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Examining Trump World’s Fantastic Claims About Ukraine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/08/examining-trump-worlds-fantastic-claims-about-ukraine

The Obama administration overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine. The author is full of crap and untruths.

Readers, seriously, do a little research. I am not a Trump supporter but these lies have got to stop. Biden is as corrupt as they come as are the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi and all the damn Repugs!

A week prior to the coup, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discuss who should be the new leader. Yats(enyuk), the guy they select magically becomes President

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QxZ8t3V_bk – Audio

The US armed fascist and Nazi battalions, look it up. This is all factual news.

The Azov Battalion, Ukraine’s neo-nazi fighters now officially part of Ukrainian National Guard.

The United States has been aiding and training Ukrainian forces since 2014, and recently expanded that aid to include arms. The omnibus includes about $620.7 million in aid for Ukraine, including $420.7 million in State Department and foreign operations funds and $200 million in Pentagon funds.

A US government employee get Ukraine citizenship overnight and becomes the finance minister

Ukraine designates national holiday for Nazi collaborator - 2018

Ukraine’s neo-Nazis trained US white supremacists – FBI


Thank you for this excellent response to Feffer’s propaganda. (This kind of neo-McCarthyite/war-promoting garbage should be relegated to the corporate media, not CommonDreams!)


Gotta love the way the modern far-left adopts right-wing narratives and embraces corrupt political leaders…


How can pointing out the corruption of capitalists in Slavic countries be “McCarthyite”.

Yes, there’s more to the Ukrainian “who’s arming/replacing/bribing/deposing who story.”

But that’s the geopolitical pattern. Shifting alliances. Financial pressure. Arms deals. Cronyism. Supporting dictators with one side of the mouth while decrying dictators with the other side. The author of this piece typically spins his stories – here we go again.

That said, I’ll circle back to Trump. The impeachment isn’t going to result in Trump’s removal or help the hapless Democrats. But it is, unfortunately, necessary. Whatever happened in the past, Trump was brazenly and openly breaking the law in the near term and he knew it – he told morons like Sondland that there was no quid pro quo when there clearly was. The Dems have no choice to rein him in. And, on the bright side, the cronyism that got Hunter ByeDone a cushy sinecure and Jared Kushner a Chinese loan or two will possibly be exposed.


Feffer’s spewing anti-Russia nonsense on behalf of the deep state, fueling a second Cold War – so, he’s not so different from “Tail Gunner Joe,” after all (only Joseph McCarthy was a raging alcoholic and personal trainwreck, and I don’t know what makes Feffer such a willing myrmidon of the MIC… money, probably).

Slightly off point, I know, but I just watched a fairly riveting impromptu “debate” (from 1977) between the brilliant historian/novelist Gore Vidal and that notorious Cold Warrior and hypocrite, Roy Cohn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5OcLkDda4g

I highly recommend it.

With today’s “liberal” class outflanking Trump and the GOP from the right, with regard to foreign policy (on behalf of neocons, the CIA, and war criminals, like John Brennan), I couldn’t help but picture today’s mainstream “left” finding Cohn more sympathetic than ever, just trying to defend our country against those evil, evil Russians…


I would amend your assertion to read “Trump is outflanking the duopoly consensus from the left.”

Which, in his “tweet every possible position in the course of two hours” policy framework isn’t hard to do.

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Lots of words Mr. Feffer. Couldn’t fit in NATO nor MH17? Hmmm?


I loved Gore Vidal debates. He was brilliant against William F Buckley. Dick Cavett had him on regularly. Thanks


Thank you, those of us that bring up these truths are generally attacked. The MSM has done its job.


If this author’s projections are correct, it sounds like rump and Snowden may end up as neighbors.
That would be some irony for the history books!

Sounds like Feffer is nipping at the Russiagate bottle
with Hillary, thanks for sobering him up


I too shake my head after reading this.

How conveniently and apparently without any sense of shame, Feffer leaves out so many details. For example, he mentions the 2013 uprising but doesn’t bother to explain how it took place…i.e. the U.S. and Biden’s role in it; nor his subsequent familial capitalizing on it. He omits mention of how Biden leaned on the Ukrainian government to assure that the Procurator General, who refused to stop investigating Burisma (Biden’s son’s company) for corruption, was then fired. Was that not quid pro quo?

And of course he parrots some of the usual anti-Russian talking points.

For example, he says Putin

has wanted to keep Ukraine as weak as possible and disrupt any potential military deals between Washington and Kyiv so as to consolidate dubious territorial claims on the country.

Well let’s see now, that’s the version pushed by the American deep state institutions. Could it instead possibly be that Russia is acting defensively - first, to the U.S. fomenting of a putsch in Ukraine (after its President decided to seek closer relationships with Russia); and then to the subsequent immediate threat to Russian security posed by the likelihood of Ukraine’s seizure of the Russian port and assets at Sevastopol? And of course, U.S. actions in Ukraine are reflected elsewhere. Indeed, the anti-Russian hawks in the US have succeed in steady ratcheting up of tensions, from placement of ABMs and other weaponry close to Russia’s borders, to economic sanctions, decisions to upgrade our nuclear weaponry, and the effective breaking of treaties. OF COURSE Putiin and Russia would not want Ukraine to pursue military deals with the US. As the kids say, “Well, Duh!”

Let’s ask the reverse question: Does the US want any state to pursue weapons deals with Russia, or place its weapons around our borders?

Oh…but Feffer apparently believes in that constantly-repeated myth of American exceptionalism. “We’re special. We can do what we like because of a priori goodness.” Right Mr. Feffer?

Count me disgusted. And also a bit disappointed that Common Dreams chose to publish this propaganda.


It’s hard to credit a lengthy analysis that omits to mention American meddling in the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected (albeit unsavory) president and that can’t bring itself to acknowledge the plebiscite in which about 90% of Crimeans vote to join Russia after witnessing the shenanigans in Kiev.

I too wonder what led CD to publish Feiffer’s article. And I wonder just what wonderful work Hunter Biden has been doing to merit earning $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian company. Just because Trump is a venal bully, idiotic, self-centred and unhinged doesn’t mean nothing stinks big-time in the state of Ukraine.

BTW, the love-in of Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, for the anti-Russian Ukrainian government is no accident. Her maternal grandfather edited a Ukrainian-language Nazi newspaper in Poland and later in Vienna. When media first confronted her with this information, she tried to dismiss it as Russian propaganda.


They published it because instead of the pro-russian support of commenters, it is russia that is and has been the aggressor.
Only fools think that putin, an ex-kgb man is a decent and honest person.

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What a lovely post ! It made me laugh for sure! First of all the author list nationalists organizations and their role in Ukraine, but to call Ukraine fascist is quite amusing with a Jewish president.

Trump is a corrupt POS and so are the Bidens.There are no good guys in this sideshow


Yep…the propagandists routinely deflect any criticism by claiming it’s propaganda. Unfortunately, that tendency is now rampantly observable in all the major media outlets. If they even mention Biden in connection with Ukraine, it’s always dismissively reported as “right wing conspiracy theories about Biden”. I’m so sickened by both the promoters of these lies and all those who are so happy to swallow it.

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One more example of faulty logic. Implying that anyone concerned about Biden’s corruption or the US’ prominent role in instigating a coup in Ukraine and its needless elevating of tensions with Russia, are therefore fans of Putin , is absurd on its face. But I’m used to that kind of oversimplification, sweeping generalization, false choice narrative. We used to see it all the time from the Trumpites… now it’s SOP for many in the so-called “Resistance”.

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