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'Excessive.' 'Unprecedented': Privacy Commissioner Sounds Alarm on Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Legislation


'Excessive.' 'Unprecedented': Privacy Commissioner Sounds Alarm on Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Legislation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Canada's Privacy Commissioner has criticized proposed anti-terrorism legislation for affording government "excessive" powers to sweep up information from all Canadians with neither due oversight nor the necessary privacy safeguards.


Stevie and his HarperCons are facing an election no later than Oct 2015. Tellingly, his main attack dog, Baird has jumped ship, retiring from politics to get himself ensconced in big$$ business before the full demolition of the Cdn economy by Harper is revealed.

The only “card” Harper has left is the fear card, as his reputation as the Economist PM is in tatters. If he was all that smart, how could he not have hedged the Cdn economy against the House of Saud tanking oil prices? Maybe because he got his master’s Econ from the NOT-prestigious Uof Calgary. As perspective, readers should know that the year after Stevie graduated high school in Etobicoke (receiving an academic award as well), he went to Uof Toronto where he flunked out after TWO MONTHS. Our Economist PM could not do what thousands of average" Cdn kids do each year… graduate from UofT.

And so now he runs to fearmongering anti-terror legislation to attempt to win the next election, having proven beyond a shadow of a doubt he flunked out as an “economist”.


Canada is not a democracy or a republic. It is owned and operated by the international banking cartel, just like the U.S., NATO, and Israel. See coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html


It is a good and unusal political event to have a discussion about privacy and security before implimenting it. In the USA there was a rush to pass the "Patriot " act without considering the widespread effects.
We clamped down on our civil liberties immediately through fear mongering. It is easy to manipulate masses,
unfortunately…join a mob and lose 20 points of IQ.