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'Exactly What the Country Needs Right Now': SCOTUS Rejects Texas Suit Challenging Election Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/exactly-what-country-needs-right-now-scotus-rejects-texas-suit-challenging-election


Jessica, please add the intimidation and threats being made against elected officials and election officials in Michigan and Georgia. 74 million voters for trump and 60% are not going to accept his defeat by any time soon. Trump will continue every day to message them and request their funding him, still.

If the two Georgia senate seats go republican, nothing dems want and American families need is going to get past McConnell, They will gain house in 2022 and back into white house 2024 with another creep like Cheney, Rummy, Trump, etc.

They will promise us but deliver to wall street and banks.


The SCOTUS has rejected the Texas lawsuit. The Texas AG, the 17 state AG’s who joined the lawsuit, and the 126 House republicans who filed the Amicus Curiae supporting the lawsuit are seditionists. Citizens who live in those states or congressional districts must unequivocally denounce the actions of the seditionists, demand their resignation or institute immediate recall processes. Otherwise, they are also seditionists.

Anyone who still supports Trump at this point is a seditionist. And, there tens of millions of them.

There are laws covering this. The 14th Amendment needs to be invoked to unseat the 126. State legislatures should unseat the 18 AG’s.

This must NOT be allowed to go unpunished, politically or legally. Otherwise, impunity will be the order of the day, and our Republic and the “rule of law” will finally and completely be shown to be a scam.


Sanity prevails. (For the time being.)

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Now Texas wants to secede! But never fear. PTB couldn’t deal with having their handouts reduced, even by one state. We’ve been expecting something like this.



Expel the slave states. If you don’t like democracy, we don’t want you.


Does America have the political/social cajones to SERIOUSLY challenge and PROSECUTE these seditionists for their attempts to undermine our Constitution?

Or will we as usual mumble some objections, and let it all “slide”?

True COURAGE, and what the Right claims to love, patriotism, would mean removing those traitors from office!

Unfortunately, if history and political “pressure” have any role with Biden coming into office, I fear Uncle Joe will stop any serious legal actions.

I hope I’m wrong, but legal seriousness is nothing our Duopoly has ever used to process our Elite Ruling Class of America.


SCOTUS did not rule on the merits of the case by rejecting Paxton’s allegations of election fraud. Instead, they rejected the case on “standing”, which many of Trump’s supporters will regard as a technicality. Trump’s supporters will forever feel that “We wuz robbed.”

This action by the SCOTUS may end Trump’s lawsuits, but it does nothing to undermine Trump’s lies about a “rigged” election. The country will be split into hostile groups for decades. The foundation has been laid for Trump’s return in 2024 and for a Republican landslide in Congress in 2022.


At 5 AM eastern, Bloomberg reports that Trump campaign has purchased TV advertising to continue the ‘fraudulent votes’ lying charge.
The channel carrying this ad has not yet been identified.
Two results:
Danger to state level elected officials and employees.


To hell with democracy. How about if the militia warlord with the most weapons rules?

Am I getting sadly naive (in my dotage) to consider it possible that orange growth might be excised from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, come January 20? I’ll admit to falling victim to some optimism this morning, thanks to Ari Berman’s infectious “over, over, over, over.” A few more weeks go by, and it’s nah-nah-nah-nah, good-bye!?

I’ve been around awhile, as have many in the forum. We don’t need to be filled in about the shortcomings of 46. Some of us – possibly most of us – suffer from that “political junkie” syndrome first diagnosed by the legendary Hunter S. Thompson. I’ve been following the careers of people like Biden and Harris all my life – I don’t exactly hang their freaking portraits in my home.

But come on, there’s your traditional level of US American political hypocrisy, suffusing the waters to this day in the cabinet nominations we see… and then there’s your genuine bonafide president-for-life dictator, like Erdogan, which we had only briefly in one-term OrangeLoserman. That’s looking like reality, finally, and I’m allowed to feel great about it this morning, thank you very much.

Some otherwise astute commenters in here have habitually issued vague, dark forebodings, such as “Now the shit is really about to hit the fan!” I don’t understand what drives such thoughts. I can reply and ask for specifics on the excreted material or the mechanism of propulsion, but they don’t answer, preferring to keep their Orange Fear ill-formed and inchoate. What are you afraid of now, if I might ask?


An acceptable result, but it would have been far better if the justices had called out the treason of those pushing this lawsuit.


Texas is always talking about seceding. That’s all it ever is.

Would that be the states that harbor the bankers and insurers?

It’s amazing how many people here are so eager to kill off other humans.


He’s going Aleph. This is all just sensationalism.

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From Jeffrey:

How weird is the Texas appeal for the Supremes to overturn the election results? There’s been an amicus brief in support of it filed by two self-declared states that don’t exist: “New California” and “New Nevada.”

Oy. Just oy – Hold the vey.

“The results are clear: Voters, not politicians, chose the winner.”


Yes, but: Politicians, not voters, chose the candidates.


I brought a lawsuit because I wasn’t elected Queen. The courts said that I had no standing; I’m straight. So, they never looked at the merits of my case. It’s funny how the court system works.

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I say, “Let’s send them all to Russia and see how they fucking like it there.”

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This chickenschit ‘side-step’ by SCOTUS has left the door open for more of this crap down the road.

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