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Exactly 16 Years Ago, George W. Bush Opened the Floodgates to Torture at Guantánamo


Exactly 16 Years Ago, George W. Bush Opened the Floodgates to Torture at Guantánamo

Andy Worthington

Since the terrible elevation of the grotesquely inadequate figure of Donald Trump to the position of President of the United States, there has been a bizarre propensity, on the part of those in the center and on the left of US political life, to seek to rehabilitate the previous Republican president, George W. Bush.


i remember crying at the knowledge that our military would never be the same.


And the media, including some Dems and those of the neoliberal “left” has the gall to try to rehabilitate this war criminal. I guess that is one advantage the presidency has. It gives you the ultimate job security. You can be responsible for millions of deaths and ruined lives and still walk out of the White House set for life.


George W Bush- Guantánamo, shock and awe, mission accomplished, puppet on the string of the evil Dick “Strangelove” Cheney.

Barack Obama- Assad must go ( so Israel will be happy.). So what if Syria will be destroyed. Israel will be even happier.

Donald Trump- I will rain down fire and fury (on North Korea) like the world has never seen. Let’s hope he is all bombastic talk. He may turn out to be a ‘pussy’ cat compared to his predecessors.


I neither watch TV nor movies, but am told that there is quite a bit of torture porn out there. Qui bono? Evil.


This is a truthful article, but it must also be put into context.

  1. We must never forget Bush ll was an illegitimate president (lost election).
  2. The only country to blame for 9/11 is the U.S. (more than enough evidence to prove this).
    If you know the above truths, than this last one will piss you off (as if the first 2 haven’t already)
  3. The war on terror is a lie (we are the worlds terrorists)


Torture during wartime dates far back in US History. In 1902 Theodre Roosevelt suggested that no one is really hurt by the practice when it revealed US troops used “waterboarding” on Filipino’s.


What Bush did in essence was openly proclaim that the USA would practice torture and ignore the Geneva Conventions wherein Presidents before him would ignore those same conventions, allow torture , and hide behind the lie that they “respected human rights”.

From the article.

During a triumphal U.S. speaking tour General Frederick Funston, bearing a Congressional Medal of Honor and harboring political ambitions, bellicosely promoted total war. In Chicago he boasted of sentencing 35 suspects to death without trial and enthusiastically endorsed torture and civilian massacres. He even publicly suggested that anti-war protestors be dragged out of their homes and lynched.


No mention of John Yoo in this article?   Wasn’t he one of the “lawyers” who backed the Lying Son-of-a-Bush’s justification of torture?  SFAIK, this filth is still teaching law – LAW!! – at U.C.Berkeley in California.  The abject failure of O’Bummer to prosecute Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Yoo during his first term was a major reason that
I could not vote for him in 2012.


GW Bush, an incompetent ignoramus and demented piece of human waste!


I have never accepted Bush as a decent president or man. The problem is in comparing Bush to Trump. Both are indecent. Both are/were liars. Trump just hasn’t reached the worst parts of Bush yet, though he seems to yearn for it. He talks of torture as being good and he seems to want a war with someone, anyone.
The problem is that Trump is far more open about his bigotry and encouraging other bigots to act.


Oh there is a lot of it out there. There are many who love that stuff. There are certain shows I won’t watch because they glorify torture.


This lefty certainly isn’t rehabbing the war criminal GWB, and it would have been helpful to know which lefties have said GWB is such a lovely bloke. Trump is simply more of the same, awaiting his turn to kill.


There exists a contention that all who pass from this life will feel every harm they have inflicted during their life here on each and every child of God. So awakened, they accept their new destination in sorrow but as completely deserved. A wiser person would never engage in torture lest the one subjected to it be innocent.