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Ex-Pence Aide, Covid Task Force Member, Denounces Trump's Narcissism and "Flat-Out Disregard for Human Life" in Biden Defection Video

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/ex-pence-aide-covid-task-force-member-denounces-trumps-narcissism-and-flat-out


So Trump let the pandemic spread so he wouldn’t have to shake hands with his fans? OCD gone wild, yet somehow plausible.


Olivia Troye like Bob Woodwrd, come forth late.
How many lives could she have saved if she spoke out earlier?
Probably none, because no one would have listened to her and
both pence and Trump would have denounced her.
The hard core 41 to 43% trumppers and trumppets would not
have paid any serious attention to her reveal.

This does not remove any responsibility from myself if I have
failed to mask and distance correctly.

Why aren’t the Democrats calling this the TrumPandemic yet?


Quite the revelation from an insider.

At some point, perhaps even this one, the converging lines of evidence as to Trump’s real persona will emerge.

Six weeks to the election - enough time I think.




Anecdotally, on a Zoom call today with family, 4 Trump voters from 2016 were definite switchers to Biden this year. Just an FYI to brighten your day.

I see your link is from July – Nancy should have stuck with it.

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Any chance you saw Michael Moore on The Rising today?

Worth your twelve minutes.

If there was every any doubt about how US politics has been a steady march rightward since the 1960’s, the evidence is at hand.

The DNC of 2020 is the party of moderate republicans welcomed by those in kind who really don’t look or think any different.

Still, the “by any means necessary” modes that the republicans have been using for decades now might be an effective weapon against the guy in power who’s bat shit crazy - something more demonstrable with each passing news cycle.

(Had to remind my sister and brother-in-law that The Lincoln Project is not run by good people).


I question the integrity and sensibility of anyone who claims they’re a bush republican…


Why wait six weeks for the election? Help test ≈ttps://autonomousdemocracy.org now. It’s a system test, Political personalities are there only to test the system. Check current results. Test drive it.

Yes - I saw it. Right now I am too depressed about RBG’s death to think much about it

Me too.

Here’s a great parody of Rick Wilson, and the Lincoln Project by Stephen Colbert. If you haven’t seen it, it’s priceless.

“Rick Wilson Squirms Talking Anti-Trump Super-PAC The Lincoln Project”
The late Show with Stephen Colbert Platform

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It’s strange that such a man as this would seem to be entirely unaware of the founding principle of white USA: Get what you can and to Hell with anyone else.

We need people to come out in droves, not in a one at a time trickle.

Donald John Trump has no idea who ANY of us are. He was telling us the truth (for once), when he said it was “all about me (him).”

I’m reading, for my sins, Micheal Cohen’s book Disloyal, and one thing it does truly show, is just how far in the Dumper Trump’s whole organization was, regarding their morals. It really was a Cult Crime Show, worse than Jim Jones had going.

At least this one isn’t hinged on Trump’s idea of Gawd… because he doesn’t have one.