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Exactly How Many People in Iran Will Die of Coronavirus Because Trump's Inhumane Sanctions?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/06/exactly-how-many-people-iran-will-die-coronavirus-because-trumps-inhumane-sanctions

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It isn’t that what he said is egregious, but that his reasons for saying it are ignoble.

Ignobility is Orangeman’s defining feature. His face should adorn the heads side of the Ignoble Prize. (Please don’t even glance at the tails side.)

Juan understates. Which is not usual.
Fact: We helped kill about 200,000 Iranian soldiers in their war with Iraq in the 1980’s.
Then and now:
USA Economic sanctions cause over 50,000 early deaths each year in Iran.
As of mid June 2016, it was another 1,800,000 elderly and children dead because Iran did not have access to medicines.

Juan, on Iran (and also on all of Trump’s Israel-Palestine transgressions) maybe you should also apportion some blame to those “progressives” who sold out to Trump by not helping Clinton win in November 2016. Then we would still have the nuclear agreement and many sanctions lifted.

Sanctions on Venezuela are an act of war and the same for Iran—each candidate should be asked how they can support such sanctions that are killing thousands-----???

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We have an idiot as our president
He is dishonest
We have elections coming soon
We will use diplomacy again rather than this nonsense