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Ew Report Confirms: World's Wealthy Fueling Carbon Pollution as Poor Suffer


ew Report Confirms: World's Wealthy Fueling Carbon Pollution as Poor Suffer

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As politicians, diplomats, and corporate representatives gather in Paris for the COP21 talks, a new report released Wednesday by Oxfam International confirms what civil society groups have long charged: while the richest people and countries are disproportionately driving climate change, the poor—particularly in the global south—bear the brunt of the droughts, mega-storms, and rising seas.


This report, and reams of similar reports, are great.

We need a strategy to BREAK that "great wealth," and STOP the depredation of the Earth and the people.

We need to be involved in organized solidarity campaigns to ensure that we are able to meet our basic needs, as we organize to throw off these predatory looters and restore the shattered ecology. We've got a huge challenge with massive risks, but what's the alternative? Submit?


Here's a clip from something i wrote on another thread yesterday:

The annual "national corruption index" published by Transparency International vastly understates the level of corruption within the USA. TI does not look at the blatant ownership and influence that corporations exercise over every aspect of society and the economy as "corruption."

The very fact that the University education system relies on "contributions" from self-interested corporations and industries is DEEPLY CORRUPT. In a sane system, Universities would be entirely protected from corporate influence.

This of course only touches on the deep corruption of the entire establishment. In a sane system, self-interested corporations would be strictly limited in all the activities they are allowed to perform. If you manufacture and sell a product, that is all you are allowed to do. The role of "advertising" corrupts not only the content and focus of the communications media, but the consciousness and knowledge of people who rely on these communications media.

The complete penetration of the political system by corporate "campaign contributions" is another area not touched on by "mainstream" constructs of what is corruption. Each of these key social functions that shape our world, our awareness, our understanding of what is possible and impossible - academia, media, and politics - largely work within "invisible" (actually as obvious as the sun shining but not commented on) constraints imposed by the interests of these colonizing, profiteering artificial entities.


This whole COP21 event reminds me of the House of Lords in the UK. A lot of pomp & circumstance but no real substance. Nothing will come out of it that will help the average person, just a lot of back-room deals to further enrich those who already have too much.


Most of the rich can drastically reduce their carbon footprints because they have the financial means to do so. A special case is the super rich with their private jets and yachts; these people should be required to purchase carbon offsets for many of their lifestyle activities. But for most of the rich, that is upper class and upper middle class, they just need to take advantage of the available technology. Obviously, they should be using all LED light bulbs. They should put solar panels on the roofs of their houses. They should have energy audits of their houses and invest in energy saving measures such a better windows, insulation, etc. They should stop using natural gas or oil to heat their homes and use geothermal energy with electric heat pumps. The should buy all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. The technology is available to dramatically reduce carbon footprints. There shouldn't be any more excuses for not using this technology if you can afford it and in the long run they will save a lot of money.