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Ex-CIA Chief and Torture Defender Endorses Clinton; Dems Cheer


Ex-CIA Chief and Torture Defender Endorses Clinton; Dems Cheer

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a New York Times op-ed, former CIA head Michael Morell on Friday endorsed Hillary Clinton by arguing that the former secretary of state is "highly qualified to be commander in chief" because "she will deliver on the most important duty of a president—keeping our nation safe."


Although Obama comes close, the Clintons ARE the best Republicans the Democratic Party ever had. Each rightward lurch the Democratic Party makes pushes the GOP even further right. It has been that way ever since the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985 and reoriented the Party's mission to GET MORE CORPORATE CASH THAN THE GOP.


So the American Heinrich Himmler (Himmler was head of the Nazi Gestapo) likes Hillary. This is news?!!



The present director of the CIA says agents would not perform waterboarding now even if ordered to so and hopefully this means the agency has learned from its awful past actions of following orders under George W. Bush. But I think Democrats are cheering what Morell is saying because of statement like this "In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation." That is pretty strong stuff to say against a presidential candidate from an authority on the subject. I think other people may have also come to a similar conclusion but when a long-time CIA employee and former director says it then the conclusion really has weight.


What an epic Cluckstercluck we have on our hands.


Of course they would welcome an endorsement from the likes of him. Who else do they have? She will do anything to win and courting neocons and Republicans has already been announced. She needs their votes, not ours.
Hillary and the generals have plans. They can't let a little thing like votes get in the way.


I noticed in real time, you editing "mistake" and replacing it with "actions". Thanks, I was just about to take you to task on that one.

As far as anyone from the CIA having any credibility whatsoever…since when? How is such "credibility" to be determined since almost all CIA activity is in actuality criminal in nature, and hidden from view because of that.

There are a few former CIA spooks that have gained some credibility that come to mind. John Kiriakou who blew the whistle on torture, and who was prosecuted for having done so. And Ray McGovern who I think is credible, when he isn't stuffing some argument into an establishment frame.

Getting endorsed from right wing jerks, says a lot about who Clinton really is.


Beautiful, congratulations...


Madame Mayhem and her malevolent mavens


The ad was obviously appealing to conservatives. If you are seeking votes, and in this case, taking votes away from Trump, those are the sort of individuals your target audience ought to be for this type of ad. It is a cold calculation to strip as many votes as possible away from one's opponent.

As far as the torture defender endorsing Clinton, the man is entitled to endorse whoever he chooses. Does that make Clinton a torture defender? Anyone who answers that in the affirmative isn't thinking clearly about her.


Yes you are so correct. I am thinking Hillary and Bill look like they are only a couple steps away from the Nursing Home. Barely able to function and on much medication obviously because of heart for Bill and concussion for Hillary, She is having neurological episodes in public now and Bill looks like he is about to drop dead.


Hillary's new presidental cabinet position, "Secretary of Der Torture", Michael Morell


Already have it, but it's name is Green Party. DEMEXIT=Green


The CIA is a secret organization that holds itself above laws and has engaged over the years in a wide range of not only violent but horrific crimes, from invasive experimentation on human beings, including American soldiers, to torture, to information crimes like fraud. They are in part designed particularly to obscure the truth.

Can anyone possibly name a worse source from whom to take such information on faith?


I think they're cheering because it means their team is winning. To use a football (American football, not the game the whole rest of the world calls. "football" but which US people call "soccer") analogy, it's the Democrat "team" whose scoring points efforts counts. Hillary would be an old Quarterback who has been around for years but never got to QB a winning team. She is generally thought to be just good enough to lead a winning drive down the field if all the blockers, tight ends, and wide receivers (all the position names in US football have always sounded like kinky sex terminology to me) do their jobs right, Hillary may make it to the End Zone and the team will win and she, as Quarterback, will get the acclaim and wave at everyone during the victory parade.

I really think that the usefulness of sports analogies are the primary reason the despicable Two Party system has persisted so long and why so many people have an inexplicable resentment of efforts to bring additional parties into the mix. It's seen as spoiling the game, messing with the desire to have a "home team" to root for to win.

Tell them that other democracies figure out how to manage with more political parties and shorter election time frames and they will tell you that it would be "UnAmerican" to even suggest that things be done that differently, that "the system" works fine the way it is in this exceptionally God Blessed Land of Freedom and Opportunity, and that anyone of any color or creed can succeed if they can throw and catch and intercept passes, block extra point kickers, and tackle anyone carrying the ball towards Touchdown.


' Morell went on to praise Clinton's "more aggressive approach" to the conflict in Syria and to accuse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of being an "unwitting agent of Putin." '

So the Clinton Campaign is lowering their level of McCarthyism from accusing Trump of being a "Commie" agent, to merely being a "Commie" dupe. I'm sure both Bill and Hillary are well aware that those were the two levels of accusations used by McCarthy and his supporters in the 1950's, Commie agents and dupes.

Since even the Washington Post carried an op-ed by Katrina Vanden Heuvel today decrying the McCarthyism rampant among Democrats now, I gather the decision was made to lower the charges by exactly one notch, probably just temporarily ...


An "unwitting agent of Putin"? What the hell does that even mean? The phrase is nonsensical.

I don't support the current war-mongering propaganda against Russia, I don't want the US to go to war with Russia, I don't support NATO moving ever closer to Russia's borders in a deliberate attempt to antagonize her into war with the US/Europe, and I don't support our attempts to illegally "get rid of Assad" or impose a "no-fly zone" over Syria, which will inevitably lead to confrontation with Russia. Does this make me an unwitting agent of Putin?

I would submit that it doesn't. It makes me a human being who'd rather die of natural causes than from a nuclear explosion brought on by one of Hillary Clinton's planned new wars in her demented neoliberal quest for global dominance.

I get why warhawks like Morell support Clinton: it may be hard to understand, but they actually enjoy the daily labors involved in creating and carrying out war, while they always assume the Fat Man will fall on someone else's butt.


This endorsement reveals past complicity or ignorant agreement with depraved war-mongers in spook alphabet agencies that Clinton will be agreeable to any filth they want to commit or contemplate - such is the reality of Clinton's "experience" - highly receptive to destabilization, coups and war......


Yet the words "keep America safe" are nowhere to be found in any presidential oath.


So Bernie, this is the list of endorsers that you want to be on: War Mongers, War Criminals, Torturers , Child Killers, Genociders, Climate Destroyers, Free Traders, GMO Promoters, Neoliberal Raiders, ..etc. Each one will have a list of fine titles after their names. There amongst them is Bernie Sanders, Inane Senator From Vermont.