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"Exactly What I've Hoped For": 100+ Education Leaders Voice Support for Sanders K-12 Plan

I support Sanders, but this is where he misses it, imo.

Yes to all Sanders proposes. Good as far as it goes.

But as AOC has proposed, US education needs to support Career Technical Education - CTE, previously known as (unevenly implemented) vocational education - too.

There are many good ‘middle skill’ jobs that don’t require a 4-year liberal arts degree, vs. post-high school apprencticeships or 2-year community colleges.

‘4-year-college-for-all’ is a social-economic caste concept that will fail all but an academically proficient minority.

CTE high schools can set students up for a broader range of ‘pathways to success’ - better still if they are introduced earlier to support student and parent engagement early.


The high stakes testing program in my state (Michigan) will hold third grade students back if they do not meet a certain level of competence in reading. The Department of Education claims that there is plenty of allowance made for students with high needs, but the fact is that a number of students will be retained. Research tells us that those students are much more likely to drop out, but politicians pay little attention to such things. High stakes testing tries to fit all students into the same size box. We know where that leads.


Obama was such an utter disappointment.


But. But. But he got the Nobel prize shortly before escalating and STARTING foreign interventions.

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This is possibly the only decent man in the entire federal government, bar none.

There are several decent women too.

We can pretty much scrap the rest.

From the lowest clerk to the President, and everyone in between.

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I guess I was thinking more about the money given out by the federal government in the form of school vouchers. Hopefully that is completely shut off.

I agree but I don’t like the word “elites” when referring to the upper crust of a rotten pie.

And John Walton is a huge charter school advocate and funder.