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Ex-TEPCO Bosses Indicted in 'Major Step' for Justice in Fukushima



Fukushima Daichi was a fustercluck from the get go. Purposely locating the reactors at a ridiculously low elevation to save on pumping costs (where's that "free energy--too cheap to meter" we were promised...) was the first sin. Having the backup generators at the same grade was the next. 3/11/11 revealed the real nature of corporate greed: naked, arrogant, and persistent.


only in Amerika does this kind of "justice" still not come forward. all the corporate criminals sit in their mansions around the world bought with our slave wages and bailouts bought with our tax dollars. GO BERNIE.


ABOUT TIME! The criminal actions and hidden consequences of the Fukushima melt-downs have affected the entire planet, especially our seas. The laughable "consequences" for TEPCO criminals will eliminate liability in the future after more deadly effects are discovered - this is a BS cover-up!

The next target should be the corrupt, and also criminal, US Nuclear "Regulatory" Agency (NRC) that exists solely to support the industry, NOT the public - the NRC is lap-dog to the nuclear industry!
Many safety regulations and critical standards have been repeatedly lowered over the years just to keep the industry and its decrepit, deadly plants running. One of the worst, labeled "the most dangerous in the US", is Indian Point, only a scant 30 miles north of NYC and 20 million people within a 50 mile radius; 50 miles was the safety zone required after the Fukushima disaster!

IF there's a nuclear disaster in the US will those nuclear criminals get a similar slap-on the wrist as the TEPCO conspirator/criminals - I expect the answer is yes!

“The NRC has failed the American people - Rather than learn from Fukushima and act appropriately to protect the public, the agency has chosen to protect the nuclear power industry yet again ..."





1 million yen = US$8,865. I thought that was a typo at first but the exchange rate is accurate. If there is no jail time & just a fine I would imagine that it wouldn't bother them much.



But better that people go to jail than scot free. It might help stop it from happening in the future.


Oh, perhaps I spoke to quickly. I thought there would be jail time. aaarrggh.


Sorry, didn't read carefully.

Fully agree this is NOT justice, but play acting at justice. Better than nothing? Maybe, but could be worse, as it could allow people to believe there was some justice.


I disagree about there only being a slap on the wrist to the owners and deciders of the Indian Point reactor if there is a nuclear disaster that affects NYC. A lot of very wealthy people live there. Wealthy people do have some influence. There would be more severe consequences than a slap on the wrist for anyone who disturbs their comfort and routine.


Absolutely correct, Emphyrio, and it's just one example. The U.S. federal government is essentially a collection of "captive agencies." NRC, FDA, EPA, USDA, and on and on. The real question is this: Are there any that aren't corrupted?

(BTW, that Wikipedia reference has quite a list. See "United States examples.")


There would be some further embarrassment and dishonor to the accused involved and to TEPCO if there is a conviction. More details may be revealed in a trial.


If the wealthy people of NY want to protect themselves and the other 20 million living within 50 miles of IP they should use their influence to shut-down AND return the site to pre-industrial condition - that would assure no "accident" and no need to hold the US version of TEPCO accountable for an "accident" - it's not "accidental" when nuclear threats are known beforehand, it's criminal negligence and corrupt complicity!.

Owners of IP would very probably want to use the "SAFSTOR" method that would allow the plant to remain for 60 years without being dismantled - a corporate scam with NRC complicity to avoid clean-up responsibility!! 60 years is a very long time, who knows what can happen? Make them clean-up ALL plants when shut-down! IP would STILL be a threat to the NY Metro area without shut-down, decommissioning, and immediate clean-up/restoration. http://www.capecodtimes.com/article/20160111/NEWS/160119930


Its one good thing that Andy Cuomo finally came out yesterday to to "demand" a halt to the AIM 42" fracked-gas pipeline, approved by the Feds FERC, that would run thru the IP nuclear complex - insanity part of the larger fracking crimes - a potential catastrophic threat that "the rich" should use their influence and also demand be scrapped! http://sape2016.org/



I was there to fight adoption of "SafStor."

It was a smallish room. I could look the grey haired men on the panel in their eyes.

"You are trying to avoid responsibility 'till after you are dead." Was my basic pitch, there was a little more to my testimony, not much.

One old man looked me straight in the eyes and told me I was correct. He smiled and turned to his grey-haired colleagues on both sides. They all squirmed, fidgeted and looked away — like grammar school children. The only one smiling let the decision makers roast in their own cowardice for a long, awkward spell of silence. He wasn't smiling when he turned back to me. "Your point is understood and rejected," he said, sadly, with a catch in his voice.


Thanks for your activism Garrett! I too have gone to numerous NRC meeting charades for decades to shut IP. I speak-out to influence and inform the public along with active friends.
The NRC are just agents for the industry and will do or say anything to further that agenda - The NRC works for the industry not public safety and more people need to understand that fact!

"SAFSTOR" is the next big anti-nuke fight! The industry desperately wants to avoid clean-up/restoration costs - putting that off for 60 years with NRC complicity/cover will potentially accomplish that! It is a blatant criminal evasion!


Interesting post. I agree with you entirely except that it is their money that protects the wealthy if there should be problems at IP. They would quickly get out of NYC. Relocating would be an annoyance for them, inconvenient, maddening and sad, but it will barely touch their wealth and for them it will not be much of a disaster, not nearly as much as it would be for the other 20 million in the area. The rich will be OK. I doubt that they think about protecting the other 20 million.


Anybody really believe the contaminated water isn't still making it out to sea?

They still haven't even got the ice wall they were discussing started.

Feb 17th 2016:

"The amount of contaminated water at Fukushima No. 1 continues to rise due to the groundwater flowing into the reactor buildings. As of Thursday, the amount of tainted water kept in storage tanks stood at nearly 800,000 tons, with the amount increasing by several hundred tons per day.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and TEPCO have been seeking approval from the NRA to start up the frozen wall for its entire 1.5-km length."



This is such an obvious cheap shot at scapegoating employees in order to divert continued attention of people's away from the real Fukushima-Daiichi truth.

The 5-Years of continuous deception continues right up to ANOTHER anniversary, only few days away! THE DEBATE over nuclear anything, AT ALL! The story has been shamefully buried behind quickly created law, which prevents independent investigative due diligence into scrutinizing probable ongoing worldwide radionuclide contamination beyond Japan's borders. The corporation and its scurrilous banksters have gotten away with not fixing the un-fixable!