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'Exactly Why Some People Hate Democrats': Progressives Rip Moderates for Proposal to Censure, But Not Impeach, Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/11/exactly-why-some-people-hate-democrats-progressives-rip-moderates-proposal-censure

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Progressives ARE progressive, but “moderates” aren’t moderate, they’re Republican Lite, as Obama described himself, they are Republicans.
The word “moderate” has positive connotations.
It shouldn’t be used to describe the sellout corporate Dems who collude with Trump and the GOP.
Call them regressives instead.


Let’s be Clear on this

It’s not Ideological differences

It’s “Let’s Make A Deal”…my pricetag says $$$$


I have no idea who said it first, but the term “Vichy Democrats” works for me.


This is what I came here to say, for the multi-millionth time.

“Centrist” means “in the center.” “Moderate” means “average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree,” or in politics, it means neither right nor left, and so, “centrist.”

It is very likely that there is no one truly in the center, no true moderate, anywhere in politics in the U.S. Even our current progressive heroes are more Roosevelt New Deal that real socialists.

Those in the Democratic party who are right now fighting to make Trump’s presidency out to be slightly eccentric, but nothing to worry too much about, are enablers trying to have it both ways. They are right wingers; not centrist, not center-right or anything like that. They are Nixon/Reagan Republicans.

40 years ago Reagan was hated by Democrats as a radical-right supply sider, and today Democrats worship the former Democrat president who was further to the right than either Reagan or Nixon and many still insist he was progressive. Republicans of course still call him socialist.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but “Nobody ever went broke by overestimating the intelligence of the public.” * — H.L. Mencken

*Mencken might have meant “underestimating.”


But with apologies to Abe Lincoln, it’s now possible–as amply demonstrated by the election of Donald Twump–to fool enough of the people enough of the time.


As others have said here, “moderates” embrace a more conservative approach to their vision of governance than “party for the people” Democrats.

In my opinion, this group would be better off registering as Republican or Independent, depending on how aggressive their conservative leaning is.


Ha! I was quoted saying it about a week ago but I didn’t invent it. Sure fits.

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One of these consevadems actually described the censure compromise as more bi-partisan/

As if a single repub would vote censure.
What a completely clueless thing to say.

But file this away, friends, for the next time a d-party apologist whines about party unity.


I am convinced that you can fool 87.4 percent of the people all of the time. You just have to fool them in different ways.


FACT. 37 Trump related associates indictments, 3 of the 4 FISA targets convicted along with Gates, Stone, and Popadopoulos . Subject #1 Treacherous Trump is not Muller, Impeachment, or law enforcement exonerated because of massive unprecedented Trump Presidential coverup stonewalling those many damaging facts yet to be revealed by court order. No wacky Trump spying or conspiracy theories, sycophant Buttboy Barr lying about the actual results of the Muller Report and FBI exonerating Horowitz Report just to name a few indications of proven and tacit guilt. The life long proven unethical and immoral world record Presidential serial liar, porn star philander, gov. forced shut student cheating fake Trump U, donor cheating Trump Charities, and housing discriminator, multiple bankrupt non paying workers and contractors deadbeat, including failed casino’s, airline, wine, etc. is a lifelong slithering cesspool dwelling scumbag no responsible parent, spouse, friend, boss, or employer would tolerate for a NY minute, only his fellow unethical, immoral, disloyal Party before country Republican Congress, GOP, and Trumpsters will.


Now do the same for the Clintons and Bush and I will take you seriously.


They - the repubs - would vote for censure because it means almost nothing. That fits their “no-integrity” policies.

The repubs, outside of one or two, are scared shitless of running afoul of Trump.
If five voted for censure, I’d be amazed as hell.


Yea - I guess anything could trouble his fragile ego.

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False equivalence alert.
Yes, of course, Clinton and W were corrupt.
W lied us into wars and ok’d torture, etc.
Clinton sold us out to the globalists.
But neither W nor Clinton nor any other president ever has run a total RICO at all levels, with criminals, miscreants, fools and corporate tools in every Cabinet post and every other major position as Trump has done.
Neither Clinton nor W have a lifetime history of racism, sexual assault, bankruptcy fraud, other fraud, daughter-copulating, grifting and taking Russian mob money like Trump does.
Neither W nor Clinton constantly praised, embraced, admired and bent over for the world’s worst despots such as Putin, Erdogan, Kim Jong Un, MBS, Bolsonaro, el-Sisi, etc.
Neither Clinton nor W created a violent, dumb, irrational, drooling cult like Trump has done.
Get a clue!

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“conservative democrats” why not just call them what they are? republicans.


At this juncture it’s all about our Banana Republic - Kangaroo republican senate majority.
There will be no punishment.
We now, more than ever, live in two separate political realities. The real one, and the “Bizarro World” upside down one.
For many of us it may be too much to deal with, and we may want to disregard politics all together. This shouldn’t be something to overreact to though. This is the kind of thing people could get murderous about, or sort it out mentally and move on.
That’s a case of attending to the mental health of the nation, or we blame guns for the possible outrages.

This country was sold out to globalism long before Clinton. He was simply one of them, and like other things since, these anti-American antics has morphed from smoke filled rooms, to in your face, get over it, attitudes toward the American people.

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I think using the term “moderates” is too much of a distraction. Who in congress admits to being a moderate? Who determines the exact definition of such an ambiguous term?

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