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Ex-Officials, Rights Groups Denounce 'Wildly Inappropriate' ICE Billboards

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/05/ex-officials-rights-groups-denounce-wildly-inappropriate-ice-billboards

DHS, CBP, and ICE are among the most sinister, unaccountable, black money federal government goon squads.
I’ve had vicious run-ins with these jackboots when I used to travel internationally. They’re power-hungry and at almost a lobotomy level of cognitive function, but have total power over you and you have no civil rights, when you’re in a designated border zone.
I also note that some of their agents, male and female, try to use their powers to sexually harass or assault you.
These agencies should be eliminated or swept clean top to bottom.


Dirty ICE is good for only one thing, nothing.

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These billboards need to be defaced - all that is needed is the ability to climb a ladder and a can of spray paint.

I am so sad for my country. Trump is a skidmark on the underwear of America. He is a demon.

We should hog tie him and give him to these Finns to play with:


not surprised by racist memes from racist clowns–the thing about Trump is he says out loud what all his racist buddies in the Republican party believe but won’t say out loud–in this he has done us a favor by exposing the corrupted, racist, black hearts of the Republican party and it’s base for all to see