame and it's pushed by those who identify with a very exaggerated premise of masculinity. It's an absolute power that expunges its feminine co-partner, counterpart, and DIVINE partner.

Until this is understood, the roots of empire will, like a Cancer, crawl back into any society that isn't aware of the process. And with everything now at stake, in my view, it smacks of criminal neglect to pretend that this castigation of the feminine isn't a root cause of such ridiculous emphasis on ejaculatory weapons.

Helen Caldicott wrote about this, George Carlan mocked it in comedy, and I recognize how strongly it links with a society cum empire utterly deranged... due to its masculine component's narcissistic shock and awe drawn from the god-like power TO DESTROY.

Lastly, maniacs with money (like the Saudis) who use that money to buy weapons want to use those weapons in the same way that a cocky rich kid wants to drive the sexy family sport's car.

THAT is why the Saudis are bludgeoning Yemen.

Those who sell weapons to tyrants who have no respect for life are guilty of War Crimes. However, since the military does run it, and the military is in bed with the arms' manufacturers, this dangerous duo is setting our planet on fire... literally, through war, and figuratively, through climate change... i.e. global warming.

Check out DUTCHSINSE on You Tube for an education on the uptick in very recent volcanic awakenings.


CBS news recently reported that the US military is increasing the number of civilians they are willing to murder in their strikes to 50. (Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/us-military-civilians-deaths-iraq-syria-airstrikes-targeting-isis/ )


This is a deliberate attempt to take what is done by dangerous, empowered entities--which are guilty of criminal acts, Crimes Against Humanity, and violations of the Geneva Convention--and blame it on honest, peace loving citizens.

Your post comes off as propaganda to me.

You start by demonizing Isis and the targets of the felonious fraudulent "war on terror" and then reverse course to talk about what the President/Dem-Repubs are doing.

Not a whit about the military.

Not a whit about the Deep State.

Not a whit about covert operations, the misuse of a mass media to serve utterly deceptive, propagandistic purposes.

And not a whit about the "churches" who have so betrayed the teachings of the Master Christ in PUSHING FOR WAR.

I live in the Bible Belt and if stupidity could be tapped, I'd make a fortune!

The same dingdongs who wear their Christian Brand on their sleeves salivate over Trump... regardless of the fact that he's rabidly against HUMAN BEINGS... the very ones Jesus taught them to love!

You want to blame someone? Start with the fundamentalist Christian patriarchs who have used the public's tax dollars to put maniacs like Bush into office, given their imprimaturs to horrors like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker, PROMOTE war, and insist that killing those who worship a different religion is "God's will."

Then blame a press that has polluted THE PUBLIC'S airwaves with unceasing lies, misinformation, disinformation, and enough bull-shit to fill a stadium.

And the blame list could not be complete without an honest exposure of the revolving door between weapons-making firms and military top brass.

The bastards would go out of business without war. And war is now the primary product in this rising Fourth Reich.

Blame them!



I would be happy to clarify any questions you may have, address oversights, or discuss differences in opinions. Please do not put words into my mouth or engage in Ignorantio Elenchi. I did not blame crimes against humanity on peace loving citizens. My comment, regarding the need for popular action, is based on my understanding that we do not have a democratic system in the United States. You may disagree, but it is my opinion that we will not achieve a democracy without people making their voices heard and taking action to bring about democratic processes.

By the way, I do agree with factors that you identify as contributing to the lack of democratic processes in the US.

I asked for suggestions for promoting peace in areas of focus of the US Wars on Terror. If you have read "Strategies of Peace: Transforming Conflict in a Violent World" ( http://kroc.nd.edu/research/books/strategic-peacebuilding/287 ), I would like to know your opinions. If you have other suggestions, I would appreciate them as well.


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“Priority number one,” Obama said in his address, “is protecting the American people and going after terrorist networks. . . ."

Yearly traffic deaths in America in 2015 - 130,557

Yearly terrorism deaths in America in 2015 - 8

Defense budget in 2016 - 1.1 Trillion

Accident prevention budget in 2016 - $200,000

Anti-Terrorism Spending 50,000 Times More Than on Any Other Cause of Death



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I feel the Bern!


So true...and the reason writers of "speculative fiction" often start with:
"First, something horrible happened and almost everyone died. It was left to a small band of survivors to...".


obviously you, 'herdpoisoning', have have done some deep, introspective thinking about "the battle of the sexes" and how a society's imposed gender expectations may so often limit which natural talents, attributes and behaviors a person develops and which that potential polymath often discourages as not befitting "my" gender role. unlike a matriarchal community the patriarchy is a top-down system in which the king rules by "divine right." early on the king proved himself through a winning battle strategy leading his troops to take over and rule a neighbor's land. ultimately, patriarchy is a system which dehumanizes all "labor" class men and women who are not a part of the ruling elite. in time the new king had only to be first born male, (usually) of the old king. in today's world the "king" is the one who accumulates the most wealth and property rights. right now, i guess, we have 62 men vying to own it all.--king of the mountain!

you mentioned, "boys don't cry!" and guess what every little boy is doing when he learns that. he's bawling, right? i do feel, however, that dad and/or the coach passes that message along more often than mom. when her baby is hurt she wants to smother him with kisses and make it all better. i remember watching a small boy limping home from some neighborhood game, his lower lip trembled as blood ran down his leg from an injured knee. "are you okay?" i asked, but he said not a word. however, as he got a few feet from his front screen, he let out such a wail! it's okay, you know, to cry when only mom can hear. however, in the presence of the other boys he had to show a brave face and walk it off, because the humiliating pain from his playmates' insults is the deepest cut of all.

unfortunately, few men or women exhibit the courage to break the mold which defines and confines us to "act like a man" or be more lady like. we are a social species at heart trying to do our best to fit in. often to gain the respect of others means masking what you really feel. that does make both genders complicit in maintaining the myth. there are real differences that naturally define male and female and i for one wouldn't want to change that. all we need do is respect one another equally. we cannot pressure the hierarchy to change the rules that serve them well. we, "the small folk", must grow up, take responsibility and lead the way! now a ditty from harry chapman:

Why did the little girls grow crooked
While the little boys grew tall
It's maybe because the little boys
Didn't ever have to grow up at all


oh, and i just picked up this quote from an 'iowablackbird' post. if lots more would just take this attitude--it might just catch on!

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” - Frederick Douglass


Churchill was, no doubt, rather bitter about being given the well-earned highly intelligent democratic boot out of office in 1945 and the intelligent voter voting in an intelligent government with a socal conscience and a strong sense of social responsibility.


Add "USAans shooting USAians deaths" and "USAian Cops shooting USAians deaths, and even maybe "USAian toddlers shooting USAians deaths"..


Maybe the problem is nationalism itself. The nation-state, as currently conceived, manifests humanity’s shadow: our hunger to dominate, to control, to act aggressively without consequence. What would be called pompous stupidity at the level of social reality becomes “greatness” at the altar of nationalism.

So at one time the Swastika was a sacred symbol, until it became a symbol of the Nazis.
And at one time the American Flag was a symbol of a republic, independence and other values. Now this American Flag has become a symbol of empire, of global control. Every time I see someone wearing the american flag pin on their jacket, it makes me cringe........and also think of HRC and Trump.