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'Exactly What We Want to See': Overhaul Expected to Strengthen Power of Congressional Progressive Caucus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/exactly-what-we-want-see-overhaul-expected-strengthen-power-congressional


Something is afoot. I’m just not sure what. This news today, combined with Bustos being forced out at the DCCC may to the average observer seem like the party is finally planning a move to the left. I don’t buy it. Something else is about to go down.


Con. Bustos was the unfortunate recipient of Trump’s 70-some million white wave vote, pretty much. Led by 55% of white women voting for a Trump second term. What is wrong with that picture?
Talk about resentment politics and/or blaming the victims. The backlash is strong in them.

Republicans are no longer the problem: The Wall Streeters are planning a move
to defend themselves from Democrats …

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The CPC’s highest priority needs to be pressuring Team Biden to launch a Nuremberg style trial on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice post haste. Failure to do so confirms that Team Biden has adopted the Obama look forward / ignore high crimes action (that enabled Trump’s presidency) and will render the CPC irrelevant as long as Biden is POTUS.

Jayapal appears to be smart enough to understand this so I hope I am preaching to the choir.


Bustos almost lost her seat as well. I suppose it would have been poetic justice and some karma for her constant cavorting with Chicago’s big money democratic machine and eschewing anything and everything even remotely progressive.
In short. Ms Bustos was a sell out. It cost her eternal shame, and her job at the DCCC


The CPC needs to flex it’s muscle. The insulting comments by radical centrists including Pelosi, right after the election show that we need to fight like hell. We need to remind the congresswoman from Virginia that we don’t owe Dems our votes, that they lost the election in 2016 by ignoring our concerns so that enough of us voted for Jill Stein. They need to be reminded that the Lincoln Project did not convince a lot of Repubs to go for Biden but without the progressive vote he would have lost. They need to be reminded that local indivisible groups like mine in NM worked hard to register people and get out the vote. They owe us. But more importantly, they need to pay attention to the moral imperative that we represent; feeding and housing the poor, making sure everyone has health care and stopping the destruction of life on this planet.


Progressive Caucus during this lame duck quacking.
Make sure nancy is replaced as speaker.

The accepted member has to vote with the caucus leadership two thirds of the time.


Might it be that Rep. Bustos simply was not responsive enough to the people of her district?


Unless the Progressive Cuckus members swear a Luciferian blood oath to vote as a bloc, even if it means shutting down the government, they’ll be as worthless as they’ve ever been. The Tea Party showed that 30 members, drawing a line in the sand and refusing to step over it, can force party leadership to compromise. Do you see 30 Democratic members with that kind of backbone? They’re afraid to whisper the word “socialist” even when in a room all by themselves.


A sad day. The closeness of the POTUS vote legitimizes the right-wing political army of lies of, and to half of our country. That alone puts a bit of fear in me.

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Really good news –

and imagine Pelosi would like to take a hammer to it –


The muscle of the Corporate candidates in the DNC, those who want to protect the Status quo , is the media and bankers and wall street. They will do all they can to sabotage the progressive movement.

The muscle of the progressives is the people. They will need the peoples help.

What I expect will happen is that early on a number of fig leaves will go the progressives way, this serving to act to silence the people and demobilize them. Once the people think all is well Big money will move back in and the Democrats will get more “realistic”.

The people have to stay involved.


Well, her husband was a retired LE Officer, so maybe she was a poor choice to represent the interests of BLM and MeToo? There were almost 20 million first-time Democratic voters, as well.
Was Con. Bustos miscast by Democratic leaders or just over her head in this environment; 70 some million crazed Trump voters would scare the shit out of most of us, right?

Her district has been trending conservative ( Republican ) and…well, the Democratic voters are now much younger overall and the Democratic Leadership is ancient and centrist.
Something has got to give in 2-3 election cycles, right?


Whatever the CDC is doing to execute more power, more of the progressive voice, do it.

Americans need to vote in more progressives every damn chance they get. Make corporate owned Dems the silent minority.

Vote every chance you get. Donate to Justice Democrats. We need to fight off Emily’s List bs Dems. Tell corporate owned Democrats to go to hell.


I’m not sure who was in charge of election planning at the DNC, but if they weren’t anticipating that white loyalists, fearful of losing power, wouldn’t put on their jackboots and march lock step to the polls, they were kidding themselves.
As we have now found out from the last two presidential elections, white people will not give up power in the US under any circumstances. They would gleefully burn it down before they would share power with people of color.


What the CPC needs to do, is withdraw from the democrat party.


There is just one problem with all of this: “the people” have no power to shape policy once the election is over. When a politician gains power they use it to stay there, and to them that means appeasing the donors, not the electorate. Having only two parties means that voters have only two choices. If both parties are set on promoting oligarchy, as are today’s Republicans and Democrats. then we will have oligarchy. Voting is all the people have, and unless there is sudden, massive and overwhelming support for progressive candidates (and enough of that type of candidate in the first place) the chances of sweeping out all the oligarchs at once are nil.

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If they get in the streets like they do in Quebec. Iceland and elsewhere they can make a difference.