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Excitement for Runoffs Builds as Democrats Flip Two Red Districts


Excitement for Runoffs Builds as Democrats Flip Two Red Districts

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Two districts in New York and New Hampshire that voted for President Donald Trump on Tuesday elected Democrats to state seats, a promising signal that red areas are ready to be flipped as congressional special elections and midterms approach.

In Long Island, Democrat Christine Pellegrino defeated Republican challenger Thomas Gargiulo to win a special bid for the New York State Assembly. She took the seat for District 9, which Trump took by 23 percent in the 2016 election. Pellegrino was previously a delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the presidential primary.


Not sure two state offices indicates any trends (the piece was maybe a bit too DNC press release).. Was Trump even an issue in the local races or were there other issues? In MT Quist is not running against Trump but running for healthcare reform. In fact, he is bucking the national party over "everything must be about the Russians". If Quist wins which I hope he does, the democratic party establishment would be making a grievous mistake if they think a Quist victory validates their current non-content approach. A Quist victory is a victory for the anti-establishment left of the party.


No doubt there were other issues, but Trump is inescapably an issue in every election now.


While I am really uplifted by the news of the protests in Brussels, I find these upsets even more encouraging. Overcoming a 23% Trump lead! Wow!

I hope, that this will hearten enough progressives to throw away any doubts and push Quist over the top.
If that happens, it will give Jon Ossoff a boost for next month's, June 20, run-off and may well become the start of a political tsunami.


Rump is a genius. He infiltrated the GOPers, gave them all the crap their hearts desired, showed up their amazingly incredible and tremendous stupidity and will lose them the next election. (if Democrats don't manage to pull defeat from the jaws of victory again)

Direct Democracy


Just be careful that being anti-Drümpf doesn't allow any D.I.N.O.s to take advantage of the situation.  The Establishment "Dems" like Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass and Tom Perez are just as dangerous - maybe more
so - as easily recognized RePooplican swamp-critturs like Rancid Ryan and Turdle-Face McConnell.


that would have made the difference in the house vote on the ahca! hopefully this means the tide has turned.


I'd like to be excited by this but the DNC is sure too fuck it up.


The D-Party slogan: We're the kinder, gentler pathway to oligarchy.


Republican Trump is such a horrible president that it seems like a win for the American People when a Democrat is elected. Not so. The D&Rs are one in the same. They are both so corrupt,and so committed to big business, and big money, that they will never change. We are not ever going to see a return to a democratic government of the people, until we see more third party, and independent candidates being elected. All the D&R servants of the oligarchy need to be sent home.


Whether it's a Democrat or a Republican, the congress would be useless if they don't see each other eye-to-eye and not act as they should be. We will never be able to fight the prime issues of our nation. We will never get rid of oligarchy is they don't enact change within themselves. We keep on risking with our votes president after president with all hopes that we'll truly find democracy. If you want to know more about democracy and our nation's history, or the long battle between democrats and republicans, you can read about them in many researches and dissertations.