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"Exactly What I've Hoped For": 100+ Education Leaders Voice Support for Sanders K-12 Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/10/exactly-what-ive-hoped-100-education-leaders-voice-support-sanders-k-12-plan

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Won’t new charter schools just organize as non-profits to game the proposed goals ?


Cornel West and Noam Chomsky are both extremely politically savvy and educators of the first order. This is sort of thing I’ve been waiting for. Count me in!

The “privatization” of education a la DeVos is NOT about teaching to learn, it is about channeling the internalization of colonizing “culture”. This can now be stated as being the OPPOSITE of what is needed to unleash human genius - which we are in desperate of and that means YESTERDAY!


The article missed something important in Bernie’s plan. If you go to his website, he says that high-stakes testing must end in our public schools. Without that point, I, as a former educator, would not endorse his plan. With it, I will.


When I was in grade school during the 50’s and 60’s America was ranked #1 in the world for education. When I was in high school I could have gone to ASU tuition free because I lived in state. For the better colleges it was entrance exams plus tuition fees. Now look at where we are. Any road leading to where we were is the right road and I see a highway with Bernie’s name on it.


I am assuming there will be no more federal funding for charter/private schools. If they want to get a tax break through some other route, have at it.


Obama supported charter schools and testing. Just like the bushes. I hope Bernie wipes out every last trace of these corporate jack holes.Bernie 2020.


Testing is one of the worst things that has happened to public schools. This teaches nothing but memorizing facts, dates etc with no context.
The entire populace dulled down and no critical thinking skills.Before you know it…nation of dummies. Just the way the elites like us.


BAM!!! Sanders does it again.


There are nonprofits and then there are “nonprofits.” The first have a legitimate goal of educating the kids, in some cases religious indoctrination would be a better description. And the second doesn’t show any profit on the books at the end of the year, but the director paid her/himself several hundred thousand dollars and also paid family members a princely sum for being on the board of directors. The director also charged the school a huge rent for using the building that the director already owned. The school also paid a bundle for whatever didactic tools the director’s family was selling (see the Bush family). Then there are numerous other ways to milk the cow without earning a profit.


Bernie does it again. He is the only one who can truly see REAL LIFE and what all of we the humans need---- a real education, a love of knowledge, and knowing that the most beautiful word in the universe is the word, WHY? That leads a brain on a tour that can change a person’s life. It’s the point of learning for the knowledge and the surprises that no one can imagine— and it’s not about a paycheck at all! When a WHY leads a person on a trail of----- who knows what-----then always new and exciting ides arrive and a new way never thought of before is found! YES, BERNIE!!! YES, YES, YES!


Charter schools now don’t receive a whole lot of federal funding. Their main cash flow comes from local funds depending on how many kids they have enrolled by a certain date. This is money that is lost to the local public school even though the charter school then expels any “problem” kids, i.e., special needs kids, after the date and the public school has to pick up the slack but the charter school keeps the money.


I am also an educator and as such I agree with Bernie because the current test system is poorly designed and not suited to giving an accurate description of a students strengths and weaknesses. For example, under the current system Bach and Beethoven would have been overlooked due to the fact that musical genius is not measured. Neither are critical thinking skills, motor skills, empathy and other important pieces of the educational puzzle. I do agree that testing should be done, but it must be designed to more more inclusive and less geared towards the objectives of corporate America. In a nutshell, I believe this is the intent of Bernie as well.
on another note, in more developed countries, when students score lower on national tests, the school is awarded MORE MONEY to help the school deal with the lag rather than punishing the teacher for things that are usually completely out of their control (such as poverty, a students home life, disabilities, language barriers, etc.) That is the root of social equity and justice for all.


there’s one other dirty secret about “non profits” that most people don’t know: they can, in fact, make a profit. They just have to pay taxes on it, and that’s often not very much. If anyone thinks that Kaiser is a “non profit” medical operation, then they’re pretty stupid.

That company is filthy rich.


One easy way to prevent that from happening is simply to enact legislation that says any ‘non-public school’ must pay their teachers act least 20% above the public school teacher rate. Because most of the profits come from underpaying teachers in charter schools, the requirement (which must be enforced!) would quickly eliminate the competitiveness of the charter school system.

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Do we need any more reasons? Bernie 2020!!!


Hey, can’t beat “free”…

That being said the problem is kids are being mollycoddled all thru K12. Then they get to college and half of them drop out after the first year. Most of them need remedial classes for what they should have learned in school. A lot of them can’t even spell or write cursive. The level of general education they have is pathetic.

I have been in cockpits teaching flying to young kids 18-20 and they all have trouble adding and subtracting numbers, making simple calculations. You take their iPad or iPhone or Android tablet they curl up in the fetal position waiting or some kind of higher being to come to the rescue. Some of those are now flying you and you family across the country.

My wife was working on he masters and had to take Algebra 101 as a prerequisite. Guess what they studied? The freaking quadratic equation and cubic equation. Somehow they were introduced max/min of functions without the concept of a derivative.

All that is perfectly feasible right now. No huge reform is needed. Let teachers do their jobs. They are afraid of the kids, the parents and the principal.

It’s not really labelled a profit but something more like reserves. Kaiser’s reserves are huge - billions of dollars - all non-taxable. A great source of bonuses and perks for the executives. Really - these excesses in reserves should be taxed or there should be some system that prevents the amassing of such wealth outside of the tax system.


"Obama supported charter schools and testing. Just like the bushes. "

Yup - for a long time, the right wing Republican Party and right liberal Democratic Party have promoted charter schools - effectively making public schools the villain of (and private schooling the potential savior of) the US’s inequities…

…as though education alone could ‘correct for’ US capitalism’s social and economic inequities.

“Don’t Like Betsy DeVos? Blame the Democrats.
The Democratic Party paved the way for the education secretary’s efforts to privatize our public schools.”


:-))) So you too were taught critical thinking? Marvelous stuff, isn’t it? Never ever stop asking why.