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Excerpts of John Bolton Book Showing Unhinged Behavior by Trump Evidence Former Advisor Is '100% Complicit,' Say Critics

Accusations by Bolton , denials by Trump = a pile of cash for Bolton.
End of story.


I’m with anybody who doesn’t vote Trump or Biden, but a vote for a third party would be more useful in future(speculatively) than writing in a Biden supporter.


Patriots didn’t take the corporate payouts, and don’t rise in the two party system. Just folks willing to put the country second to their own personal greed.

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This the kick-off for election meddling. Envision this:
In the fluffy clouds of pense-ian haven, I mean heaven, corporate oligarchs look down high on manipulated powers and negation/denial imagining themselves jangling keys unlocking key precincts to trade - around the world - GATting fat. IMF waggles its heads toying with the prisons of ‘austerity’ whilst the money machines for the FED bankers buddies whirrs spewing fiat as never before in history.

Its a con game pretending its not the last con game they can pull out of their overstuffed pockets and … rome burns.


A broken hardware tail. The dead bolt blames the trump corporate door of being un-hinged and clears the way for worldly display of electoral manipulating by the pompous one. In the mean the horses have left the burning barn after the door swinging open with this $#!t $how


Bolton may be a bigger scum satchel than trump . He had the chance to add extremely damaging testimony to the impeachment trial and save the country and the planet from more chaos and destruction , but instead he chose the Greed route .
There is no level of evil to which these fools will not go. Despicable !


Certain critics are wrong about Bolton writing this tell-all for the money after refusing to testify against Trump. He couldn’t care less about the money, look at his sordid history. He’s a warmonger and destructionist. This is all about getting even with DT when he convinced Agent Orange to attack Iran and then he refused to follow through. Bolton departed the Administration shortly thereafter. Bolton is no patriot, never has been, never will be. DT would have been better served to ignore Bolton, ignore the book, all the BS in it (true or not), but he can’t help himself from being self-destructive. His rabid fan base couldn’t care less about Bolton or what he has to say. DT has betrayed everyone at some point–Friends, Allies, FP, Americans, the US, wives, his children, siblings, parents, etc. He can’t help himself. He has done that his entire life and those beginning were formed when he was that monster child no one could control.


9x12 ? Feet or inches ?

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Only if your vote is secret. Only if they play by the rules, but we already know they don’t.

They always seem to get their way, despite the large numbers of people who realize now something is seriously amiss. That should clue us in.

Lack simplest, optical scanning voting system with readable paper ballots. Clear plastic ballot boxes. Open 20 lines of code so simple child could read it. Off the shelf well known and characterized hardware and software. (Raspberry Pi+Pi Cam or compatible SBCs with no net connection or wireless connectivity)


You know what. Let the whole effing s-house burn to the ground. It’s not worth saving. Most of the air and land is toxic. Half the population is toxic and the other half doesn’t give a s*** enough to do anything about any of it. The United States kills innocent people all over the world. It dictates terms to the rest of the world and “sanctions” those with the temerity to disobey as if it truly had such authority. Let it burn. It’s not worth saving and no one worldwide will miss it. Burn Baby Burn. Good Riddance.

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Flesh or ash?

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I take small cheer that Trump yet worries about re-election. Sounds like he can’t depend on his thieves.

Hmmm, multiple positions in the Swamp, much money and influence accumulated and now a book deal. Could he be positioning himself for a White House run in 4 years? Another LOTE vote coming?

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and supervision by the UN!

I’ve been thinking…John Bolton could not have had a real impact on the impeachment hearings since they were a sham from beginning to end. He is right about congress being negligent in what they charged trump with when there was evidence of much more illegal acts and abuse of power. This book is more damaging to his attempt at gaining a second term and it doesn’t fade into the background like the hearings have faded from memory. There is some strategy here and I think he played it well. I’m not a fan of John Bolton, but on this point, I agree with him. Did congress even subpoena him? No, they didn’t even try.

I have Schiff in with Nunes and Jim Jordan as bad peoples.
If republicans retake house, expect Jim Jordan to make bid to be speaker.
None of the above should be permitted access to U.S.A intel info.

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Should there be another “Electoral College” win for Trump, IMO, everyone will
come out to the streets and stay there.

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Oldie –

Nunes and Jordan were the most vicious of those attacking Adam Schiff – !!!

And I’m quite sure that Adam Schiff’s name is still at the top of Trump’s Revenge list – !!

ALSO – Adam Schiff – like Bernie Sanders and AOC – has been working to bring attention
to strong liberals running for Congress and raising money for them.

I do have severe problems with him as chair of house intel committee.

  1. His denial of knowledge of the ‘whistleblower’ - a committee actually, does not pass.

2)The particular evidence and using a known leaker as primary accuser at hearing.

  1. Schiff’s performance in Senate trial on c-span.
    Nothing robust, just repeating the same info over and over.

  2. He Failed to utilize any of the Mueller indictable informations

  3. He was Highlighted past others who have more hours and info on Trump’s misdeeds.
    Apparently to have him elected in California,

From this midwest possible C-19 target, hoping joe picks Tammy Duckworth as next VP.

I am also wondering if Trump ever suffered a closed head injury.

This is just idle conversation – and actually I consider Schiff too moderate –
and while I don’t actually know much about him, he has always interested me
because his father was in Congress and waged a very strong campaign against
the government agencies for NOT releasing, or even admitting that they had info
re UFO’s/alien visitation, especially in regard to Roswell. Total stonewalling.
And after not too long, he was gone.

As for the Trump Impeachment, it was Pelosi who limited it – once that happened,
no one could add anything to the charges.

But despite Trump’s fantasies that Schiff put the “whistleblower” up to his info about
the phone call, since the phone call exists and we know what Trump did, I don’t see
any reason in Trump’s charges. PLUS many know of the call and many other witnesses
repeat what the Whistleblower has said. Certainly Schiff didn’t create those witnesses
out of central casting.

I’m finding it hard to get beyond Biden as a frightening specter on the presidential scale.
And looking for VP’s just depresses me more. Don’t know much about Duckworth –
but neither Harris or Klobachur would do it for me. Except, of course, Bernie Sanders.

Cuomo said to be more right wing than I was aware of –

The perfect thing would have been Bernie as nominee and AOC as VP.

Many in Congress I used to have some confidence in have whittled away at their
liberalism – from Wyden to Patty Murray, from Barbara Boxer – and others I can’t even
think of at the moment. I’ve forgotten many names as I haven’t been watching C-span
as much as I did in the past – so many gaps in the careers of Sens and Reps I used to
know more about. Of course, Maxine Waters knows a lot about what’s really going on.
But John Lewis has fallen away though he continues to be lauded.

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