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'Exceptionally Troubling': Researchers Show Hack-for-Hire Operation Targeted Groups Fighting for Climate Action and Net Neutrality

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/10/exceptionally-troubling-researchers-show-hack-hire-operation-targeted-groups


Petrochemical industry subversive activity goes way beyond this.

Ever notice that no medical condition has ever been attributed to exposure to petroleum products ? Could it be that the industry buys up research showing cause and effect ?

It recently came to light that much petro based plastic that has allegedly been “recyclable” for decades has been bought by from recyclers by industry straw operations only to be dumped in land fills.

This is a major journalistic and Canadian Citizen Watchdog breakthrough. Forget the for-profit journalists getting any resources to pursue these links to any issue pertaining to Exxon or Net Neutrality. The plethora of U.S. Non-Profit Investigative Journalism outfits that filled the vacuum left when the advertiser-driven newspapers and broadcast news networks or when the CORPORATION FOR PUBLIC BROADCASTING kept bending to their PRIVATE INTEREST ENDOWMENT FUNDS and LOBBYING THINK TANKS began cutting away their expensive Public Interest oriented Investigative Reporting staff.

That was only a part in the Private Sector shift to PEOPLE MAGAZINE or LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH & FAMOUS types of journalism that mass markets always support when the hard news papers and community radio stations are cast aside. This is where the “rational markets” gray propaganda tax-payers funded during the Cold War weaponization of E-CONomics and so-called FREE MARKET trade policies our Libertarian Ideologues are always in the game of persuading Wage Slaves and those that live by the sweat of their brow here on the PLANET OF CLOCK-PUNCHERS to vote against their own childrens education, interests and futures to vote in support of Exxon and Google-Alphabet and MicroSoft and Apple’s interests.

Every week our Indoctri-NATION Wage Stag-NATION airwaves let U.S. know it is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET and that we live on PLANET MONEY ruled by BUSINESS INSIDER or the Free if Never Fair MARKETPLACE ruled by FREAKANOMICS and governed by BLOOMBERG’S BILLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS terminals… There is no air-space for working people or our organized labor struggles long ago co-opted by Big Labor “meritocracies” of high skilled and no skilled laborers. Winner take all, and how they have…

"In 2017 when Citizen Lab began its investigation, the group believed Dark Basin could be state-sponsored, but soon determined it was likely a hack-for-hire operation. Its targets—which also included journalists, elected officials, and digital rights groups that have lobbied for net neutrality—“were often on only one side of a contested legal proceeding, advocacy issue, or business deal.”

"The watchdog has not been able to definitively link Dark Basin’s phishing efforts to particular entities which would have an interest in threatening the #ExxonKnew campaign and net neutrality advocates.

"That said, the extensive targeting of American nonprofits exercising their First Amendment rights is exceptionally troubling," wrote Citizen Lab in its report.

“A global hack-for-hire scheme, Citizen Lab wrote, "is a serious problem for all sectors of society, from politics, advocacy, and government to global commerce," particularly because the targets have little recourse without a robust investigation by law enforcement.”

And by now we should know in whose interests ‘law enforcement’ works along with our so-called Justice Department’s Moratorium from Criminally Prosecuting runaway White Collar Crime and rampant Institutional Corruption while Mass Incarcerating street crime.

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Another example of great wealth doing great evil –

But, yes – of course OIL INDUSTRY was involved in assassination of JFK –
think it was the “oil depletion allowance” he was going to overturn, for one.

H. L. Hunt – and Clint Murchinson, very specifically accused by Madelaine Brown,
one of JFK’s mistresses who lived in Texas and was very familiar with these men
and LBJ’s dealings with them. (See: Madelaine Duncan Brown/YouTube)

We probably never would have heard anything from her, except that she had had a
son by LBJ, who as he grew to adulthood and after LBJ’s death began to think that
he was entitled to make his existence know and share in LBJ’s estate. Unfortunately
for him, he followed that notion – despite his mother’s warnings not to – and was killed.
That was the motivation for her to tell the truth of LBJ’s involvement in the assassination.

In order for Elites to rule the world, then must of course have absolute control over our MIC.

…i thought we already knew that these fossil fuel guzzlers would stop at nothing to silence critics when they had Berta Cecares murdered…no? Lesson not learned? That certainly seems to be a pattern…

Bottom line: Hacking is illegal. Oil companies and internet providers are breaking the law. I presume the latter include the likes of Verizon and Comcast.

I regret the article didn’t much explain just what these hackers actually did to disrupt the consumer and climate groups. Also, it not clear why Exxon was highlighted since the post said there was no evidence they were actually involved (though they would have a motive)

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A related expose by By DANIEL GLICK titled: Detlev Helmig Was Frugal With Tax Dollars. Then CU Fired Him for Misusing Funds.-- published May 29, 2020 in the Inside Claimant News–is another good example of the influence and control of our institutions, that the powers that be, have over the things that should be reserved for the well being of life and all that sustains it.