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Exceptional Chutzpah: Dick Cheney Delusional Then, Delusional Now, Evil Always


Exceptional Chutzpah: Dick Cheney Delusional Then, Delusional Now, Evil Always

With Congressional approval of the Iran deal likely soon, the slug known as Dick Cheney has inexplicably crawled out into public view - book, speech, op-ed, fundraising - to wave his ungodly antennae around and declare the notion of peace rather than war "madness." Despite a narrative so revisionist he's been called out by Fox News and the White House, he continues to rant - blind to irony - "Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many."


With all the books written by the Kandidate Klown Kar, their ghost writers must be plum exhausted and/or nauseated by the messages. The ghost writer behind the Cheney diatribe probably asked to be paid quadruple the amount before he/she writes a word in addition to requesting that his/her counselor/psychiatrist bills be paid as a result of having to endure all the invective, prevarication, and rancid rhetoric.


You are right. Dickless Cheney is not delusional, he is instead, greedy and evil. Cheney's Haliburton and the Seven Sisters (currently in an oil price collapse) will get the no-bid contract to supply the troops with $400/gallon gasoline again and the contract to rebuild Iran's cities and water systems (which they will never deliver on if Iraq is any guide to us.)

Billions of dollars are lost to Cheney if he doesn't get another oil war cranked up right away.

Never has one man done so much damage to so many!


The headline at the MSM outlets has The Dickster saying this deal is madness. Pot meet kettle, big time!


" . . . the slug known as Dick Cheney . . . "

I understand and sympathize with the intent of the identification, and it would be gross thanklessness to respond to this article with snide criticism - But, with thanks to the author and in full understanding of her intent, in all fairness, slugs are not evil, they do not advocate war and destruction, they are not responsible for the death and maiming of hundreds of thousands, they do not "cook the intelligence" or lie to the Congress and the nation, they do not make millions (billions?) of dollars at others' expense - Perhaps "the wickedness known as Dick Cheney"?


There was a few other leaders from the past who spoke of their Countries as being the greatest in the World, the light of the world, the worlds exceptional nation and all who resided it should give their loyalty......

I am convinced that when all of those nazis came over in operation paperclip Herr Cheney was carefully selected at the age of 4 to become one of the youngest members of a new Youth movement.


Abby Zimet, The assault has done far more than decimate the Middle East. Some places nearly obliterated.


Those who deride the beauty of cosmic consciousness expressed as human as sheeple are less than clueless. They are stuck in limbo between environmental collapse, endless war and austerity; they live in a featureless gray zone without empathy, understanding or imagination.


Are you referring to the poster, or to the many thousands of people who hold the opinion that killing countless thousands more people in other countries is OK if it means bragging rights and a stock market over 18000?

If the former, I think your outrage is sadly misplaced. I know plenty of hippies who will argue to me that Hillary Clinton is an amazing progressive, simply because they've chosen to tune out any facts or historical context, and base their opinions only on speeches or criticism by Fox News.


"Sedated and in a padded cell". I second the motion. Let the healing begin.


Yes! Both Hitler and Cheney are megalomaniacs and the world would have been much better [with safety for slugs] if they had never been spawned! :scream:


Read Carl Sandberg's poem "Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind." Written decades ago but just as relevent today. The main theme...We are the greatest city, the greatest nation, nothing like us ever was. (not)