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'Exact Right Message': Ed Markey's Must-Watch 2020 Campaign Ad Praised for Highlighting Broken Social Contract

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/exact-right-message-ed-markeys-must-watch-2020-campaign-ad-praised-highlighting


You had me up until the part where he stated the GOP broke the social contract. No, both parties broke it. One party kept moving so far to the right they have fallen off a cliff, the other kept the rope tied onto the two to continue to let themselves be dragged off said cliff.

When I see crap journalism and messaging like this, it makes me immediately skeptical. What good does portraying the DNC as the savior of the USA when it is clear they are to blame as well? Something smells fishy…


Well frankly I’m getting tired of the naysayers. Nothing from the left is good enough anymore.


For the last time, Democrats are not remotely “the left.“ They’re every bit as right-wing as the Republicans, only more effective at it.


Not the ones I know and support.
And compromise is the only way things get done.

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Speaking for a number of us in our late sixties, we’re looking forward to voting for Markey in Nov.


DNC should make that a national ad but wait the DNC elitists don’t agree with that.


I half way agree but…we need to hold their feet to the fire.

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There a number of Politicians that seem genuine in their wanting to see a reestablishment of that Social Contract. That said it not the Republicans that are the issue here. The people should all know that more Social Program spending is NOT part of their platform. There people that vote that believe this as well and in a Democracy they should have that voice.

The issue is the Democratic party itself and how they act to thwart these programs. The people that vote Democrat tend to want many of these things but even as they vote a person who they think will represent them to office , it the DNC and Corporate Democrats that act to ensure those initiatives never get off the ground.

In the last election as many if not more persons ran for the Democrats with National security (ex CIA, Military and so on) credentials as ran as progressives. The two groups are quite frankly incompatible. If one elects 10 more progressives to office, nothing is accomplished when 20 Corporatists elected to office. This is why a system that in essence a duopoly is destined to fail and can never be a truly representative democracy.

In the 1970s right wing think tanks were formed so as to ensure the takeover of both Political parties in the USA by monied interests. I just do nor see how that can be reversed by having Progressives run under the banner of a party that is owned by those with big money. Monied interests will only allow it when they deem it no threat to them.


Agree. Is Markey just now seeing the light, eh?

Edward John Markey is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Massachusetts since 2013. A member of the Democratic Party, he was the U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 7th congressional district from 1976 to 2013.

Have I become so jaded in the last 10 years that no matter what a politician says I can’t help but question their words/motives? The last time I believed a politician was in 2008 when Obama was running, and look how that turned out.

Barack says “Yes we can” to the adoring crowds, but when he climbs into bed he whispers to Michelle “but we’re not going to.”

And who can ever forget: “I’m the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.”

The peons got pitchforked, and the banksters continue to get trillions in bailout money!
So Markey’s ad sounds great, but wouldn’t we peons be stupid to believe any politician?


And almost always the wrong things. How has that Clitonesque triangulation/compromise stuff worked out for you and us all?


Actually, it’s time to ask what the government can stop doing to us, like killing us (and folks and creatures around the world too).


The Social Contract. Even FDR never truly pushed a social contract. He was trying to save capitalism. A social contract implies trust between a group of people in a way that a member of that group knows someone has their back. A tiospaye(in Lakota).
Since the US of Abuse was founded on an oligarchy, We The People have not had a social contract. Instead, we’ve been given lots of moral scolding that it’s our fault we’ve not “succeeded” or haven’t saved enough to afford health care and retirement. The prosperity gospel and the other such think yourself rich is just another way to make a person feel like a failure. Small wonder the US of A has the highest use per capita of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds, along with suicides and self-medication in the form of booze and street drugs.
We’ll need to do a 180 as a culture to even get close to a Social Contract. Meanwhile, watch your back. The person who says they’re a friend has a shiv in reserve, ready to take all they can from you when you’re down and out.


My guess is that you know and support the Biden/Harris ticket. What ticket could signal hard-right Republican values more than this one?

Aren’t Biden and Harris more Trumpian than Trump, himself – when it comes to their long list of achievements for Wall Street criminals, AIPAC, the genocidal neocons, PhRMA and AHIP, the fossil-fuel industry, the oligarchy, the assassinating/protest-crushing/citizen-surveilling authoritarians, and white supremacists (New Jim Crow architects, militarized racist police who murder with impunity, regressive prosecutors, Drug Warriors, and death penalty proponents)?

Trump’s handling of the pandemic has been the worst chapter of his presidency – and Democrats were unanimous in supporting the CARES Act, which gave him and the far-right everything they wanted (and ended any future leverage the “left” might have): trillions of dollars for billionaires and a guaranteed economic Depression of unprecedented scale.

Beyond that, the Democrats you imagine to be “leftists” have supported every appalling policy associated with Trump: building his border wall (with no conditions), passing his regressive tax cuts, fast-tracking his extremist judges, giving him more money for war than his budget request… you know the list.

They support and echo his imperialist rhetoric against Maduro, Putin, Tehran, Assange, Assad… and give standing ovations to his most thuggish allies (Guiado) and his most deranged pronouncements (vigorously applauding Trump as he rails against “socialism”).

This Democratic Party disenfranchises millions of Americans – mostly people of color, the poor, and students – in order to rig its primaries for the far-right.

And it fights Medicare-for-All and a Green New Deal with every fiber in its being.

The only time these right-wing Democrats (and our neo-fascist corporate media) oppose Trump is when he tries repeatedly to withdraw the last U.S. troops from Syria, where President Obama’s Operation Timber Sycamore flooded a nation at peace with thousands of Salafist militants, resulting in a war that’s killed over 500,000 people and created over ten million refugees.

The only time they oppose Trump is when he repeatedly tries to end the Afghanistan war, our nation’s longest – a complete debacle that’s ended hundreds of thousands of Afghan lives, exploded opium production, and damaged the U.S. politically and economically.

They attack Trump for talking about diplomacy in the Koreas – even as South Koreans and North Koreans alike rejoice and use that moment to begin a new dialogue.

These neo-McCarthyite monsters call Trump “Putin’s boyfriend,” the homophobic hypocrites… these right-wingers in “Blue” clothing…

And when Trump denies the neocons their next bloody war in the Middle East – firing Bolton after refusing to bring “Shock & Awe” to Iran – the Democrats side with Bolton! They’ve spent the last several years embracing and rehabilitating GOP/neocon fascists from George W. Bush to Frank Luntz to William Kristol to David Frum to Max Boot to John Brennan to Robert Mueller to James Comey to Susan Rice to Samantha Power to Hillary Clinton…).

Sadly, there is no one in the Democratic Party’s leadership who isn’t a Russiagating modern Nazi allied with the genocidal Bush/Cheney-era neocons responsible for the modern holocaust of Arab Muslim civilians (millions of whom were slaughtered by Trump’s three immediate predecessors, including Presidents Clinton and Obama).

That crime is unforgivable and clear proof that this party isn’t to anyone’s left.

And sadder yet, there is no “Squad” member or alleged progressive in the Democratic Party who doesn’t obsequiously bow and scrape before the party’s neo-fascist, torture-normalizing, WWIII-pushing leadership.

Ultimately, they all work for the 1%, and they all voted for Trump’s monstrous deception, the CARES Act, which did little more than artificially inflate the stock market and make billionaires much richer.

That’s why over 160,000 Americans are dead, and scores of thousands more will be by the end of the year.

The mass-evictions, homelessness explosion, and race wars – with neighborhood lynchings and criminal cops (criminal everything) – are just around the corner… and the Democrats were equal partners in engineering this society-collapsing enterprise.

Because all this societal collapse didn’t just start happening when Donald Trump was elected president.

The duopoly-created Corporatocracy has been softening up our society since the 1980’s – with enormous success since the 1990’s… after Democrats abandoned working people and became the most-effective, furthest right Republicans in government.

Post-1980’s Democrats are the ones who don’t just talk about disenfranchising people of color, but make good on the KKK-pleasing promise of the Southern Strategy. They’re the ones who succeed where their GOP counterparts fail: passing welfare “reform,” shuttering public schools, deporting brown people by the millions, locking up black people by the hundreds of thousands, wiping out the post-Civil Rights Era gains of black households, etc.

I understand your dilemma, Gandolf, I really do. In 2000, I was a “LOTE” voter myself, because I’d never seen anything so terrifying as “Dubya” coming for the presidency (and wouldn’t again until Sec. Clinton’s 2016 bid).

Even Noam Chomsky, for whom I have enormous respect, has succumbed to the temptation to see a “lesser” among these two unthinkably evil options.

(The good news is they’re not the only options. Sane, moral, rational people can vote for the Green Party or Democratic Socialists or Nick Brana’s People’s Party – denying our votes to lifelong proponents of EVIL.)

“LOTE” voting has only brought us Trump (and worse than Trump, including Trump’s immediate few predecessors, who did more for fascism than Trump could ever dream of).

In my opinion, the time has come to stop voting for all of the far-right fascists on the ballot… even the ones who pay lip service to “climate change,” “human rights,” and “racial sensitivity” while doing the bidding of the oligarchy.


Good comment! Your second graf is especially sentient – most of our fellow peons feel like they have failed (as have my husband and I for all of our adult lives based on our inability to ever have enough money to feel safe – even our parents went to great lengths to convince us that our failure was ours instead of our elected whores’ failure to care in even the most rudimentary way)!
Concerning the shiv: In my case it’s foolhardy to bring a knife to a gunfight as I have a governor and 2 judges in my pocket. :-}}


Remind me again about the last time the r-party compromised. Thanks.


And both halves of our duopoly parse the language of scolding in sugarcoated terms.

According to the r-party: The rich should pay less to support society because they’re job creators who “trickle down” prosperity on the rest of us – a rising tide lifts all boats, dontcha know?

According to the d-party: This is a “meritocracy” and government should provide equal opportunity for all to reach their potential…but you’ll get a pittance if your potential only gets you so far.

I’m sick of their snake oil. Especially in the face of so much proof that it’s bullshit.


THANK you for that! It’s NEVER, ever been about pragmatic compromise and cooperation. They’re the sharks… chum? They’re intentionally blatant about crushing anything even remotely Democratic & sneering about our powerlessness.




~https://www.grubstreet.com/2020/08/montauk-brewing-co-black-lives-matter-statement.html (try Juice or Double IPA)

I would disagree on one thing out of your well written comment.
I think other reasons for trump are afoot beyond LOTE. Citizens United foremost. And another big item is the fact that Americans have become more and more detached from the election system.
Frankly, it’s hard to blame voters when we have elected seven of the last eight presidents only to be overruled by the electoral college, the SCOTUS, and counting failures.