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Excerpts of John Bolton Book Showing Unhinged Behavior by Trump Evidence Former Advisor Is '100% Complicit,' Say Critics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/17/excerpts-john-bolton-book-showing-unhinged-behavior-trump-evidence-former-advisor

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Bolton is the mirror image of Trump, both “unhinged”, both chickenhawk bullies, who love to kiss-up, and punch-down against any subordinate. they really should kiss and make up, and get a room together, after Trump’s out of office of course.
In case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s a little incite to Bolton’s character, especially with women,

“Horrifying, John Bolton Story”

I know, Daily Kos, but the same story is on many different sites.


I’m thinking something about 9x12, with a view of the exercise yard, not that’s either of them are likely to get any exercise, at least not voluntarily.


That’ll work for me. :))

This is just another example of the lack of ethical behavior in what passes for government in the US of Abuse. People who know Trump is crazier than a shithouse rat sign on board for a stint on the crazy train, knowing they’ll get a great book deal from equally complicit publishers. I don’t care who the author is, from Wolff to Bannon to Bolton, they have zero loyalty to the country. And people will buy the books salaciously, salivating over every little detail that they’ve heard and seen before, yet refuse to stop this trainwreck of an administration.
I give kudos to a few writers-those who wrote the 27 essays in The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. Dr. Justin Franks in Trump on the Couch, the last of a trilogy of psychiatric exams of presidents from George W and Obama to Trump. And Chris Hedges’s documentation of many of Trump’s crimes in America-The Farewell Tour. We were warned. Even Vanity Fair had an in-depth article on Trump’s nefarious financial empire in the August 2016 issue.
Pass on this one. As a mea culpa for buying a book simply for its salacious content, I did buy Kitty Kelley’s bio on Nancy Reagan, reading it out loud to fellow employees on our lunch break(yes, we did have such things) when we were off government property. Lots of I don’t believe they did that and they really were out to rip all of us off.


For some unknown reason, several Administrations have elevated total incompetents to the ambassadorship at the UN. Bolton was probably the most ineffectual of all. He was literally laughed at behind his back. The last one, Nikki somebody or other was another foolish appointment. The UN is for diplomats not extremist warmongers!


Why would anybody in their right mind ever want to further a war criminal’s–in every way imaginable–financial and personal status by buying his book? If there was ever a case for a banned book it would be a book by John Bolton. He should be rotting in Guantanamo, not capitalizing on his criminality. But because he can tell more dirt on Trump he’s in the spotlight all as a promotional stunt to sell his damned book. I find the whole thing amusing–in a Twilight Zone sort of upside-down-world kind of way where the insane have taken over and are running/ruining us to oblivion.


You are thinking of Nikki, the screeching raptor, Haley, former ambassador to the UN who resigned to further her political career as a supreme war monger neocon that most assuredly will have John Bolton in her cabinet if ever elected to the White House. Or AKA the White House of the criminally insane.


As the Bard once said, this is much ado about nothing.
What exactly will we learn from Bolton’s book? That Trump is an incompetent amoral boob? That he has no idea what he’s doing, but so long as he can continue to have the government pay his bills for a while he’s just going to let it ride? Or that Bolton is an opportunistic traitorous scumbag who would sell out his mother and his country?
All ye need to know is that this book will change nothing. Just ask Lamar Alexander. When asked what he thought of Bolton’s “revelations” today he simply said, so what? He knows Trump is a crooked imbecile, but he’s not going to do anything about it.
Are you getting it now people? Trump isn’t using the Republican Party. They are using him.


And that most politicians who have been in DC for more than six months are “complicit”.


I always see this, some sort of short term memory loss associated with staggering shortsightedness.
Bolton isn’t the problem, neither is Trump. Human Nature is the problem, people form beliefs based on their personal bias and prejudices that are mostly learned from their culture. A member of the gun culture believes such things as they want to take your guns away, Police Culture believes that restricting the carotid artery is an acceptable means of subduing a combative person. People in general believe that animals as pets are disposable and 4 million a year in our country are euthanized.
The point is until we face the nature of human beings, history will continue to repeat itself and John Bolton will just be replaced by another John Bolton with a different name, Trump is just another version of Nixon.
The question is not whether Bolton is complicit, it is whether we all are complicit.


So, T.rump is ignorant and stupid and a prisoner of his own whims. I think we knew that already. And, like most everyone else with an oversized ego that’s worked for T.rump, Bolton leaves driving a dump truck full of sour grapes. Not much new, there, either.

Down deep, Bolton’s miffed because he sensed, correctly, that T.rump was ignorant and stupid. But, he sensed wrongly that such meant T.rump could be easily led by Bolton to any of the myriad crackpot ideas existing simultaneously in Bolton’s brain pan. Bolton didn’t account for T.rump’s impulsiveness, unpredictability and whims.

I’m really glad that T.rump completely frustrated the Manic Moustache of Mayhem. I’m really glad that the MMM tried to take T.rump to the woodshed. But, ultimately, I don’t give a shit about either of them. They deserved each other and what each would do to the other.


This is in a nutshell why I also am not going to vote for Biden either. he’s like that too. he was responsible for mandatory minimum sentencing law that put some very huge number of black people away for very long periods of time for small drug crimes, and went on a vendetta against dancing.


So whos left?

Bernie, he’s still got my vote in the general


As had been surmised during Trump’s impeachment, Bolton was going to refuse to testify out of party loyalty and then rake Trump over the coals in his “blockbuster” book.

I wouldn’t piss on Bolton if he were on fire.


the real good news:
we are not yet in a shooting war with Iran. boltons life ambition. (we would lose)
and bolton will not replace pompeo as sec’y of state.

this hype for book sales has me laughing at our corrupt DC.


Bolton had a huge hard-on for Iran, and when Trump nixed his chances of seeing his war come to fruition, he started taking notes.

And then, taking revenge.

Thanks Bolton, and fuck you too. You are a corrupt, complicit coward.


His grave will definitely be a popular urinal. Make sure you have a full bladder if you visit.


Shades of treasury secretary paul o’neill (?). Under bush.
Wrote a tell all book “the price of loyalty”

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“I wouldn’t piss on Bolton if he were on fire.”
But would you if he weren’t? (Yuk yuk)


Haven’t we always thought that BOLTON was criminally insane in his
fanatical push for wars?

But sadly there is every reason to believe what he is telling us is true about Trump –
though I imagine we are getting only what he thought Trump could survive – not the
whole story. This is no patriot; otherwise he would have testified in the Impeachment
and brought Trump down.

The Bolton book, I think, will come and go – because it’s not something that those who
support Trump can really understand. Trump is criminally wise – don’t underestimate him.

It’s also like religious fanaticism – they believe everyone else is lying to them!
So good luck to us all on that!

And what is Pelosi going to do now except collude with the GOP some more for benefit
of Elites. She didn’t want an impeachment in the first place. She wasn’t willing to do anything.
Do we see Pelosi or anyone in the DP other than Bernie Sanders campaigning for

Our NJ Gov. Phil Murphy was out joining BLM here – briefly –
Schiff, Menendez, AOC, Bernie Sanders are the ones keeping us up to date on reliable
liberals running for Senate/House.

What will they be able to do under Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, Perez and DNC, DCCC?
Nothing – they all have to be ousted.

And then Biden – another corporate-fascist serving Elites – in the White House?